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  • GLAA policy on AIDS and public health
  • HIV Surveillance and Name Reporting: Documents (UCSF online resource)
  • District of Columbia Primary Care Association
  • HIV/AIDS excerpts from State Dept. Country Reports for 2008 03/01/09

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    Local Activism


  • D.C. Council passes bill to end 25-year ban on surrogacy agreements 12/22/16
  • After 25 Years, D.C. Moves To Undo One Of The CountryÕs Last Surrogacy Bans 12/22/16
  • Norton Will Defend D.C.'s 'Death with Dignity Act' from Congressional Interference 12/20/16
  • GLAA urges Congresswoman Norton to defend Death with Dignity Act 12/20/16
  • Surrogacy bill, death certificate bill pass second reading at D.C. Council 12/20/16
  • D.C. surrogacy bill passes first reading 12/7/16
  • D.C. surrogacy bill passes Judiciary, heads to full Council on Dec. 6 12/4/16
  • Death with Dignity Act passes first reading at DC Council 11/1/16
  • GLAA writes to Jack Evans on Death with Dignity Act 10/13/16
  • Health Committee sends Death with Dignity Act to full D.C. Council 10/05/16
  • GLAA urges Health Committee members to support Death with Dignity Act 09/19/16
  • FEMS Department Faces Heavy Criticism at D.C. Council Hearing 02/17/16
  • Medical director resigns over "toxic culture" at FEMS 01/29/16


  • GLAA supports continuing education requirement for LGBTQ cultural competency in healthcare 10/28/15
  • DOH Director Nesbitt supports cultural competency bill with changes 10/28/15
  • GLAA urges Nadeau to oppose Corizon contract for inmate healthcare 04/12/15


  • Mayor Gray signs bill to prohibit conversion therapy for minors 12/22/14
  • GLAA to Mendelson on inmate healthcare 12/15/14
    (Similar letters sent to all councilmembers)
  • News Release: GLAA and Allies Confront Defenders of Junk Medicine 06/27/14
  • TWO Slams Quack Therapist Christopher Doyle For SPLC Hit Piece In The Christian Post 02/19/13
  • GLAA testifies: protect minors from dangerous, discredited conversion therapy 06/27/14
  • 2013

  • GLAA supports prohibiting conversion therapy for minors 12/16/13
  • Turner slams bill to restrict cultivation centers 03/20/13


  • GLAA urges Medicaid protections for same-sex partners 11/01/11
  • DC Appleseed releases Sixth HIV/AIDS Report Card 03/08/11
  • GLAA writes Board of Nursing on cultural competency training 01/14/11


  • Summersgill: Repeal panic-driven HIV testing law 09/27/10
  • GLAA submits comments on LGB Health Report 07/27/10
  • The search for an HIV/AIDS vaccine depends on volunteers (David Mariner, Metro Weekly) 05/13/10
  • GLAA supports medical marijuana bill 02/22/10
  • Medical marijuana in D.C.: The council gets it right (Wayne Turner, The Washington Post) 02/21/10
  • Medical marijuana bill scheduled for hearing 01/22/10


  • DC Appleseed releases Fifth HIV/AIDS Report Card 08/05/09
  • D.C. Council eliminates earmarks for social service programs 07/31/09
  • GLAA defends public funding for DC Center 07/22/09
  • Summersgill: mandatory HIV testing bill "seriously flawed" 07/01/09
  • Summersgill: DHR rulemaking omits DPs from other jurisdictions 05/11/09
  • Summersgill testifies on HIV testing amendment 03/18/09
  • HIV/AIDS excerpts from State Dept. Country Reports for 2008 03/01/09
  • Community honors Chinn & Hawkins Feb. 20 02/05/09


  • AIDS & Public Health section of GLAA's Agenda: 2008 07/02/08
  • GLAA urges passage of Safe Marriage Amendment Act without amendments 05/29/08
  • Summersgill: pre-marital blood test outdated 02/14/08


  • GLAA testifies on DCPS Health Standards 11/27/07
  • GLAA comments on draft Health Learning Standards 08/02/07
  • GLAA endorses HPV Vaccination and Reporting Act 02/09/07


  • Summersgill to Blade: Local gays instrumental in passing smoking ban 12/15/06


  • GLAA testifies in favor of anti-smoking legislation 09/22/05
  • GLAA statement on firing of HAA Director Lydia Watts 08/16/05
  • GLAA supports bill on surrogate decision-making 08/08/05
  • GLAA testifies in favor of smokefree workplace legislation 06/14/05
  • GLAA submits extended testimony on unique identifier amendment 06/13/05
  • GLAA testifies on HIV surveillance 05/26/05
  • GLAA responds to anti-gay slander aired on News 4 04/22/05
  • GLAA submits testimony on HIV/AIDS Administration 03/17/05
  • GLAA Hails Council Creation of Health Committee 01/04/05


  • GLAA urges Cropp to create Committee on Health 11/08/04
  • Clinic urges Congressional conferees to allow local funding of D.C. needle exchange 09/30/04
  • Medical Assistance Administration responds to GLAA 08/23/04
  • Evans presses city administrator on DOH rulemaking 08/10/04
  • Comments on DOH Rulemaking Ignored 08/05/04
  • GLAA urges equal treatment for domestic partners in program for workers with HIV 03/17/04


  • D.C. Whistleblower takes HAA to court 12/11/03
  • City's double dealing on abstinence grant revealed 08/12/03
  • GLAA to Chairman Frelinghuysen: Please oppose social riders to DC Appropriations bill 07/06/03
  • Summersgill details negligence, unresponsiveness at HIV/AIDS Administration 05/15/03
  • GLAA replies to DCBCI on abstinence-only education grants 04/30/03
  • Minister urges GLAA to reconsider opposition to abstinence-only grant 04/28/03
  • US Attorney for the District of Columbia:
    Criminal Complaint against Michael Wayne Martin in the Washington Teachers Union case
  • GLAA endorses efforts of DC Primary Care Association 02/24/03
  • GLAA opposes abstinence-only education grant 02/17/03
  • Davis responds to Simmons on HIV surveillance, racism (Metro Weekly) 02/13/03


