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  • A Brief History of Congressional Anti-LGBT Discrimination in D.C. 06/07/11


  • D.C. needs to be ready to fight GOP 'meddling,' Norton says (Mike DeBonis, The Washington Post) 12/28/10
  • Meet Jason Chaffetz (Dave Weigel, Washington City Paper) 10/01/10


  • Federal Employees One Step Closer to Equal Benefits
    Despite Republican attacks, federal domestic partnership bill moves forward in the House
    (Metro Weekly) 11/19/09
  • A sense of closure as gay man takes OPM helm
    Berry heads agency that once denied jobs to gays
    (The Washington Blade) 05/01/09
  • Senators Agree to Consider D.C. Voting Rights Bill (The Washington Post) 02/24/09
  • Anti-gay forces work to regain national influence
    Religious conservatives fear Congress will advance gay rights legislation
    (The Washington Blade) 02/20/09
  • America’s Colonial Capital (Editorial, The New York Times) 01/06/09
  • Optimistic Push for D.C. Vote In House
    Bills to Be Offered After Swearing-In
    (The Washington Post) 01/06/09


  • Hill vote on D.C. gun law alarms gay activists
    Some fear conservatives are usurping home rule, would overturn marriage bill
    (The Washington Blade) 08/22/08


  • Senators Block D.C. Vote Bill, Delivering Possibly Fatal Blow (The Washington Post) 09/19/07
  • 11th-Hour Pressure Applied on D.C. Vote
    Senate Takes Up Key Motion Today
    (The Washington Post) 09/18/07
  • Congress closer to allowing D.C. needle exchange
    House maintains ban on federal funds for DP program
    (The Washington Blade) 07/06/07
  • Shadow Boxing
    The White House and Congress use the District budget to score political points on domestic partnerships.
    (Editorial, The Washington Post) 06/30/07
  • House Repeals Needle Ban
    Decision on Funding Thrills D.C. Officials Fighting the HIV/AIDS Epidemic
    (The Washington Post) 06/29/07
  • Bush Issues Veto Threat for D.C. Appropriations Bill Over Domestic Partner Registry (Human Rights Campaign) 06/27/07
  • GLAA Alert: Rep. Goode targets DPs in DC Appropriations bill 06/27/07
  • Rosendall speaks at rally for D.C. voting rights 04/15/07


  • God's Senator
    Who would Jesus vote for? Meet Sam Brownback
    (Rolling Stone) 01/25/06


  • Rosendall speaks at Democracy for DC rally
    "We cannot allow others to pick our fights for us."
  • Plan to Expand D.C. School Vouchers Under Fire (The Washington Post) 07/01/05
  • A Vote in the House (Editorial, The Washington Post) 05/03/05
  • Gays should pray that filibuster flops (Editorial, Washington Examiner) 04/29/05
  • Mayor fears mishandling gay marriage issue
    Williams meets with Brownback after tax filing flap
    (The Washington Blade) 04/29/05
  • Let the District Decide (Editorial, The Washington Post) 04/25/05
  • Toward Equality (Editorial, The Washington Post) 04/25/05
  • Married gays can file joint D.C. tax returns
    Statement by attorney general surprises gay activists
    (The Washington Blade) 04/22/05
  • District Warned On Gay Marriage
    Williams Fears Congressional Ire Will Affect Budget
    (The Washington Post) 04/21/05
  • Congressional Record Tribute from Congresswoman Eleanor Holmes Norton 04/20/05
  • Update to GLAA members on marriage fight in D.C. 04/20/05
  • Married D.C. Gay Couples Can File Taxes Jointly
    Returns Could Be Rejected, but Ruling Pressures Mayor to Decide Whether City Will Recognize Unions
    (The Washington Post) 04/20/05
  • Request to Edit Title of Talk On Gays, Suicide Stirs Ire HHS Is Being Accused of Marginalization (The Washington Post) 02/16/05
  • House plan would kill D.C. Appropriations Subcommittee (The Washington Post) 01/28/05
  • Rep. Jo Ann Davis reintroduces bill to ban gay marriage in D.C. (The Washington Blade) 01/14/05


  • Clinic urges Congressional conferees to allow local funding of D.C. needle exchange 09/30/04
  • HRC Talking Points on Marriage Recognition in D.C. 07/12/04
  • D.C. DOMA Introduced in House 07/07/04
  • Defending Gay Families in Washington, D.C.
    Talking points for meetings with members of Congress
    Talking points in brochure format (requires Adobe Acrobat Reader)


