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Fighting for Equal Rights Since 1971

Founded in 1971, the Gay and Lesbian Activists Alliance of Washington, DC (GLAA) is an all-volunteer, non-partisan, non-profit political organization that defends the civil rights of lesbian, gay, bisexual and transgender people in the Nation's Capital.

GLAA lobbies the D.C. Council; monitors government agencies; educates and rates local candidates; and works in coalitions to defend the safety, health and equal rights of LGBT families. GLAA remains the nation's oldest continuously active gay and lesbian civil rights organization.

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GLAA Archive

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  • GLAA Chronology 1971 to Present
  • 2011



  • GLAA announces 2012 elections project 12/19/11
  • 2012 D.C. Council Questionnaire / Cover Letter 12/19/11
  • GLAA's Agenda: 2012: (HTM) / (PDF) 12/12/11
  • GLAA endorses civil marriage dissolution equality amendment 12/08/11
  • Summersgill endorses civil marriage dissolution equality amendment 12/08/11
  • Obama administration takes action on global LGBT rights 12/6/11


  • GLAA urges Medicaid protections for same-sex partners 11/01/11


  • November 3 - Kameny to lie in state at Carnegie Library 10/20/11
  • Franklin E. Kameny, 1925 - 2011 10/11/11


  • Gray administration launches pilot program for transgender employment 09/20/11
  • Mayor Gray issues updated order on uniform language in D.C. govt. anti-discrimination issuances 09/18/11
  • US State Dept Affirms Opposition as Uganda's 'Kill the Gays' Bill Looms 09/05/11


  • Action alert: Uganda 'Kill gays' bill 'back within fortnight', reintroduction 'by stealth' 08/22/11
  • Confronting Biased Policing 08/15/11
  • Medal of Freedom campaign for Frank Kameny gathers support 08/12/11
  • Video: arrest in anti-lesbian hate crime in Columbia Heights 08/12/11
  • WAMU: After Rash Of Crimes, LGBT Community Calls For Police Action 08/10/11
  • Mayor Gray charts steps to overcome anti-transgender employment barriers 08/09/11
  • Polikoff to lesbian couples in D.C.: sign the Consent to Parent form 08/03/11


  • CMs Mendelson, Bowser, and Catania hit Sibley Hospital for discrimination against same-sex parents 07/28/11
  • President, DefSec, & Joint Chiefs Chairman certify DADT repeal 07/22/11
  • GLAA testifies on hate crimes and police response 07/20/11


  • "Dolan's Last Ditch" Rosendall, Metro Weekly 06/23/11


  • UDC bows to Summersgill, ANC on Human Rights Act violation 05/26/11
  • Rosendall calls for anti-bullying bill with teeth 05/02/11


  • Alliance of Fighters 04/28/11
  • GLAA defends Office of Police Complaints budget 04/22/11
  • ACLU on OPC FY 2012 budget 04/22/11
  • Awards presented at GLAA 40th Anniversary Reception 04/20/11
  • Welcoming Remarks by GLAA President Mitch Wood 04/20/11
  • Kameny Presents Letter to CAGLCC 04/20/11
  • Congresswoman Eleanor Holmes Norton Presents Congressional Record Tribute 04/20/11
  • D.C. Councilmembers Present Ceremonial Resolution 04/20/11
  • Wood Presents Distinguished Service Award to The Right Reverend John Bryson Chane 04/20/11
  • Tuason Presents Distinguished Service Award to Sharon Farmer 04/20/11
  • Mariner Presents Distinguished Service Award to David Friedman 04/20/11
  • Collins Presents Distinguished Service Award to Theodore Guerrant 04/20/11
  • Rosendall Presents Distinguished Service Award to Ronald King 04/20/11
  • Howell Presents Distinguished Service Award to David C. Ward 04/20/11
  • GLAA endorses anti-bullying bill with changes 04/20/11
  • April 21 - Rally for a Bully Free DC 04/19/11
  • Taxpayer Tithes: House Speaker Uses Budget Deal To Fund Religious Schools With Your Tax Dollars 04/14/11
  • We're in Business
    CAGLCC event underscores the scope of LGBT contributions
    (Rosendall, Metro Weekly) 04/14/11
  • Eure opposes budget cut for Office of Police Complaints 04/08/11
  • Biddle sends mixed message on vouchers 04/06/11
  • Biddle writes Sen. Reid on vouchers 04/04/11


  • GLAA to Councilmembers: sign Phil Mendelson's letter to Congress opposing vouchers 03/27/11
  • Biddle, Weaver top GLAA At-Large Council ratings 03/23/11
  • Points Breakdown for GLAA 2011 Special Election Ratings 03/22/11
  • GLAA joins groups urging House to oppose expansion of failed D.C. voucher program / Senate version 03/22/11
  • OPC Annual Report for FY 2010 03/17/11
  • Patterson knocked off At-Large ballot; Mara stays on 03/15/11
  • Rosendall slams one-sided Post story on MD ministers 03/09/11
  • DC Appleseed releases Sixth HIV/AIDS Report Card 03/08/11
  • March 9 - Support Maryland Marriage Equality - HRC Phone Bank 03/07/11
  • GLAA re-endorses Rick Morgan for Public Service Commission 03/07/11
  • Gay Panic Fading 03/03/11
  • Invitation to GLAA 40th Anniversary Reception 03/03/11


  • D.C. Council revises disorderly conduct law 02/25/11
  • GLAA Announces 2011 Distinguished Service Awards 02/20/11
  • Hughes calls for funds to end transgender employment discrimination 02/18/11
  • Eulogy for Jeff Coudriet 02/16/11
  • GLAA to Chairman Brown: Oppose the Reimposition of Vouchers on DC Schools 02/14/11


  • Bravery in black 01/31/11
  • 2011 D.C. Council Questionnaire 01/22/11
  • Cover Letter for D.C. Council Questionnaire 01/22/11
  • GLAA Elections Project 2011 01/22/11
  • GLAA writes Board of Nursing on cultural competency training 01/14/11
  • Nominations sought for GLAA's 2011 Distinguished Service Awards 01/04/11
  • Thoughts at the start of the 112th Congress 01/04/11
  • What's in a speech? 01/03/11
  • News