  • GLAA endorses Health-Care Decisions Amendment Act 12/05/02
  • GLAA urges creation of DC Council Committee on Health 12/03/02
  • GLAA testifies for HIV Unique Identifier System Amendment Act 12/02/02
  • ACT UP questions "Sacred Sexuality" funding from DOH 08/05/02
  • Ambrose calls for hearing on HIV Unique Identifier Amendment Act 08/02/02
  • GLAA slams mismanagement, lack of oversight at D.C. Dept. of Health 03/06/02
  • Summersgill urges hearing on HIV unique identifier amendment act 01/28/02


  • RFA for STD Internet Surveillance Grant violates Mayor's Executive Order 11/30/01
  • Whitman-Walker defends needle exchange in letter to House/Senate conferees 11/12/01
  • Summersgill responds to Simmons on privacy and HIV surveillance (The Washington Blade) 11/09/01
  • Simmons: Political agenda blocks HIV name reporting (The Washington Blade) 10/26/01
  • GLAA slams mismanagement and unresponsiveness at HIV/AIDS Administration 11/02/01
  • ACT UP slams chat-room surveillance as "dubious use of taxpayer dollars" 10/29/01
  • GLAA refutes the so-called racial divide on HIV privacy concerns (letter in Washington City Paper) 09/06/01
  • Summersgill replies to Mendelson on HIV Surveillance 08/15/01
  • GLAA dissents from HIV Surveillance Implementation Advisory Group Report 07/18/01
  • Summersgill files FOIA request for HIV/AIDS Administration budgets 05/22/01
  • Summersgill requests HIV/AIDS Administration budgets 05/08/01
  • Rosendall to DC Council: stop the grandstanding on DC General 04/27/01
  • GLAA testifies on HIV surveillance for DOH oversight hearing 02/26/01
  • Mendelson warns that HIV reporting plan compromises confidentiality 01/18/01
  • Graham calls HIV reporting plan "counterproductive" 01/18/01
  • Mendelson Criticizes Proposed HIV Reporting Rules 01/03/01


  • DOH's Ron Lewis responds to GLAA on HIV reporting 12/30/00
  • ACLU defends privacy in HIV reporting 12/21/00
  • GLAA criticizes proposed HIV reporting regulations 12/20/00
  • Summersgill testifies in favor of Marinol reclassification 05/10/00
  • GLAA defends medical marijuana, opposes felony status for possession 05/10/00
  • Testimony for FY 2001 Budget Hearings on the Department of Health 03/24/00
  • GLAA asks DC Council to pass Marinol reclassification bill 03/21/00
  • Summersgill seeks meeting with Allen on Marinol reclassification 01/28/00
  • CDC Guidelines for National HIV Case Surveillance 01/20/00


  • Lambda Legal Defense Issues 1999 World AIDS Day Report Card 11/29/99
    GLAA and more than 100 allies get an "A" for signing joint statement opposing HIV names reporting
  • DC Council urges Congress to respect Initiative 59 results 09/21/99
  • Official Results of Initiative 59 (DC Board of Elections and Ethics) 09/20/99
  • Court Ruling hailed as a 'Victory' for Medical Marijuana Initiative 59 09/17/99
  • Judge's Order in DC Medical Marijuana Case 09/17/99
  • Mayor Announces Decision to Implement Unique Identifier System (08/20/99)
  • Howell Praises Evans' leadership in Council's response on HIV Names Reporting (08/03/99)
  • Former HHS Secretary Sullivan Defends Needle Exchange (07/30/99)
  • Former Surgeon General Koop Defends Needle Exchange (07/29/99)
  • Ramsey Writes Hastert to Urge Repeal of Ban on Needle Exchange Funding (07/27/99)
  • Eleven of Thirteen Councilmembers Oppose HIV Names Reporting (07/27/99)
  • Howell protests one-sided HIV surveillance roundtable meeting (07/06/99)
  • Howell urges Allen committee to block names reporting (04/14/99)
  • Department of Health won't budge on names reporting (04/15/99)
  • GLAA testifies on FY 2000 AIDS budget (04/01/99)
  • Open Letter to Public Health Officials Regarding Names-Based HIV Reporting 03/15/99
  • GLAA joins AIDS experts opposing mandatory HIV names reporting (02/21/99)
  • Open Letter to Public Health Officials Regarding Names-Based HIV Reporting (02/21/99)
  • GLAA Calls for Council Hearing on Names Reporting Plans (01/11/99)
  • ACLU Comments on CDC Draft Guidelines on National HIV Case Surveillance (01/11/99)
  • Howell to Blade: AHA should adopt unique identifier system (01/01/99)


  • D.C. Election Winners Opposed to Names Reporting (12/23/98)
  • Federal Register: CDC Draft Guidelines for HIV Case Surveillance (text version) 12/10/98
  • Federal Register: CDC Draft Guidelines for HIV Case Surveillance (PDF version) 12/10/98
  • GLAA joins amicus brief in Barr Amendment case (12/01/98)
  • Exit Polls Show Big Win for Medical Marijuana (11/03/98)
  • Medical marijuana initiative wins court battle (09/03/98)
  • GLAA/Stein testimony on Agency for HIV/AIDS (06/18/98)
  • San Francisco AIDS Foundation Critique of HIV Names Reporting (05/98)
  • HIV Surveillance by Non-Name Based Identifier, the Maryland Experience (04/01/98)
  • Name Based HIV Case Reporting Fails in New Jersey -- Why Institute It in New York? (03/19/98)
  • Coudriet testifies on D.C. AIDS spending (02/25/98)
  • Schmid testifies on HIV/AIDS issues (02/25/98)


  • The Maryland Lesson: Conducting Effective HIV Surveillance with Unique Identifiers (An American Civil Liberties Union Report) (12/97)
  • HIV Surveillance and Name Reporting: A Public Health Case for Protecting Civil Liberties (ACLU AIDS Project) (10/97)
  • Many People Who Seek Anonymous HIV-Antibody Testing Would Avoid It Under Other Circumstances [Kegeles (1990) - abstract] (10/03/97)
  • NAPWA Position Statement on HIV Surveillance (10/03/97)
  • Testimony on HIV/AIDS (02/97)


  • letter against emergency legislation (12/96)
  • GLAA supports use of animals in HIV/AIDS research (1996)