  • GLAA joins coalition opposing federal vouchers 07/17/03
  • GLAA to Feinstein: Don't impose vouchers on District 07/22/03
  • GLAA to Chairman Young: please support clean DC Appropriations bill 07/12/03
  • GLAA to Chairman Frelinghuysen: Please oppose social riders to DC Appropriations bill 07/06/03


  • ACT UP DC: Congress blocks DC clean needle exchange, medical marijuana again 12/05/01
  • D.C. Budget Passes House-Senate Conference (The Washington Post) 12/05/01
  • Stand Up for Democracy writes to Conference Committee 11/14/01
  • Whitman-Walker defends needle exchange in letter to House/Senate conferees 11/12/01
  • HRC writes House/Senate conferees on DC Appropriations 11/09/01
  • Catania congratulates Congress for lifting domestic partnership ban 11/07/01
  • Mayor appeals to key Senators on domestic partners, needle exchange 11/07/01
  • Schwartz appeals to Senators on domestic partnership, needle exchange 11/01/01
  • HRC Talking Points on DC Domestic Partnership Program 10/30/01
  • amfAR Needle Exchange Fact Sheet (Adobe Acrobat format) 01/11/01
  • Editorial: Have They Nothing Better to Do? (The Washington Post) 10/30/01
  • ACLU Action Alert on DC Appropriations 10/25/01
  • Editorial: Councilman or Senator? (The Washington Post) 10/22/01
  • GLAA Testifies on Proposal for Elected Attorney General for DC 10/17/01
  • Editorial: Second-Guessing the District (The Washington Post) 09/11/01
  • DC Democracy Activists Converge on Congress 09/10/01
  • Catania appeals to House Appropriations Committee 09/10/01
  • Norton statement on Salvation Army and discrimination 07/10/01
  • Catania urges congressmen to withdraw bill that would trample on District's home rule 07/10/01
  • Rosendall joins Rep. Norton's rally for DC Voting Rights 01/02/01


  • Catania appeals to Congressional Republicans on DC Voting Rights 03/22/00
  • Schwartz writes Speaker Hastert in defense of Domestic Partners 02/29/00


  • Howell Testifies on D.C. Megan's Law Bill 10/14/99
  • GLAA To Congress: Let Initiative 59 Stand 10/12/99
  • Clinton Vetoes DC Appropriations Bill 09/28/99
  • Gay political groups urge Presidential veto of DC Appropriations Bill 09/21/99
  • DC Council urges Congress to respect Initiative 59 results 09/21/99
  • Official Results of Initiative 59 (DC Board of Elections and Ethics) 09/20/99
  • Court Ruling hailed as a 'Victory' for Medical Marijuana Initiative 59 09/17/99
  • Judge's Order in DC Medical Marijuana Case 09/17/99
  • Gay political groups praise Mayor's opposition to federal tyranny 09/09/99
  • Congresswoman Norton Defends D.C. Appropriations Bill 07/28/99
  • Talking Points in Defense of a Clean D.C. Appropriations Bill 07/28/99
  • Ramsey Writes Hastert to Urge Repeal of Ban on Needle Exchange Funding 07/27/99
  • Rosendall in panel discussion on DC sovereignty 05/26/99
  • Speakers announced for District's Equality Begins at Home rally 03/05/99
  • Howell seeks Mayoral strategy meeting on FY2000 budget fight 02/19/99
  • GLAA joins AIDS experts opposing mandatory HIV names reporting 02/21/99
  • Open Letter to Public Health Officials Regarding Names-Based HIV Reporting 02/21/99
  • D.C. Groups organize Equality Begins at Home Events 02/14/99
  • Howell to Blade: AHA should adopt unique identifier system 01/01/99


  • GLAA joins amicus brief in Barr Amendment case (12/01/98)
  • Schmid testifies on D.C. Appropriations (06/24/98)
  • Sojourner presents research on DC governance (01/98)


  • GLAA addresses Truth In Sentencing Commission (12/97)
  • GLAA calls for Harlan resignation (12/97)
  • GLAA paper presented at National Lawyers Guild Convention (10/97)
  • GLAA Blade column reviews DC's "self-inflicted wounds" (09/97)
  • GLAA urges Council not to trade away its power


  • GLAA joins "Call to Conscience" after DOMA passes in House
  • GLAA, Rep. Kolbe exchange good netiquette
  • GLAA defends Home Rule in voucher fight
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