  • South African envoy to Uganda found guilty of hate speech for anti-gay newspaper column (The Associated Press) 05/31/11
  • Moscow News: End Gay Rights 'Ghetto' (Petrelis Files) 05/31/11
  • As the GOP moves to the right, presidential hopefuls abandon old centrist stands (The Associated Press) 05/31/11
  • The wide interpretation of freedom (The Washington Post) 05/30/11
  • Who will pay for AIDS treatment? (The Washington Post) 05/30/11
  • Eddie Long settles abuse lawsuits (The Associated Press) 05/29/11
  • D.C. gay marriage law safe -- for now (The Washington Post) 05/28/11
  • Local Methodists approve same-sex measure (The Washington Post) 05/28/11
  • Randall Craft weds Chris Layfield (The Washington Post) 05/27/11
  • Gay Ugandan living in D.C. wins asylum in the U.S. (Metro Weekly) 05/26/11
  • Jennifer Holliday to perform with Gay Men's Chorus (Metro Weekly) 05/26/11
  • Obama detractors, right and left, use race in ways subtle and overt (Metro Weekly) 05/26/11
  • AIDS activism and passion found in unexpected places (Bugg, Metro Weekly) 05/26/11
  • Four pride celebrations precede Capital Pride pinnacle (Metro Weekly) 05/26/11
  • Capital Pride Guide - all four versions - hits streets (Metro Weekly) 05/26/11
  • NYC Mayor Michael Bloomberg Talks Marriage (Metro Weekly) 05/26/11
  • 'Frontline' examines gay life of Bradley Manning (Metro Weekly) 05/26/11
  • Firefighters oppose 'FEMS' logo on shirts and jackets (The Washington Blade) 05/26/11
  • HRC Endorses Obama Re-Election (Metro Weekly) 05/26/11
  • HRC endorses Obama for Election 2012 (The Washington Blade) 05/26/11
  • Don Lemon: Proud to be out (The Washington Blade) 05/26/11
  • House Passes Defense Bill With DADT and DOMA Amendments (Metro Weekly) 05/26/11
  • U.S. House approves defense bill with anti-gay provisions (The Washington Blade) 05/26/11
  • DADT repeal a non-issue for Marines in training (The Washington Blade) 05/26/11
  • Minnesota gearing up for marriage fight (The Washington Blade) 05/26/11
  • Equality Md. leader’s status uncertain (The Washington Blade) 05/25/11
  • Lampanelli donates $50K to gay charity in name of Westboro protestors (Metro Weekly) 05/25/11
  • Gay and transgender teens find refuge at home created for them (The Washington Post) 05/21/11
  • CNN anchorman Don Lemon comes out as a gay man, even as he acknowledges the risk (The Associated Press) 05/17/11
  • Hate crime charge filed in McDonald’s trangender beating (The Washington Post) 05/17/11
  • Newt Gingrich, the Pinocchio candidate (Richard Cohen, The Washington Post) 05/16/11
  • Suns CEO Welts overwhelmed by support after revealing he’s gay (The Associated Press) 05/16/11
  • Don’t penalize undocumented gay immigrants in civil unions with U.S. citizens (Editorial, The Washington Post) 05/15/11
  • Defense cuts, gays in military on agenda as House panel begins work on $553B Pentagon budget (The Associated Press) 05/11/11
  • Amid congressional complaints, Navy suspends decision to train chaplains to do same-sex unions (The Associated Press) 05/11/11
  • Presbyterians clear way for gay clergy (The Associated Press) 05/10/11
  • Openly gay athlete voted prom king (OutSports) 05/10/11
  • Blacks and gay marriage (Jonathan Capehart, The Washington Post) 05/10/11
  • Virginians are almost evenly split on gay marriage, Post poll finds (The Washington Post) 05/09/11
  • Navy training for repeal of gay ban will say chaplains can perform some same-sex marriages (The Associated Press) 05/09/11
  • Rangers' Sean Avery joins campaign for gay rights (The Washington Post) 05/09/11
  • World acts to stop Uganda's 'kill the gays' bill (LGBT Asylum News) 05/09/11
  • In Mexico, gay activist 'assassinated', may have been stoned to death (LGBT Asylum News) 05/09/11
  • Gay rights legal papers go on view for 1st time at Library of Congress (The Associated Press) 05/09/11
  • Marines speak out on end of DADT (The Washington Post) 05/08/11
  • Troops get training on end of DADT (The Washington Post) 05/08/11
  • Together, Phoebe Prince and Tyler Clementi alerted nation to bullying crisis in schools (The Associated Press) 05/08/11
  • Who Is Bradley Manning? (The Washington Post) 05/08/11
  • With no party behind him, RI Gov. Chafee looks to public to support sales tax, gay marriage (The Associated Press) 05/07/11
  • Caution: Words can inflame (Colbert I. King, The Washington Post) 05/06/11
  • Gay Obama officials, HRC named in 'racketeering' lawsuit (The Washington Blade) 05/06/11
  • Judge halts deportation proceedings for gay Venezuelan national (The Washington Blade) 05/06/11
  • Holder halts deportation for foreign national in civil union (The Washington Blade) 05/06/11
  • Member of NJ same-sex couple has deportation hearing adjourned in wake of Holder decision (The Associated Press) 05/06/11
  • Obituary: Arthur Laurents wrote scripts for stage and screen, including 'Gypsy' (The Washington Post) 05/06/11
  • Brazilian volleyball player says he is gay after enduring homophobic taunts (The Associated Press) 05/06/11
  • Gold medal gymnast steps down as head of Team USA for 2012 Olympics over gay marriage flap (The Associated Press) 05/06/11
  • Concern about debt and spending trump gay marriage, abortion in early 2012 campaign in Iowa (The Associated Press) 05/06/11
  • Woman in Rutgers webcam suicide case gets probation-like program, cooperates with prosecutors (The Associated Press) 05/06/11
  • Wayne Shields weds Andrew Velthaus (The Washington Post) 05/06/11
  • Brazil's high court orders same-sex civil unions recognized, cheering gay rights supporters (The Associated Press) 05/05/11
  • Attorney general asks whether gay immigrant can be considered a spouse under immigration law (The Associated Press) 05/05/11
  • Minn. Democrat's speech against constitutional gay marriage ban racks up YouTube views (The Associated Press) 05/05/11
  • Court rejects case against Croatia soccer president for anti-gay comments (The Associated Press) 05/05/11
  • D.C. gives ANCs 'great weight' on medical marijuana (Mark Lee, The Washington Blade) 05/05/11
  • Living Memories
    The passage of time hasn't dulled the pain of 9/11 for those who remember the day
    (Metro Weekly) 05/05/11
  • NYAC's Last Days
    Youth advocacy organization announces May 13 closing
    (Metro Weekly) 05/05/11
  • Divine Date
    MCC-DC celebrates 40-year anniversary
    (Metro Weekly) 05/05/11
  • Latino Royale
    Mpodérate! crowns its new king, queen and drag queen
    (Metro Weekly) 05/05/11
  • Arlington Addition
    Youth and adult PFLAG meetings come to county
    (Metro Weekly) 05/05/11
  • To the Nine
    Ed Bailey and John Guggenmos open their latest joint venture, the sumptuous lounge Number Nine
    (Metro Weekly) 05/05/11
  • Gay Calif. mayor seeks U.S. House seat (The Washington Blade) 05/05/11
  • D.C. Council urged to strengthen anti-bullying bill (The Washington Blade) 05/05/11
  • National LGBT youth advocacy group to close doors (The Washington Blade) 05/05/11
  • GLAA opposes budget cut for police review office (The Washington Blade) 05/05/11
  • Domestic Disturbance
    Before DOMA, there was another debate over marriage – within the gay and lesbian community
    (Chris Geidner, Metro Weekly) 05/04/11
  • Gay Calif. judge now the focus in same-sex marriage fight (The Washington Post) 05/03/11
  • Does death of bin Laden signal a new Obama? (Richard Cohen, The Washington Post) 05/02/11
  • Questions about the judge should not derail a gay-marriage ruling (Editorial, The Washington Post) 05/01/11
  • Is abortion always wrong? (Martha Woodroof, The Washington Post) 05/01/11