    News on Public Health


  • All of Us
    Us Helping Us pushes forward with expanding scope, respect for its roots, and celebration of the whole human being
    (Metro Weekly) 2/03/11
  • Council restores proposed cuts for AIDS groups (The Washington Blade) 12/08/10
  • David Wojnarowicz's 'A Fire in My Belly': Snapshot of the AIDS era (The Washington Post) 12/09/10
  • Survival Guide
    Alpha Drugs continues its HIV/AIDS lecture series at holiday gathering
    (Metro Weekly) 12/09/10
  • Derrick Burts, HIV-positve porn actor, calls for condom use in industry (The Washington Post) 12/08/10
  • Daily drug lowers AIDS risk, study says (The Washington Post) 11/24/10
  • 3 big developments make AIDS outlook more hopeful (The Associated Press) 11/24/10
  • Anti-AIDS groups hail drug but worry over cost (The Associated Press) 11/24/10
  • Vatican: Condom use, a lesser evil (The Associated Press) 11/23/10
  • As AIDS epidemic ebbs, many challenges remain (The Washington Post) 11/23/10
  • Generations (Rosendall, Bay Windows) 11/22/10
  • Koop warns of complacency about AIDS (The Washington Post) 11/18/10
  • Positive Praise
    HIV Prevention Working Group recognizes local leaders
    (Metro Weekly) 09/30/10
  • A disgrace in the District (Movie Reviews, The Washington Post) 09/17/10
  • Does Christine O'Donnell think homosexuality is an identity disorder? (The Washington Post) 09/17/10
  • June in Bloom
    June Crenshaw's journey to self-acceptance has helped her find ways to guide women still struggling in the closet
    (Metro Weekly) 09/01/10
  • Whitman-Walker's turnaround (Editorial, The Washington Post) 08/15/10
  • Understanding AIDS — a labor of love (Reuters) 07/23/10
  • In US cities, HIV linked more to poverty than race (The Associated Press) 07/19/10
  • Low-down talk 06/24/10
  • HIV leadership that will be missed (Daniel O'Neill, The Washington Blade) 06/24/10
  • Questions surface over resignation of AIDS director (Lou Chibbaro Jr., The Washington Blade) 06/09/10
  • Health center for gay Latinos opens in D.C. (The Washington Post) 06/09/10
  • Study: Several D.C. area hospitals do not have nondiscrimination policies for gays (The Washington Post) 06/08/10
  • House members say AIDS drug program in crisis (The Washington Blade) 06/04/10
  • Whitman-Walker faces trans bias allegation (The Washington Blade) 06/04/10
  • Blood Talk
    HHS advisory committee will tackle societal and economic – not solely scientific – issues relating to FDA ban on blood donation for men who have had sex with men
    (Chris Geidner, Metro Weekly) 05/20/10
  • The search for an HIV/AIDS vaccine depends on volunteers (David Mariner, Metro Weekly) 05/13/10
  • Obama extends hospital visitation rights to same-sex partners of gays (The Washington Post) 04/16/10
  • Positively Powerful (Metro Weekly) 04/15/10
  • Study of gay men in the District finds 14% are HIV positive (The Washington Post) 03/26/10
  • Republicans denounce racist and anti-gay slurs (The Washington Post) 03/21/10
  • In light of health-care debate, what America needs is a civility committee (Dana Milbank, The Washington Post) 03/21/10
  • New AIDS cases decline in District, but infection rate remains epidemic (The Washington Post) 03/18/10
  • Calman's Calling
    Leslie Calman leads the charge as Mautner Project marks 20 years of fighting for lesbian health
    (Metro Weekly) 03/18/10
  • Report questions excluding gays from some studies (The Associated Press) 03/17/10
  • New HIV infections increasing among homosexuals (The Associated Press) 03/16/10
  • D.C. to be first U.S. city to give away free female condoms to fight HIV/AIDS (The Washington Post) 03/06/10
  • Overselling abstinence-only education (Letters, The Washington Post) 02/08/10
  • Majorities polled in D.C. back gay marriage, medical marijuana (The Washington Post) 02/07/10
  • Sex education -- the right kind (Valerie Strauss, The Washington Post) 01/26/10
  • Columbia prof says Prop 8 adds to gay health woes (The Associated Press) 01/15/10
  • District, NIH announce new initiative aimed at HIV/AIDS epidemic (The Washington Post) 01/11/10
  • US lifts HIV/AIDS immigration ban 01/04/10


