GLAA slams Thorpe, intolerant responses to terrorist attack
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GLAA slams Thorpe, intolerant responses to terrorist attack

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October 2, 2001

To the Editor:

At a time when the nation is coming together to mourn and disagreements are being set aside, we see a select few lashing out and making the terrible tragedy in New York and Virginia even worse.

Unthinking people have engaged in their own forms of terrorism since September 11, harassing and even killing Arabs, Muslims and other mistaken for Muslims in a misguided attempt at retribution against the terrorists. Arabs and Muslims around the world have condemned the terrorist acts and mourn the dead. Blaming all Arabs or Muslims for the terrorists acts makes as little sense as blaming all Christians for Falwell and Robertson's hateful comments.

Those hateful words were echoed by ANC 2C02 Commissioner Leroy Thorpe, Jr. who told the Hill newspaper "It's a great day in America." "They have invaded other countries' religions, colonized other countries. They are arrogant and immoral and now the chickens are coming home to roost."

That he should praise the terrorists as thousands of our children, family, friends and neighbors are dead or missing is vile. It is the sort of comment that we would only expect to hear from the terrorists themselves. Thorpe apparently doesn't even see himself as an American, referring to Americans in the third person.

"Chickens coming home to roost" is of course Malcolm X's unfortunate comment after the assassination of President Kennedy while the nation was also in mourning. He was strongly rebuked and disciplined for it by Elijah Muhammad and condemned by the rest of society. Leroy Thorpe deserves nothing less.

Thorpe apparently believes, as does Osama bin Laden, that Americans deserve to be terrorized for actions around the world. While good people may respectfully disagree over how America conducts its foreign policy, the endorsement of terrorism and praise for the murder of over 6000 people is not acceptable behavior by anyone, anywhere, at anytime. It is certainly not acceptable in any form by an elected official in Washington, DC especially as we learn of our loved ones who have died in the attack on the Pentagon and other horrific events of September 11.

There is no justification for terrorism and there is no justification for pouring salt into our wounds.

Bob Summersgill
Gay and Lesbian Activists Alliance

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