  • RI diocese urges lawmaker to reject civil unions, calls them stepping stone to gay marriage (The Associated Press) 04/30/11
  • Second-class citizenship cannot be condoned (Joe Solmonese, The Washington Post) 04/30/11
  • Braves deal with rare double-whammy of trouble (The Associated Press) 04/29/11
  • Donald Trump's sexism (Anna Holmes, The Washington Post) 04/29/11
  • Kagan defends Clement's decision (The Washington Post) 04/29/11
  • Woman in Rutgers webcam case seeks pretrial intervention (The Associated Press) 04/29/11
  • Mame's Scrapbook: Five Decades of Fabulous
    On the occasion of its 50th anniversary, Mame Dennis tells the story of the Academy's founding
    (Metro Weekly) 04/28/11
  • Stanford Faculty votes to invite ROTC back to campus (The Associated Press) 04/28/11
  • By opting out of DOMA case, firm avoids protest (The Washington Post) 04/28/11
  • RI House speaker says gay marriage bill won't pass, civil union bill more likely (The Associated Press) 04/27/11
  • Rejected for re-admission to West Point, lesbian ex-cadet says she's giving up her fight (The Associated Press) 04/27/11
  • Braves coach McDowell apologizes after fan claims he made crude remarks, threat before game (The Associated Press) 04/27/11
  • Judge sets hearing for move to disqualify jurist who struck down California's gay marriage ban (The Associated Press) 04/27/11
  • Lesbian Chic: Gay women in Thailand gradually push boundaries, find space for their lifestyle (The Associated Press) 04/27/11
  • Syrian blogger says she faced arrest but remains defiant (The Washington Post) 04/27/11
  • Museum experts debate role of curators, Smithsonian's response to political pressure (The Associated Press) 04/27/11
  • Nothing 'Grand' about anti-gay bigotry (Jonathan Capehart, The Washington Post) 04/26/11
  • Prejudice lives on, even in enlightened D.C. (The Washington Post) 04/25/11
  • Equality Maryland dismisses top staffer (The Washington Post) 04/22/11
  • Making the Boys (The Washington Post) 04/22/11
  • Two recent deaths remind us of what’s important (The Washington Blade) 04/21/11
  • Mont judge rules against gay couples seeking same financial and other rights as married people (The Associated Press) 04/21/11
  • D.C. police move to block testimony in Wone civil trial (The Washington Blade) 04/21/11
  • Bracing for possible Hill attack on D.C. marriage (The Washington Blade) 04/21/11
  • Council candidates compete for LGBT vote (The Washington Blade) 04/21/11
  • Police, prosecutors pledge renewed fight against hate crimes (The Washington Blade) 04/21/11
  • Majority Rules
    NOM's bigoted accusations of bias are unsurprising, but still uniquely odious
    (Metro Weekly) 04/21/11
  • A Presidential Duty
    As the fight for gay immigration equality shifts, the White House has the power to stop deportations now
    (Lavi Soloway, Metro Weekly) 04/21/11
  • Riders Signed Into Law
    Without comment from the president, limits return to District's home rule
    (Metro Weekly) 04/21/11
  • Trying To Tackle Crime
    GLOV and others continue ongoing discussion of anti-LGBT hate crimes
    (Metro Weekly) 04/21/11
  • AGLA's Youth Advocacy
    Celebrating a decade of scholarships to LGBT students, Arlington gay group aims to expand its reach
    (Metro Weekly) 04/21/11
  • The DOMA Gag Rule?
    Contract with King & Spalding bars all employees of the international law firm from advocating for repeal of DOMA
    (Metro Weekly) 04/20/11
  • Virginia board rejects proposal that would have allowed gay adoptions (The Washington Post) 04/20/11
  • Pelosi presses GOP on DOMA defense contract (The Washington Blade) 04/20/11
  • Attorney fees for DOMA defense could reach $500,000 (The Washington Blade) 04/19/11
  • Hawaii passes trans employment protections (The Washington Blade) 04/19/11
  • McKeon backs legislation to disrupt ‘Don’t Ask’ repeal (The Washington Blade) 04/19/11
  • Boehner suggests House marriage hearing is 'legitimate' (The Washington Blade) 04/14/11
  • Delaware approves civil unions (The Washington Blade) 04/14/11
  • Maryland Senate kills trans rights bill (The Washington Blade) 04/14/11
  • GLAA celebrates 40 years (The Washington Blade) 04/14/11
  • Four Diligent Decades
    With little fanfare and an eye for details, the GLAA has irrefutably improved the lives of LGBT Washingtonians
    (Metro Weekly) 04/14/11
  • Judge: Gay rights group can continue canvassing outside Target stores _ but with restrictions (The Associated Press) 04/08/11
  • A Bias to Combat (Editorial, The Washington Post) 04/08/11
  • 9 million Americans estimated to be gay or bisexual, but solid figures elusive (The Washington Post) 04/07/11
  • How many gays are in the US? Demographer says 4 million, which is less than previous estimates (The Associated Press) 04/07/11
  • Gates, military: Little impact from DADT (The Washington Post) 04/07/11
  • Judge who struck down Calif. gay marriage ban confirms he’s gay, says it was irrelevant (The Associated Press) 04/07/11
  • Gates to troops on gay policy: ‘You won’t see much change at all’ (The Associated Press) 04/07/11
  • Decision striking down Arkansas law barring gay or unmarried foster, adoptive parents upheld (The Associated Press) 04/07/11
  • ‘Gay’ caveman discovered (The Washington Post) 04/07/11
  • Decision striking down Arkansas law barring gay or unmarried foster, adoptive parents upheld (The Associated Press) 04/07/11
  • Transgender protection bill advances in Md. Senate, but may not make 2011 deadline (The Associated Press) 04/07/11
  • Openly gay student leader sues former Michigan official, alleging stalking, emotional distress (The Associated Press) 04/06/11
  • Transgender protection bill faces steep climb in Md. Senate (The Washington Post) 04/06/11
  • Little support in RI for legal partnership for gay couples, relatives, others who can’t marry (The Associated Press) 04/05/11
  • Gay rights group blasts Marshall over proposed adoption changes (The Washington Post) 04/05/11
  • McDonnell opposes allowing same-sex couples to adopt children in Virginia (The Washington Post) 04/05/11
  • GOP still fighting for military gay ban (The Washington Post) 04/04/11
  • McDonnell weighs proposal that would allow gays to adopt (The Washington Post) 04/04/11
  • Clifton Allen Roberson dies at 60 (The Washington Blade) 04/04/11
  • From MLK, a dream for the middle class that cannot be allowed to die (The Washington Post) 04/03/11
  • Columbia University leaders vote to welcome back ROTC (The Associated Press) 04/02/11
  • Strong sales, fan support lead to mini-series for Kevin Keller, Archie’s first gay character (The Associated Press) 04/01/11
  • Republican House members criticize decision to abrogate ban on gays in US military services (The Associated Press) 04/01/11
  • Host cancels Calif. event for Gandhi book whose reviews hint at gay relationship (The Associated Press) 04/01/11
  • Troop training on end of DADT done by August, military says (The Washington Post) 04/01/11