  • The Post didn't quote a local medical marijuana expert (The Washington Post) 12/19/09
  • For a woman who accepted all others: a top honor
    In the early days of AIDS, an Arlington pastor opened her church so those with the disease could find comfort together
    (The Washington Post) 12/10/09
  • Clinic Community
    Whitman-Walker seeks members for advisory group
    (Metro Weekly) 12/10/09
  • Marc Christian, Sued Rock Hudson estate over AIDS risk, Dies at 56 (Los Angeles Times) 12/06/09
  • Sexually spread diseases up, better testing cited (The Associated Press) 11/16/09
  • Battle of the Ban
    Obama takes final steps to lift decades-old HIV travel ban by early 2010
    (Metro Weekly) 11/05/09
  • Cupcakes for a Cause
    Georgetown bakery's recipe to help Pediatric AIDS
    (Metro Weekly) 11/05/09
  • Zuma on AIDS: "Knowledge will help us to confront denialism" (Mamba Online) 11/01/09
  • Staggering need, striking neglect
    The nation's worst-hit city awards millions for care and shelter without ensuring it gets to those it's meant to help
    (The Washington Post) 10/17/09
  • Walking Tall
    WWC raises nearly $1 Million with AIDS Walk
    (Metro Weekly) 10/15/09
  • "Hollaback" Help
    Local pharmacy hosts transgender support group
    (Metro Weekly) 10/08/09
  • Fenty Urged to Get Out Front on AIDS
    Mayor Should Seize Opportunities Such as Walk, Activists Say
    (The Washington Post) 10/03/09
  • 7,000 Gay Men Help Study AIDS
    Effort to Beat Disease Began 25 Years Ago
    (The Washington Post) 09/29/09
  • Doctors settle case for denying lesbian treatment (The Associated Press) 09/29/09
  • Notable dates in the AIDS epidemic (The Associated Press) 09/24/09
  • HIV-Positive Blogger Aims To Inspire and Spread Hope
    Infected as a Boy, Man To Get Courage Award
    (The Washington Post) 09/24/09
  • A world first: Vaccine helps prevent HIV infection (The Associated Press) 09/24/09
  • U.S. closer to lifting HIV travel ban
    Rule change expected to be ‘implemented shortly’
    (The Washington Blade) 09/23/09
  • Virginia court rules in favor of dismissed HIV-positive worker
    Judge says TGI Friday’s violated local Human Rights Code
    (The Washington Blade) 09/18/09
  • Bill O'Reilly Backs Public Option (The Huffington Post) 09/17/09
  • Congressional Calling
    Easter Spencer answers White House call for Mautner client at health care speech
    (Metro Weekly) 09/17/09
  • No LGBT language in Baucus health bill
    Activists look to House for gay-specific provisions
    (The Washington Blade) 09/16/09
  • Calling All Donors
    GLBT groups scrambling in wake of D.C. budget cuts
    (Metro Weekly) 09/03/09
  • District Launches HIV-Test Campaign
    Web Site, TV Ad Part of First Phase
    (The Washington Post) 08/29/09
  • Kennedy remembered as champion of gay rights (The Associated Press) 08/27/09
  • APA: Therapy Won't Change Being Gay (The Washington Post) 08/12/09
  • AIDS report card shows grades for D.C. improving
    Local AIDS watchdog group praises Mayor Fenty
    (The Washington Blade) 08/07/09
  • Council kills $1 million in LGBT grants
    Graham eyes city building as new home for D.C. gay center
    (The Washington Blade) 08/07/09
  • Psychologists repudiate gay-to-straight therapy (The Associated Press) 08/06/09
  • D.C. Races to Rescue Needle Funding
    Restrictive Amendment to City's Appropriation Would Cover Most of City
    (The Washington Post) 07/31/09
  • Lesbians in China petition to donate blood (The Associated Press) 07/28/09
  • A Sanctuary From Hate
    Pastor, D.C. Church Offer Gay African Americans A Message of Acceptance and Responsibility
    (The Washington Post) 07/26/09
  • Doctor who co-authored first AIDS report dies (The Associated Press) 07/23/09
  • Lewis Black takes down the health care naysayers 07/21/09
  • How can health care reform lose if this is the opposition? 07/20/09
  • Life Preservers
    DCAC takes to the Chester River for HIV/AIDS help
    (Metro Weekly) 07/09/09
  • Addressing an Epidemic
    Pride meeting hits HIV/AIDS from multiple angles
    (Metro Weekly) 06/11/09
  • Amid Criticism, D.C. Plans Big Effort to Spread Word on AIDS (The Washington Post) 06/02/09
  • Gay rights advocate, AIDS activist McFarlane dies (The Associated Press) 05/18/09
  • Bringing Safety Back
    A new, edgier campaign aims to make safer-sex tools easily available -- and sexy as well
    (Metro Weekly) 05/14/09
  • Anti-Tumor Team
    Gay group convened to marshal resources in local cancer fight
    (Metro Weekly) 05/14/09
  • Obama seeks boost in domestic AIDS spending
    New budget calls for increase in CDC prevention budget
    (The Washington Blade) 05/08/09
  • Proud and Prepared
    Gay community's emergency expert uses flu for teaching moment
    (Metro Weekly) 05/07/09
  • Obama names new AIDS coordinator
    Goosby, a straight physician, served under Clinton
    (The Washington Blade) 05/01/09
  • CDC issues guidance for HIV and swine flu
    Those with HIV may experience more severe illness, complications
    (The Washington Blade) 04/30/09
  • Catania Says Clinic Is Poorly Managed
    Handling of Retirement Funds at Issue
    (The Washington Post) 04/28/09
  • Whitman-Walker officials questioned anew
    Clinic CEO defended as ‘absolutely indispensable’
    (The Washington Blade) 04/27/09
  • Catania/Whitman-Walker Melee Gets Bloodier (The Washington Post) 04/27/09
  • Catania, Director Fighting Over AIDS Clinic Mission
    Funding, Expansion Beyond Gay Base at Issue
    (The Washington Post) 04/24/09
  • Whitman-Walker doesn't like being questioned (The Washington Blade) 04/24/09
  • Fight against syphilis, AIDS goes online (Associated Press) 04/18/09
  • New hearing set for Whitman-Walker review
    Catania to lead public oversight hearing
    (The Washington Blade) 04/17/09
  • Awareness Campaign On HIV/AIDS Begins
    U.S. to Spend $45 Million Over 5 Years
    (The Washington Post) 04/08/09
  • U.S. AIDS program saved million African lives: study (Reuters) 04/06/09
  • Vatican rejects Belgian censure of pope on condoms (Reuters) 04/03/09
  • WHO: World must fight drug-resistant TB threat (Associated Press) 04/01/09
  • Rallying in the Name of the Unkindest Cut?
    Sharp Rhetoric Abounds In Circumcision Debate
    (The Washington Post) 03/31/09
  • D.C. exec earns top salary among LGBT, AIDS groups
    Compensation for heads of 30 organizations similar to national average
    (The Washington Blade) 03/27/09
  • Whitman-Walker issues lengthy response to criticisms
    New review, documents come as discrimination complaint filed
    (The Washington Blade) 03/27/09
  • Emergency Responders
    DC Fights Back demands increased HIV/AIDS funding at downtown rally
    (Metro Weekly) 03/26/09
  • Clinic Releases Review
    Independent firm finds no substantial mismanagement
    (Metro Weekly) 03/26/09
  • Study: Male circumcision helps prevent 2 STDs (Associated Press) 03/25/09
  • AIDS in the District Is Serious, But Not Critical (Craig Timberg, The Washington Post) 03/22/09
  • What the Mayor Won't Tell You About D.C. (Colbert I. King, The Washington Post) 03/21/09
  • Food & Friends executive lands $25,000 raise
    Increase from ’07 puts Shniderman’s compensation at $382,200
    (The Washington Blade) 03/20/09
  • 'How did we get here?'
    D.C.’s HIV/AIDS cases jump 22 percent, are highest in the nation
    (The Washington Blade) 03/20/09
  • City Aims To Step Up HIV Battle (The Washington Post) 03/20/09
  • Condom Sense
    Pope Benedict XVI is wrong.
    (Editorial, The Washington Post) 03/19/09
  • Tax Dollars for Tyrants (Metro Weekly) 03/19/09
  • Pope Says Condoms Worsen HIV Problem
    In His First Papal Trip to Africa, Benedict Brings a Message of Sexual Morality
    (Associated Press) 03/18/09
  • From Bad to Worse
    The HIV/AIDS epidemic is ravaging the District.
    (Editorial, The Washington Post) 03/18/09
  • City Says HIV Count Is Likely Too Low
    District to Wage Testing Campaign On Heels of Report
    (The Washington Post) 03/17/09
  • HIV/AIDS Rate in D.C. Hits 3%
    Considered a 'Severe' Epidemic, Every Mode of Transmission Is Increasing, City Study Finds
    (The Washington Post) 03/15/09
  • HIV epidemic 'out of control'
    New studies show D.C. has highest death rate in the country
    (The Washington Blade) 03/13/09
  • Clinic Counters
    Blanchon holds tight to WWC reins amid examination of management
    (Metro Weekly) 03/12/09
  • Nigerian AIDS patients marry each other (Associated Press) 03/07/09
  • Ill. panel seeks advice preventing youth suicide (Associated Press) 03/07/09
  • Case over autopsy on AIDS activist's child settled (Associated Press) 03/05/09
  • Indian Youth Festival Puts Sexy Back in Dialogue About Safe Sex (The Washington Post) 03/02/09
  • Obama names head of AIDS policy office (Associated Press) 02/26/09
  • Brazilian priest suspended for support of condoms (Associated Press) 02/26/09
  • Bond star draws attention to AIDS in Swaziland (Associated Press) 02/24/09
  • No guarantees for HIV fight in final stimulus bill
    AIDS funding earmark stripped from $787 billion measure
    (The Washington Blade) 02/20/09
  • Honoring their service
    Longtime Whitman-Walker employees Hawkins, Chinn win praise
    (The Washington Blade) 02/20/09
  • Growing HIV rates among gay, bisexual men in Asia (Associated Press) 02/20/09
  • Credit and Caution for Clinic
    Catania welcomes WWC document, but asks for more substance
    (Metro Weekly) 02/19/09
  • AIDS becomes China's deadliest infectious disease (Associated Press) 02/18/09
  • Report: Glaxo to cut prices for poor countries (Associated Press) 02/14/09
  • Palin's favorite store forced to change its name (Associated Press) 02/14/09
  • Brazil boosts condom handouts by 20M for Carnival (Associated Press) 02/13/09
  • Dybul’s abrupt ouster triggers complaints
    Removal of gay official denounced as motivated by politics
    (The Washington Blade) 02/13/09
  • Clinic CEO says he is committed to LGBT patients
    Whitman-Walker officials face mounting criticism over layoffs, finances
    (The Washington Blade) 02/13/09
  • Local blogger shares his HIV experience
    Justin’s HIV Journal aims to show that patients ‘can go on living’ full lives
    (The Washington Blade) 02/13/09
  • Drugs Are Found to Block HIV In Monkeys
    Pills, Gel May Help Protect Women
    (The Washington Post) 02/10/09
  • AIDS fight erupts over stimulus plan
    Senate Dems drop $400 million in HIV prevention funding from package
    (The Washington Blade) 02/06/09
  • Dr. Phil
    Philip B. Terry of PreventionWorks! shares insight on risk reduction, HIV and finding calm amid emergencies
    (Metro Weekly) 02/05/09
  • After the Fallout
    Terminated staff react to David Catania's criticism of Whitman-Walker Clinic's recent managerial decisions
    (Metro Weekly) 02/05/09
  • Congo children branded as witches, abducted: U.N. (Reuters) 01/30/09
  • Catania assails Whitman-Walker’s CEO
    Charge of ‘gross negligence,’ investigation may result
    (The Washington Blade) 01/29/09
  • Catania Calls Out Clinic
    Councilmember grills Whitman-Walker's Blanchon on recent cuts
    (Metro Weekly) 01/29/09
  • In Dangerous Locales, HIV Discrimination Isn't an Open-and-Shut Case (The Washington Post) 01/28/09
  • Good-Bye Girls
    Grassroots group prepares tribute for Whitman-Walker stalwarts Chinn and Hawkins
    (Metro Weekly) 01/08/09