  • Report urges study of unique health needs of lesbian, gay, bisexual, transgender people (The Associated Press) 03/31/11
  • Ex-CDC counselor who refused to counsel gay woman claims she was fired for religious reasons (The Associated Press) 03/31/11
  • Catania endorses Sekou Biddle in D.C. Council race (The Washington Post) 03/31/11
  • Farley Granger, star of Alfred Hitchcock thrillers, dies at 85 (The Washington Post) 03/30/11
  • Muslim-majority Malaysia’s 1st gay romance film becomes financial success despite criticism (The Associated Press) 03/30/11
  • Agency to continue rejecting green-card applications from same-sex couples (The Washington Post) 03/30/11
  • Shaky logic on faith and same-sex marriage (Letters, The Washington Post) 03/30/11
  • ‘Values’ is code for conservatism (The Washington Post) 03/30/11
  • US ends temp hold on same couple immigration applications, back to denying applications (The Associated Press) 03/30/11
  • Ohio House panel narrowly approves bill to ban abortions once 1st fetal heartbeat is detected (The Associated Press) 03/30/11
  • Federal agency halts green-card decisions for some gay immigrants (The Washington Post) 03/28/11
  • Gay political group’s lawyers urge immediate end to ban on gays serving openly in military (The Associated Press) 03/28/11
  • Gay support group launches magazine about implementation of ‘don’t ask, don’t tell’ repeal (The Associated Press) 03/28/11
  • Acceptance of gays is being led by Catholics (Jonathan Capehart, The Washington Post) 03/28/11
  • Culture warriors’ cry to art museums: Toughen up against political pressure (The Washington Post) 03/27/11
  • Lanford Wilson, playwright of small-town malaise and urban angst, dies at 73 (The Washington Post) 03/26/11
  • Nominee for Federal Circuit deserves a hearing (Editorial, The Washington Post) 03/26/11
  • GLAA grades Council hopefuls (The Washington Blade) 03/25/11
  • Black majority in Washington melts away (Jonathan Capehart, The Washington Post) 03/25/11
  • Judge eyes Target lawsuit seeking to stop gay rights group from canvassing outside CA stores (The Associated Press) 03/25/11
  • Md. county where Westboro church won court battle eyes distance limits on funeral protests (The Associated Press) 03/25/11
  • Corcoran Gallery in DC to hold daylong summit on ‘culture wars’ over arts funding, free speech (The Washington Post) 03/25/11
  • What’s the future of the Defense of Marriage Act? (The Washington Post) 03/25/11
  • Lady Gaga urges young Malaysians to protest radio garbling of gay lyrics in ‘Born This Way’ (The Associated Press) 03/24/11
  • Appeals court won’t allow gay marriages in Calif. while appeal of Prop. 8 ban proceeds (The Associated Press) 03/23/11
  • ‘Gay cure,’ DUI-checkpoint apps latest tech-policy football (The Washington Post) 03/23/11
  • New NAACP seeing more gay, diverse chapter leaders as group seeks to increase membership (The Associated Press) 03/23/11
  • For gay federal workers, a benefits conundrum (The Washington Post) 03/23/11
  • Elizabeth Taylor, beautiful Oscar-winning actress who led soap-opera like life, dies at 79 (The Associated Press) 03/23/11
  • Elizabeth Taylor leaves behind an unparalleled 25-year legacy of AIDS activism (The Associated Press) 03/23/11
  • Fort Worth leaders approve paying $400,000 to settle claims by man injured in gay bar raid (The Associated Press) 03/22/11
  • Obama administration presenting first US call for gay rights at the UN Human Rights Council (The Associated Press) 03/22/11
  • ‘Fabulous Beekman Boys’: How do you keep them on the farm once they’ve seen TV? (Hank Steuver, The Washington Post) 03/22/11
  • Parents of NJ student who killed self after webcam tryst don’t want harsh punishment (The Associated Press) 03/22/11
  • A perfect GOP presidential candidate is hard to find; personal missteps, policy flaws abound (The Associated Press) 03/22/11
  • A California county clerk steps into spotlight in defense of gay marriage ban (The Associated Press) 03/21/11
  • Catholics lead the way on same-sex marriage (Jonathan Capehart, The Washington Post) 03/21/11
  • ‘Harry Potter’ star Radcliffe to be honored by anti-suicide Trevor Project with its Hero Award (The Associated Press) 03/21/11
  • Growing clout of evangelicals shaping Republican debate (The Associated Press) 03/21/11
  • Metropolitan Jonah goes to Washington (The Washington Post) 03/20/11
  • Russell Simmons, Ricky Martin and ‘True Blood’ among this year’s GLAAD Media Award winners (The Associated Press) 03/19/11
  • Democratic Illinois Gov. Quinn stands out for signing liberal laws as GOP surges elsewhere (The Associated Press) 03/19/11
  • Slim majority back gay marriage, Post-ABC poll says (The Washington Post) 03/18/11
  • What’s next for gay marriage in Md.? (The Washington Post) 03/18/11
  • Support for gay marriage, the details (The Washington Post) 03/18/11
  • Slim majority support for gay marriage (The Washington Post) 03/18/11
  • Navy Secretary censures 4 officers over lewd videos broadcast aboard carrier USS Enterprise (The Associated Press) 03/18/11
  • Justice Department criticizes New Orleans police (The Washington Post) 03/17/11
  • Malaysian radio gags Lady Gaga’s ‘Born This Way,’ garbling message its OK to be gay (The Associated Press) 03/17/11
  • CDC: Transplant patient got AIDS from new kidney; living donor was infected (The Associated Press) 03/17/11
  • Foreclosing on hell (Susan Brooks Thistlethwaite, The Washington Post) 03/17/11
  • Christianity’s doctrine is love (Susan K. Smith, The Washington Post) 03/17/11
  • DADT protesters headed to court (The Washington Post) 03/17/11
  • DOJ: pattern of excessive force, unconstitutional arrests by New Orleans police (The Associated Press) 03/17/11
  • Boston man sues UAE sheik for defamation over 2003 incident in Swiss hotel (The Associated Press) 03/17/11
  • Del. Alston’s (ir)responsibility (Keith Berner, The Washington Post) 03/16/11
  • ‘Glee’: Regionals, and The Kiss — We watch so you don’t have to (The Washington Post) 03/16/11
  • Patterson fails to qualify for D.C. ballot; Mara survives (Mike DeBonis, The Washington Post) 03/16/11
  • Gunning down immigrants — and other democratic experiments (Dana Milbank, The Washington Post) 03/15/11
  • Maryland gay marriage debacle reveals cowards and civil rights myopia (Jonathan Capehart, The Washington Post) 03/15/11
  • South Africans decry rapes of lesbians, call for government action (The Washington Post) 03/15/11
  • Lessons from loss in Maryland's gay-marriage battle (The Washington Post) 03/15/11
  • St. Lucia official decries violent robbery of 3 gay American tourists (The Associated Press) 03/14/11
  • Rights group: 10 countries allow same-sex marriage, but biases against the practice persist (The Associated Press) 03/14/11
  • Campus Hate Crime
    GW student charged after allegedly beating straight student while using anti-gay slurs
    (Metro Weekly) 03/11/11
  • Book review: 'The Trinity Six' by Charles Cumming (The Washington Post) 03/13/11
  • ROTC's return