  • Study: Family behavior key to health of gay youth (Associated Press) 12/29/08
  • Whitman-Walker Clinic ousts senior staff, triggering lawsuit threats (The Washington Blade) 12/26/08
  • For HIV Survivor, a Passion for Prevention (The Washington Post) 12/23/08
  • Australian group: No word from Tibetan staffer (Associated Press) 12/22/08
  • Whitman-Walker Clinic announces layoffs, cuts
    Virginia facility to close as recession takes its toll
    (The Washington Blade) 12/19/08
  • WWC Announces New Cuts
    Virginia clinic closing, layoffs coming
    (Metro Weekly) 12/18/08
  • HIV Can Penetrate a Woman's Healthy Genital Skin (The Washington Post) 12/16/08
  • Indonesia scraps plans to tag HIV patients (Associated Press) 12/16/08
  • Whitman-Walker, a Longtime Front in AIDS War, Moves Out (The Washington Post) 12/16/08
  • Lending an Ear
    ''Listen'' event mines young gay men's experiences around HIV
    (Metro Weekly) 12/11/08
  • Fewer HIV-Infected Americans Passing the Virus On (The Washington Post) 12/09/08
  • Once Detected, HIV Can Be Manageable (The Washington Post) 12/09/08
  • Nobel Prizes honor peacemaker, discovery of HIV (Associated Press) 12/09/08
  • Early Testing Is Vital (The Washington Post) 12/09/08
  • Test Obstacles
    A recommendation for routine HIV testing is going unheeded.
    (Editorial, The Washington Post) 12/06/08
  • Special Immune Cells May Be Key to HIV Resistance (HealthDay Reporter) 12/05/08
  • Experimental Vaginal Gel Doesn't Ward Off HIV (The Washington Post) 12/04/08
  • Too early to know if Mo. school had HIV outbreak (Associated Press) 12/04/08
  • AIDS: D.C.'s Silent Stalker of Women (The Washington Post) 12/03/08
  • Guideline Urges HIV Tests for All Patients 13 and Older (The Washington Post) 12/01/08
  • Testing newborns for HIV can save lives (Associated Press) 12/01/08
  • Hopes for AIDS Vaccine Still Alive Despite Setbacks (HealthDay Reporter) 12/01/08
  • French first lady joins global fight against AIDS (Associated Press) 12/01/08
  • Our Country Is Failing the AIDS Test (The Washington Post) 12/01/08
  • South Africa emerges from AIDS denial (Associated Press) 12/01/08
  • Bush lauds progress in global fight against AIDS (Associated Press) 12/01/08
  • Openly gay marchers debut at Haiti AIDS rally (Associated Press) 11/30/08
  • China's rural migrants are new front in AIDS fight (Reuters) 11/30/08
  • 600 protesters demand early Obama focus on AIDS (The Washington Blade) 11/28/08
  • Radically Relevant
    Fighting HIV in the District for decades, UHU's Ron Simmons traces his path from Muslim and Mao, to here and now
    (Metro Weekly) 11/27/08
  • Many People Disregard Advice to Get HIV Tests, Studies Show (The Washington Post) 11/21/08
  • Anti-AIDS official: HIV spreading fast in Russia (Associated Press) 11/21/08
  • HIV tests not yet as routine as cholesterol checks (Associated Press) 11/20/08
  • Terry's Turn
    New E.D. in at PreventionWorks
    (Metro Weekly) 11/20/08
  • Early HIV Treatment Best for Babies (HealthDay Reporter) 11/19/08
  • Non-AIDS Cancer Risk Higher for Those With HIV (HealthDay News) 11/18/08
  • Doctors say marrow transplant may have cured AIDS (Associated Press) 11/13/08
  • UHU Turns 20
    HIV organization marks bittersweet milestone
    (Metro Weekly) 11/13/08
  • Way to Rescue Tired Immune Cells Fighting HIV Found (HealthDay News) 11/12/08
  • Dutch court sentences 2 men in HIV injection case (Associated Press) 11/12/08
  • Most Single Adults Not Using Condoms (HealthDay Reporter) 11/12/08
  • Drug-Resistant TB Declines in United States (HealthDay News) 11/11/08
  • The Man of Tomorrow
    His election has turned America's global image on its head.
    (Desmond Tutu, The Washington Post) 11/09/08
  • Zimbabwe returns $7.3 million to AIDS group (The Associated Press) 11/07/08
  • AIDS group to Zimbabwe bank: Return $7M donation (The Associated Press) 11/06/08
  • Gates urges rich countries not to cut health aid (Reuters) 11/05/08
  • AIDS-hit Swaziland promotes circumcision (The Associated Press) 11/02/08
  • Healthy Discussion
    Meth Group leaders to share Seattle summit insights
    (Metro Weekly) 10/30/08
  • Threat From Infectious Diseases Growing (HealthDay News) 10/29/08
  • AIDS treatment should start sooner, study finds (The Associated Press) 10/27/08
  • D.C. Council candidates to participate in HIV forum (The Washington Blade) 10/24/08
  • E.U. Honors Chinese Dissident Hu Jia (The Washington Post) 10/23/08
  • HIV testing planned amid scare at Mo. high school (The Associated Press) 10/22/08
  • Swedish health agency blasted for HIV stance (The Associated Press) 10/22/08
  • China warns EU over nominee for rights prize (The Associated Press) 10/22/08
  • Inflammation, Coagulation Tied to Non-AIDS Deaths in HIV Cases (HealthDay News) 10/21/08
  • Sex Partners Get STD Alerts by E-mail (HealthDay Reporter) 10/21/08
  • Bush: aid to poor nations especially needed now (The Associated Press) 10/21/08
  • HIV Can Re-Emerge From a Single Cell (HealthDay Reporter) 10/20/08
  • African leader in AIDS fight wins $5 million prize (The Associated Press) 10/20/08
  • Scientists bleak about AIDS vaccine prospects (The Associated Press) 10/14/08
  • AIDS vaccine focus shifts after disappointments (Reuters) 10/12/08
  • Radio Talkers Accuse Magic Johnson of Faking AIDS (The Associated Press) 10/10/08
  • Laureates: Financial Crisis May Hit AIDS Funding (The Associated Press) 10/08/08
  • French AIDS Researchers Split Nobel With German
    Key Role Played by Excluded American
    (The Washington Post) 10/07/08
  • Removing the HIV Barrier (Letters, The Washington Post) 10/06/08
  • Nobel is postscript to bitter 1980s HIV dispute (The Associated Press) 10/06/08
  • Nobels awarded for AIDS, cancer virus research (The Associated Press) 10/06/08
  • Gay elders' distinctive challenges get closer look (The Associated Press) 10/05/08
  • Fund Run
    WWC readies AIDS Walk and run with Louganis, launches Project Red
    (Metro Weekly) 10/02/08
  • Honor Roll
    "Report Card" improves D.C. standing in HIV fight
    (Metro Weekly) 10/02/08
  • Latest Research Supports New AIDS Drug (HealthDay Reporter) 10/01/08
  • HIV Outbreak Began Decades Earlier Than Thought (HealthDay News) 10/01/08
  • Study traces AIDS virus origin to 100 years ago (The Associated Press) 10/01/08
  • New institute to focus on AIDS vaccine (Reuters) 09/30/08
  • A Diva Speaks for HIV's Silent Victims (The Washington Post) 09/29/08
  • 3M Injected Drug Users Worldwide Could Be HIV-Positive (HealthDay News) 09/26/08
  • South Africa's removal of health minister praised (The Associated Press) 09/26/08
  • Young, black gay men bear brunt of HIV epidemic in U.S.
    CDC reveals elevated numbers in newest data
    (The Washington Blade) 09/26/08
  • Report cites D.C.’s lack of urgency in fighting AIDS
    Appleseed faults Fenty administration for failing to keep epidemic in public eye
    (The Washington Blade) 09/26/08
  • De Facto Discrimination
    Foreigners who are HIV-positive still can't enter the United States.
    (Editorial, The Washington Post) 09/26/08
  • $16 Billion Pledged To Aid World's Poor
    Promises May Fall Through, Some Warn
    (The Washington Post) 09/26/08
  • Zulus Eagerly Defy Ban on Virginity Test
    S. Africa's Progressive Constitution Collides With Tribal Customs
    (The Washington Post) 09/26/08
  • New Day
    NAPWA launches HIV/AIDS day for gay men
    09/25/08 (Metro Weekly)
  • D.C. Aims to Publicize City's HIV-AIDS Epidemic (The Washington Post) 09/24/08
  • Report Faults District's HIV/AIDS Awareness (The Washington Post) 09/24/08
  • UN chief asks rich nations to spend $72B on Africa (The Associated Press) 09/22/08
  • Administration urged to end HIV travel ban (The Associated Press) 09/20/08
  • DC hopes needle exchanges curb soaring AIDS rate (The Associated Press) 09/11/08
  • John J. Echeverry, Researcher in HIV/AIDS and cross-cultural adaptation, dies (The Washington Post - scroll down) 09/04/08
  • Scientists Spot New Twist in HIV Infection (HealthDay Reporter) 09/04/08
  • Swaziland's 40th anniversary bash hits sour note (The Associated Press) 09/04/08
  • HIV Rates Spur Outreach to African Immigrants (The Washington Post) 09/02/08
  • 'There Is So Much to Do'
    Health Chief Seeks Aid in Promoting Wellness
    (The Washington Post) 09/02/08
  • Less talk and more action, global aid conference told (Reuters) 09/02/08
  • Americans adopting HIV-positive kids from Ethiopia (The Associated Press) 09/01/08
  • Fighting HIV-AIDS One Syringe at a Time (The Washington Post) 08/29/08
  • AIDS cases seen on the rise in Philippines (Reuters) 08/28/08
  • In NYC, new HIV infections 3 times national rate (The Associated Press) 08/27/08
  • Calif. Court Puts Gays' Care Over Doctors' Faith (The Washington Post) 08/19/08
  • Calif top court: Docs can't withhold care to gays (The Associated Press) 08/18/08
  • There's Smoke, No Ire
    The Center tackles tobacco as venues accommodate smokers
    (Metro Weekly) 08/14/08
  • Global AIDS prevention gives short shrift to gays (The Associated Press) 08/09/08
  • In the Time of AIDS, A Nonstop Crusader
    'A Force of Nature' Takes on a Modern Scourge
    (The Washington Post) 08/09/08
  • Gift cards key to new AIDS prevention strategy (The Associated Press) 08/08/08
  • U.S. efforts to fight HIV assailed
    CDC data a ‘scathing indictment’ of prevention tactics
    (The Washington Blade) 08/08/08
  • Ban on HIV-positive visitors, immigrants continues
    Federal officials mum on timetable to end policy
    (The Washington Blade) 08/08/08
  • Early Lessons Forgotten, AIDS Conference Told (The Washington Post) 08/07/08
  • Gay, bisexual men still at high risk for HIV: study (Reuters) 08/04/08
  • AIDS Prevention Having an Effect
    New Cases Have Stabilized Since 1998, CDC Reports in Update on Epidemic
    (The Washington Post) 08/03/08
  • CDC underestimated new HIV cases by 40 percent (The Associated Press) 08/03/08
  • Number of New U.S. HIV Infections Gets Revised Upwards (HealthDay Reporter) 08/02/08
  • Tijuana's AIDS Epidemic Is a Binational Threat (The Washington Post) 08/01/08
  • U.S. AIDS policies neglect blacks: report (Reuters) 07/29/08
  • Bush Eager to Sign Bill Tripling AIDS Assistance (The Associated Press) 07/26/08
  • HIV Patients Living Longer (HealthDay Reporter) 07/25/08
  • Study Disproves Belief That Hepatitis C Blunts HIV Drugs (HealthDay News) 07/25/08
  • Officials: Search for HIV vaccine needs overhaul (The Associated Press) 07/24/08
  • A Shameful Ban
    The United States should end a prohibition against HIV-positive visitors and immigrants.
    (Editorial, The Washington Post) 07/24/08
  • A look at key parts of the global AIDS bill (The Associated Press) 07/24/08
  • Drug Holds Promise Against AIDS (HealthDay Reporter) 07/24/08
  • Congress votes to triple money for AIDS victims (The Associated Press) 07/24/08
  • District Fights Its Own AIDS Battle (The Washington Post) 07/23/08
  • AIDS Among Latinos on Rise
    Hispanics in U.S. Face Unique Obstacles to Diagnosis, Treatment
    (The Washington Post) 07/23/08
  • Texas county debates use of needle-exchanges (The Associated Press) 07/22/08
  • Shniderman's Pay Criticized As Food & Friends Cuts Back (The Washington Post) 07/17/08
  • Senate Agrees to $50 Billion AIDS Plan
    Package Already Passed by House
    (The Washington Post) 07/17/07
  • Genetic Trait Boosts AIDS Risks in Blacks (HealthDay Reporter) 07/16/08
  • US ban on visitors with HIV could end soon (The Associated Press) 07/16/08
  • More Patients Can Get AIDS Drugs, but Cost Is a Burden (The Washington Post) 07/15/08
  • Exhibit, gala slated to benefit local gay HIV support groups (The Washington Blade) 07/11/08
  • Vaginal Microbicides Might Help More Men Than Women (HealthDay News) 07/10/08
  • Whitman-Walker Clinic to Sell Administrative Offices (The Washington Post) 07/10/08
  • Caron Honors Kristen
    Meth group's Degan praised by national treatment center
    (Metro Weekly) 07/10/08
  • Magic Johnson's wife in public eye on HIV campaign (The Associated Press) 07/06/08