    Harvard’s welcome can lessen the military-civilian divide
    (The Washington Post) 03/13/11
  • Gay marriage defeat leaves couples crestfallen (The Washington Post) 03/13/11
  • Same-sex marriage bill defeat: Supporters and opponents react (The Washington Post) 03/12/11
  • For a new ombudsman, a flood of e-mail and calls (The Washington Post) 03/11/11
  • Obama speaks out against bullying, says, 'I wasn't immune' (The Washington Post) 03/11/11
  • Rep. King's red scare (Dana Milbank, The Washington Post) 03/11/11
  • Maryland House kills same-sex marriage bill for this year (The Washington Post) 03/11/11
  • Bill to legalize gay marriage in Maryland dies as House sends it back into committee (The Washington Post) 03/11/11
  • In Maryland, a time to lead (The Washington Post) 03/11/11
  • Maryland House turns back bill that would legalize same-sex marriage (The Washington Post) 03/11/11
  • Kathy Griffin on Sarah Palin on 'Nightline': The director's cut (The Washington Post) 03/11/11
  • Bullying is not a rite of passage (Jonathan Capehart, The Washington Post) 03/10/11
  • Trans rights bill debated in Md. House (The Washington Blade) 03/09/11
  • D.C. Man Convicted of Luring Gay Man to Death Through Chat Line (Rod 2.0) 03/09/11
  • House counsel to defend gay marriage ban in court (The Associated Press) 03/09/11
  • Amendments to Maryland gay marriage bill fail; final House vote uncertain (The Washington Post) 03/9/11
  • White House to host conference Thursday on how to tackle bullying (The Washington Post) 03/9/11
  • With Pawlenty's Iowa speech, a side of syrup (Dana Milbank, The Washington Post) 03/9/11
  • Md. House ends debate for the day on same-sex marriage (The Washington Post) 03/9/11
  • Notes from a proud free-speech junkie (Susan Jacoby, The Washington Post) 03/9/11
  • Casey introduces anti-bullying legislation (The Washington Blade) 03/08/11
  • June Sentencing Date for Banton (Rod 2.0) 03/08/11
  • Russell Simmons, gay marriage and Maryland (Jonathan Capehart, The Washington Post) 03/8/11
  • Same-sex couples lead to marriage licenses doubling (The Washington Post) 03/8/11
  • Prince George's ministers make last-minute push against same-sex marriage bill (The Washington Post) 03/8/11
  • MD: Same-sex bill debate postponed (The Washington Post) 03/8/11
  • President Washington or Congressman King?; 'To bigotry, no sanction' (The Washington Post) 03/8/11
  • It's time to hear from more Muslims (The Washington Post) 03/8/11
  • D.C. backsliding in efforts to fight AIDS, study finds (The Washington Post) 03/8/11
  • The King hearings: dangerous for America (The Washington Post) 03/07/11
  • Gay legislators having impact in marriage debates (The Associated Press) 03/06/11
  • Personal appeals on Md. gay marriage bill making a difference, lawmakers say (The Washington Post) 03/06/11
  • Navy readies training for end of 'don't ask, don't tell' (The Washington Post) 03/06/11
  • Thousands line Sydney streets for Gay Mardi Gras (The Associated Press) 03/05/11
  • Thousands expected for Sydney Gay Mardi Gras (The Associated Press) 03/05/11
  • Serbian official: Bishop must apologize to gays (The Associated Press) 03/05/11
  • Navy seeks to discharge sailor found asleep in bed with another male sailor (The Washington Post) 03/05/11
  • Rio's roving street bands keep Carnival free, fun (The Associated Press) 03/05/11
  • Mexico City records 700 gay weddings in first year (The Associated Press) 03/04/11
  • Boehner launches effort to defend gay-marriage ban (The Washington Post) 03/04/11
  • Md. delegate torn on gay marriage (The Washington Post) 03/04/11
  • Harvard, Navy to sign agreement on ROTC return (The Associated Press) 03/04/11
  • Let Westboro Baptist have their hate speech. We'll smother it with peace. (Romaine Patterson, The Washington Post) 03/04/11
  • Sam Arora, marriage equality and the race card (Jonathan Capehart, The Washington Post) 03/04/11
  • Same-sex marriage isn't the threat to African American families (Colby King, The Washington Post) 03/04/11
  • Should we defend DOMA? (The Washington Post) 03/04/11
  • Maryland same-sex marriage bill clears divided House panel (The Washington Post) 03/04/11
  • Huckabee, Portman and the morality of single mothers (The Washington Post) 03/04/11
  • MD: House panel passes same-sex marriage bill (The Washington Post) 03/04/11
  • How sailors are learning about a post-DADT world (The Washington Post) 03/04/11
  • Arora pledges support for Maryland same-sex marriage bill (The Washington Post) 03/04/11
  • Supreme Court rules First Amendment protects church's right to picket funerals (The Washington Post) 03/03/11
  • Navy admiral recommends censures over lewd videos (The Associated Press) 03/03/11
  • Sam Arora's disgraceful wavering on marriage equality in Maryland (Jonathan Capehart, The Washington Post) 03/03/11
  • Reaction to Westboro Baptist Church court decision (The Washington Post) 03/03/11
  • Harvard reopens door to ROTC (The Washington Post) 03/03/11
  • Alston exploring civil unions amendment in Md. (The Washington Post) 03/03/11
  • Questions and Consequences
    Administration's decision on DOMA putting pressure on other policies and legal cases
    (Metro Weekly) 03/03/11
  • ''An Innocent Kiss''
    A year later, Taka Ariga and Jeremy Ames remember the Washington Post front-page kiss that heralded gay marriage
    (Metro Weekly) 03/03/11
  • Freedom To Hate
    Westboro Baptist Church may have won at the Supreme Court, but it's no moral victory
    (Metro Weekly) 03/03/11
  • Extensive New Report "Follows the Money" of LGBT Orgs (Metro Weekly) 03/03/11
  • Maryland same-sex marriage bill: House holdout Alston ready to vote, won't tip hand (The Washington Post) 03/02/11
  • Same-sex marriage bill remains stalled in Md. House (The Washington Post) 03/02/11
  • The right to even ugly free speech (Editorial, The Washington Post) 03/02/11
  • Supreme Court affirms Fred Phelps's right to be ugly (Jonathan Capehart, The Washington Post) 03/02/11
  • Supreme Court Upholds Westboro Baptist Church Members' Right to Picket Funerals (Metro Weekly) 03/02/11
  • Was SCOTUS Westboro decision the right one? (The Washington Post) 03/02/11
  • D.C. bill to allow weddings by notary seen aiding gays (The Washington Times) 03/01/11
  • Gay soccer players, please stand up (The Associated Press) 03/01/11
  • AG Holder defends performance on gays, drugs (The Associated Press) 03/01/11
  • The Rev. Peter J. Gomes, Harvard minister, dies at 68 (The Washington Post) 03/01/11
  • African Americans respond to Obama's shift on DOMA (The Washington Post) 03/01/11
  • Southeast man convicted of luring man to death through chat line (The Washington Post) 03/01/11
  • Influential Harvard minister Gomes dies at 68 (The Associated Press) 03/01/11
  • White House to hold anti-bullying conference (The Associated Press) 03/01/11
  • Activist: Many Maryland Catholics support same-sex marriage, extending legal protections to all families (The Washington Post) 03/01/11
  • An appreciation: the Rev. Peter Gomes (The Washington Post) 03/01/11


  • Couple lose foster care right over anti-gay stance (The Associated Press) 02/28/11
  • What's with African American opposition to gay marriage in Maryland? (Jonathan Capehart, The Washington Post) 02/28/11
  • Catholic leaders urge continued fight against same-sex marriage in Md. (The Washington Post) 02/28/11
  • Andrew Sullivan: The latest pick for Tina Brown's Daily Beast (The Washington Post) 02/28/11
  • Chestnut Hill, Pa. Catholic college, fires gay part-time professor (The Associated Press) 02/27/11
  • It's the Catholic hierarchy that's out of touch (Letters, The Washington Post) 02/27/11
  • Jeremy Bernard is first male, gay social secretary for White House (The Washington Post) 02/26/11
  • Boy stuck 2 years in Ukraine arrives in Belgium (The Associated Press) 02/26/11
  • Deborah Lutz's "Pleasure Bound," on Victorian sex rebels (The Washington Post) 02/26/11
  • How the GLLU Made Nice With Some DC Activists (The New Gay) 02/25/11
  • Mike Huckabee, gay-marriage defender (Ruth Marcus, The Washington Post) 02/25/11
  • Gay rights on the march (The Washington Post) 02/25/11
  • Obama Administration's big move on gay marriage is another small step for candidate Obama (The Washington Post) 02/25/11
  • Maryland Senate approves gay marriage rights (The Associated Press) 02/24/11
  • Conservatives vow to make gay marriage 2012 issue (The Associated Press) 02/24/11
  • U.S. reversal on gay unions won't affect married couples for now (The Washington Post) 02/24/11
  • Md.'s top leaders cross Catholic hierarchy on gay marriage (The Washington Post) 02/24/11
  • Maryland Senate approves bill on gay marriage, but House passage not ensured (The Washington Post) 02/24/11
  • Analysis: Obama shifts stance on gay marriage (The Associated Press) 02/24/11
  • In gay rights victory, Obama administration won't defend Defense of Marriage Act (The Washington Post) 02/24/11
  • Obama's historic action against DOMA (Jonathan Capehart, The Washington Post) 02/24/11
  • House leader surprised by Obama not defending DOMA (The Associated Press) 02/24/11
  • Baby, stranded in Ukraine, to join Belgian parents (The Associated Press) 02/21/11
  • Md. GOP urges 'no' vote on same-sex marriage (The Washington Post) 02/19/11
  • New Facebook status options applauded by gay users (The Associated Press) 02/18/11
  • Obama administration replaces controversial 'conscience' regulation for health-care workers (The Washington Post) 02/18/11
  • NH lawmakers urged to scrap gay marriage repeal (The Associated Press) 02/17/11
  • Aviator fighting discharge under gay ban to retire (The Associated Press) 02/17/11
  • Army trains for DADT repeal (The Associated Press) 02/17/11
  • Target revises political giving policy after flap (The Associated Press) 02/17/11
  • Maryland Senate committee approves same-sex marriage bill (The Washington Post) 02/17/11
  • Five myths about Abraham Lincoln (The Washington Post) 02/17/11
  • UK to let gays have church civil ceremonies (The Associated Press) 02/16/11
  • Maryland is on the cusp of legalizing same-sex marriage (Editorial, The Washington Post) 02/16/11
  • John Lewis: True champion of 'equality and justice for all' (Jonathan Capehart, The Washington Post) 02/16/11
  • House panel kills bill to add legal protections for gay state employees (The Washington Post) 02/15/11
  • Md. senator 'still praying' on same-sex marriage (The Washington Post) 02/15/11
  • Prominent U.S. Gay Rights Academic Bashed in Brazil (Edge Boston) 02/14/11
  • Reggae star Buju Banton faces life in US prison (The Associated Press) 02/14/11
  • Md. Senate likely to approve marriage bill (The Washington Post) 02/14/11
  • MD: Kasemeyer, Klausmeier declare support for same-sex marriage (The Washington Post) 02/14/11
  • Same-sex marriage backers plan rally (The Associated Press) 02/14/11
  • The wedding of Mike Zufall and Robb Mapou (The Washington Post) 02/13/11
  • Ending DADT doesn't end problems facing gay service members (The Washington Post) 02/13/11
  • Why the word 'marriage' matters (The Washington Post) 02/12/11
  • Jamaica's gays finding refuge by applying for U.S. asylum (The Washington Post) 02/11/11
  • Gay English bishop Derek Rawcliffe dies at 89 (The Associated Press) 02/11/11
  • Unitarians turn tragedy into lesson in tolerance (The Associated Press) 02/11/11
  • San Francisco high schoolers hold HIV-testing day (The Associated Press) 02/11/11
  • Cruise ship drug dealing alleged in Virgin Islands (The Associated Press) 02/11/11
  • Born this way? Conservative bias on campus (The Washington Post) 02/11/11
  • CPAC gets underway on wave of 2010 midterm momentum (The Washington Post) 02/11/11
  • Botswana politician defends anti-gay comments (The Associated Press) 02/10/11
  • "Ex-Gays" conservative group at CPAC (The Washington Post) 02/10/11
  • Jeff Coudriet, activist, D.C. Council staffer (The Washington Post) 02/10/11
  • Gay marriage issue resurfaces in flurry of debate (Edge Boston) 02/09/11
  • GLAAD to honor Ricky Martin, Kristin Chenoweth (The Associated Press) 02/09/11
  • Same-sex marriage has good chance of approval, Maryland Senate leader says (The Washington Post) 02/08/11
  • Navy sets training for don't ask, don't tell repeal (The Associated Press) 02/08/11
  • Navy sets deadline for completing post-'don't ask, don't tell' training (The Washington Post) 02/08/11
  • Tim Pawlenty: DADT dead-ender all the way (The Washington Post) 02/08/11
  • Whitman-Walker Rebound (Jonathan Capehart, The Washington Post) 02/08/11
  • Is the Tea Party cynical, after all? (The Washington Post) 02/08/11
  • Johnson scores last-minute CPAC slot (Politico) 02/08/11
  • Rush is on for custom domain name suffixes (The Washington Post) 02/07/11
  • Supporters of same-sex marriage in Md. unlikely to settle for civil unions (The Washington Post) 02/07/11
  • US aid deal for Malawi delayed (The Associated Press) 02/07/11
  • Why does the D.C. Council have 13 members? (Mike DeBonis, The Washington Post) 02/07/11
  • High-profile Mormons in media, politics advance understanding of church (The Washington Post) 02/07/11
  • German theologians call for end to celibacy (The Associated Press) 02/04/11
  • Transgender activists face multiple challenges (The Associated Press) 02/04/11
  • Brown steps out on same-sex marriage in Maryland (The Washington Post) 02/04/11
  • Navy: Investigation into lewd videos complete (The Associated Press) 02/04/11
  • Police arrest suspect in Ugandan activist killing (The Associated Press) 02/03/11
  • Would Jesus attend the National Prayer Breakfast? (The Washington Post) 02/03/11
  • All of Us
    Us Helping Us pushes forward with expanding scope, respect for its roots, and celebration of the whole human being
    (Metro Weekly) 2/03/11
  • Word Play
    It's never easy explaining to a kid why some words hurt, but you can't avoid the lesson
    (Sean Bugg, Metro Weekly) 2/03/11
  • Working for Change
    Equality Matters aims to create stronger strategies for activists and advocates to achieve LGBT equality
    (Richard Socarides, Metro Weekly) 2/03/11
  • Appointments for Equality
    Obama nominees and appointees have a history in LGBT equality – from working to fight HIV/AIDS to securing equal housing to ending sodomy laws
    (Chris Geidner, Metro Weekly) 2/03/11
  • Call for Action
    SMYAL releases new report adding to calls for increased support for LGBT youth
    (Yusef Najafi, Metro Weekly) 2/03/11
  • Pager Problems
    GLLU upgrade creates headache for GLOV
    (Yusef Najafi, Metro Weekly) 02/03/11


  • An adoption that is an equality milestone (Lisa Neff, 01/24/11
  • Report details warning for fired Mich. asst. AG (The Associated Press) 01/23/11
  • Reynolds Price, Southern novelist and memoirist, dies at 77 (The Washington Post) 01/22/11
  • A Gay Agenda for Everyone (Dan Savage, The New York Times) 01/22/11
  • In another nod to gays, feds tackling housing bias (The Washington Post) 01/21/11
  • Next up for Obama: Marriage equality for gay Americans (The Washington Post) 01/21/11
  • GAO: Discharging gays cost Pentagon $200 million (The Associated Press) 01/20/11
  • Smithsonian chief says banned video a work of art (The Associated Press) 01/20/11
  • Report: 'Don't ask, don't tell' cost military $193.3M over five years (The Washington Post) 01/20/11
  • `Glee,' `30 Rock,' `Howl' among GLAAD nominees (The Associated Press) 01/20/11
  • Gray Names Gay Liaison
    Stein Club president Jeffrey Richardson to be new head of Mayor's Office of LGBT Affairs
    (Metro Weekly) 01/20/11
  • It Takes a Village
    For Playwright Tarell Alvin McCraney It's All About Community
    (Metro Weekly) 01/19/11
  • Art Housed
    A makeshift museum returns controversial video to Smithsonian -- sort of
    (Metro Weekly) 01/19/11
  • On the Wright Track
    Despite some coming out setbacks, Chely Wright remains upbeat and always ready to sing
    (Metro Weekly) 01/19/11
  • Across the Threshold
    The legal victory for D.C. marriage equality is a time to celebrate, and look forward to other challenges
    (Sean Bugg, Metro Weekly) 01/19/11
  • Grace Under Fire
    Progressives must counter the right wing's loaded language
    (Rosendall, Metro Weekly) 01/19/11
  • Top Court Declines
    Supreme Court chooses not to hear challenge to D.C. marriage equality
    (Metro Weekly) 01/19/11
  • Pittsburgh Proud
    Doug Pamplin wins Mr. MAL 2011 title as weekend makes its debut in a new space
    (Metro Weekly) 01/19/11
  • Momentum in Maryland
    Madaleno announces marriage bill as GOP leader resigns
    (Metro Weekly) 01/19/11
  • Nichi Vendola, a gay, ex-communist governor, becomes the unlikely rival to Italy's Berlusconi (The Washington Post) 01/19/11
  • Gay Fla. couple who fought adoption ban adopts 2 (The Associated Press) 01/19/11
  • Court hears gay dads' La. birth certificate case (The Associated Press) 01/19/11
  • Hospital visitation rights for same-sex partners now required by federal rules (The Washington Post) 01/19/11
  • 2 gay nonprofits to share Harvey Milk's old store (The Associated Press) 01/18/11
  • Hotel owners fined for refusing gay couple a room (The Associated Press) 01/18/11
  • Supreme Court declines to hear challenge to D.C.'s same-sex marriage law (The Washington Post) 01/18/11
  • Smithsonian chief defends decision to remove video (The Associated Press) 01/18/11
  • Clough pledges to continue "Hide/Seek" conversation (The Washington Post) 01/18/11
  • Former Anglican bishops ordained Catholics (The Associated Press) 01/15/11
  • Justice Department challenges ruling against same-sex marriage ban (The Washington Post) 01/14/11
  • DOJ opposes abrupt end to 'don't ask, don't tell' (The Associated Press) 01/14/11
  • Panel says women should be allowed in combat units (The Associated Press) 01/14/11
  • Justice Dept. outlines defense of US marriage law (The Associated Press) 01/14/11
  • Giffords intern handling sudden fame after speech (The Associated Press) 01/14/11
  • Back to the future on DADT with Tim Pawlenty (Jonathan Capehart, The Washington Post) 01/13/11
  • Margaret Whiting, 1940s singing star and peerless interpreter of classic songs, dies at 86 (The Washington Post) 01/13/11
  • Gay marriage repeal not on NH GOP agenda this year (The Associated Press) 01/12/11
  • Nation's first gay museum opens in San Francisco (The Associated Press) 01/12/11
  • A Caps blog for guys who like guys (The Washington Post) 01/12/11
  • State Dept. policy change the latest gay rights win (The Washington Post) 01/11/11
  • LCR: Appeal Should Continue or Stay on DADT Injunction Should Be Lifted (Chris Geidner, Metro Weekly) 01/10/11
  • No dirty videos, please - we're in the Navy (The Washington Post) 01/09/11
  • U.S. District Judge John Roll, Five Others Shot Dead; Rep. Gabrielle Giffords, Others in Critical Condition (Chris Geidner, Metro Weekly) 01/08/11
  • State Dept steps back on gender-neutral parentage (The Associated Press) 01/08/11
  • Portuguese TV star slain, castrated at NYC hotel (The Associated Press) 01/08/11
  • Criticism of Gray's inaugural choices (The Washington Blade) 01/07/11
  • Mayor Gray picks Mohammad Akhter, Wayne Turnage to key health jobs (The Washington Post) 01/07/11
  • US priest accused of pedophilia dies in Martinique (The Associated Press) 01/07/11
  • Court: Texas can't stop gay divorce that's granted (The Associated Press) 01/07/11
  • Gay marriage isn't revolutionary. It's just the next step in marriage's evolution. (Stephanie Coontz, The Washington Post) 01/07/11
  • After string of gay-friendly measures, Nepal aims to tap valuable tourist market (The Washington Post) 01/07/11
  • Parent One, Parent Two to replace references to mother, father on passport forms (The Washington Post) 01/07/11
  • Longtime Truro Church minister fired for accessing online pornography at work (The Washington Post) 01/07/11
  • He was fired over his videos, but Capt. Owen Honors did the right thing (Bruce Fleming, The Washington Post) 01/07/11
  • Peggy Noonan is right -- on the qualities of leadership (Jonathan Capehart, The Washington Post) 01/07/11
  • Pentagon moving fast to end 'don't ask,' Gates says (The Washington Post) 01/07/11
  • Md. lawmakers' agenda includes budget cuts, gay marriage (The Washington Post) 01/06/11
  • Brazil OKs in vitro fertilization for gay couples (The Associated Press) 01/06/11
  • Weir comes out in new book, says he loves his life (The Associated Press) 01/06/11
  • NJ governor signs tough law to fight bullying (The Associated Press) 01/06/11
  • Wait for same-sex marriage in Maryland could be nearing an end (The Washington Post) 01/06/11
  • Looking back on four years with Fenty (The Washington Blade 01/06/11
  • Palin's retweet of gay radio host's DADT comment sparks speculation over stance (The Washington Post) 01/05/11
  • Focus on Family may pull out of conservative rally (The Associated Press) 01/05/11
  • Ali Hasan Drawn Into Bizarre CPAC Witch Hunt? (Colorado Pols) 01/05/11
  • Senate GOP leader in Md. to push for civil unions (The Washington Post) 01/05/11
  • Navy fires Capt. Owen Honors over raunchy videos (The Washington Post) 01/05/11
  • Protesters Plan to Stage "Museum of Censored Art" (The Washington Post) 01/05/11
  • Iowa: Impeachment Debate Heats Up as Branstad Weighs In (The Iowa Republican) 01/05/11
  • A polarized Congress in a US seeking pragmatism (The Associated Press) 01/05/11
  • Proposition 8: Appeals court seeks guidance in gay marriage case (The Associated Press) 01/04/11
  • Uganda court rules media cannot 'out' gay Ugandans (The Associated Press) 01/04/11
  • Sarah Palin fails to lead on gay equality (Jonathan Capehart, The Washington Post) 01/04/11
  • Capt. Owen Honors relieved of Navy command because of raunchy videos (The Washington Post) 01/04/11
  • Official: Captain Owen Honors to be relieved of command (The Associated Press) 01/04/11
  • Glenn Close calls image in Navy video 'insulting' (The Associated Press) 01/04/11
  • Sacked Navy captain once had a bright future (The Associated Press) 01/04/11
  • Scalia: Constitution does not protect women against discrimination (The Washington Post) 01/04/11
  • Del. Marshall says McDonnell is wrong on DADT (The Washington Post) 01/04/11
  • Racy videos raise questions about Navy culture (The Associated Press) 01/04/11
  • Navy's quick condemnation of Capt. Owen Honors wins praise of gay rights groups (The Washington Post) 01/03/11
  • In the Navy with Honors (Jonathan Capehart, The Washington Post) 01/03/11
  • Vincent Gray shows some Fenty-like tendencies as he takes helm as D.C. mayor (The Washington Post) 01/01/11
  • Bernice Melov, teacher, activist (The Washington Post) 01/01/11
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