  • Kenyan village gets clinic from brothers it helped (The Associated Press) 07/05/08
  • Facing Facts on HIV in Africa (Letters, The Washington Post) 07/05/08
  • Freeze-Dried Formula May Block HIV Virus in Breast Milk (HealthDay Reporter) 07/03/08
  • Siberian jail is champion in fight against TB (Reuters) 07/03/08
  • Bush urges Congress to pass AIDS funds (Reuters) 07/02/08
  • Death Rates for HIV Patients Decrease Dramatically (HealthDay Reporter) 07/01/08
  • The AIDS Blockade
    Overcoming the last GOP obstacles to a lifesaving program
    (Editorial, The Washington Post) 07/01/08
  • A Persistent Scourge
    HIV-AIDS continues to ensnare young gay men.
    (Editorial, The Washington Post) 06/30/08
  • Let My People Go, AIDS Profiteers (Sam L. Ruteikara, The Washington Post) 06/30/08
  • Drug Helps Heroin Addicts Stay Clean (HealthDay News) 06/27/08
  • Food & Friends faces cuts
    Fuel costs, Ryan White reductions prompt waiting list as executive criticized for $334,551 compensation package
    (The Washington Blade) 06/27/08
  • HIV Rate Up 12 Percent Among Young Gay Men
    Steepest Rise Is in Black Males Ages 13 to 24
    (The Washington Post) 06/27/08
  • NYC urges docs to do routine HIV testing on adults (The Associated Press) 06/27/08
  • Senators push for passage of global AIDS money (Reuters) 06/26/08
  • 'Troubling' Rise in HIV Among Young Gay Men: CDC (HealthDay News) 06/26/08
  • Oral Exam
    WWC offers free testing
    (Metro Weekly) 06/26/08
  • AIDS rates growing among drug users, gays: report (Reuters) 06/25/08
  • Heart Risks Emerging in People With HIV (HealthDay Reporter) 06/19/08
  • Herpes Suppression May Not Prevent HIV Infection (HealthDay News) 06/19/08
  • Senate still deadlocked over $50B global AIDS bill (The Associated Press) 06/19/08
  • HIV Tests Cost-Effective for Some Seniors (HealthDay News) 06/18/08
  • Alzheimer's Protein Tied to HIV Progression (HealthDay News) 06/18/08
  • Reaching Out to Those With HIV/AIDS (The Washington Post) 06/17/08
  • Africa's 'Golden Voice' Shines Light on a Plight
    Salif Keita's Condition Has Become His Cause
    (The Washington Post) 06/15/08
  • AIDS Cases Missed In D.C.
    Hundreds of Deaths Unreported Over 6 Years, Study Says
    (The Washington Post) 06/14/08
  • AIDS Drugs Reaching More People in Developing World, U.N. Says (The Washington Post) 06/10/08
  • UN: New HIV infections outpaces drug treatment (The Associated Press) 06/09/08
  • The Poster Girl Who Was Cut Out of the Picture (The Washington Post) 06/08/08
  • Aid orgs: Zimbabwe order put AIDS patients at risk (The Associated Press) 06/06/08
  • S. African health minister: HIV rates declining (The Associated Press) 06/05/08
  • Drug Regimen Prevents AIDS Transmission Via Breast Milk (HealthDay Reporter) 06/04/08
  • Fear and Loathing HIV in South Africa (The Washington Post) 06/03/08
  • Vast distances a barrier to combating HIV/AIDS in India (Reuters) 06/02/08
  • Malaysian women urged to carry condoms (The Associated Press) 06/01/08
  • Council At Odds Over Marriage License Tests (The Washington Post) 05/29/08
  • Scientists Break Into HIV 'Hideout' (HealthDay News) 05/28/08
  • New Compound Slows HIV Replication (HealthDay News) 05/28/08
  • South Africa wages intensified war on AIDS (The Associated Press) 05/24/08
  • Gay rights groups launch hospital rating system (The Associated Press) 05/13/08
  • Some CDC grant money unspent by Latino clinic
    La Clinica blames staffing, facility hurdles for trans program delays
    (The Washington Blade) 05/09/08
  • The Peace Corps Wants You: But not if you contract HIV (Editorial, The Washington Post) 05/06/08
  • Official says Russia 'not ready' for tough HIV steps (The Associated Press) 05/05/08
  • Texas AG: Case against needle-exchange workers can proceed (The Associated Press) 05/05/08
  • Russia must grab chance to beat AIDS epidemic: U.N. (Reuters) 05/03/08
  • HIV-AIDS Forum Aimed at Teens (The Washington Post) 05/01/08
  • Researchers Tackle HIV From a New Angle (HealthDay Reporter) 04/29/08
  • Singapore sees more HIV infections in 07 (The Associated Press) 04/29/08
  • For Volunteer, Early Exit Adds To Disease's Pain (The Washington Post) 04/28/08
  • Clinical Symptoms Enough to Switch Drug Regimens for HIV Patients (HealthDay Reporter) 04/25/08
  • More Money for Needle Exchanges
    With Congressional Ban Lifted, City to Provide Funding
    (The Washington Post) 04/25/08
  • In Search of an AIDS Vaccine
    Rededication follows disappointment.
    (Editorial, The Washington Post) 04/21/08
  • D.C. Health Chief Focuses on Teamwork
    Vigilance Says He Will Target Heart Disease, Obesity, Hypertension, HIV-AIDS
    (The Washington Post) 04/17/08
  • Africa's Real AIDS Priority: Prevention (Letters to the Editor, The Washington Post) 04/16/08
  • Boston Trial to Test New HIV/AIDS Vaccine (HealthDay News) 04/11/08
  • Obituary: Laurence A. Tate (The Washington Post) 04/10/08
  • Kyrgyz Babies Pass HIV to Mothers (The Associated Press) 04/09/08
  • Science and Medicine: Cell Technology (The Washington Post) 04/08/08
  • Peter Tatchell protests China during London torch relay (AP Photo) 04/06/08
  • The Real China and the Olympics (Hu Jia and Teng Biao, The Washington Post) 04/05/08
  • Canadian Gets 18 Years for Spreading HIV (The Associated Press) 04/04/08
  • House Votes to Continue and Expand President's Global Effort Against AIDS (The Washington Post) 04/03/08
  • Scientists Uncover How HIV Hides Inside Cells (HealthDay News) 04/01/08
  • Study: AIDS Drug Lifts Heart Attack Risk (The Associated Press) 04/01/08
  • Biomarker May Signal HIV Progression (HealthDay News) 03/28/08
  • Modest increase for city AIDS programs
    Fenty budget calls for $1.7 million boost; federal funds also to rise
    (The Washington Blade) 03/28/08
  • AIDS Vaccine Testing at Crossroads
    After Little Progress in 25 Years, Scientists Urge Return to Basic Research
    (The Washington Post) 03/26/08
  • AIDS cases could jump in Asia by 2020: UN report (Reuters) 03/26/08
  • Government sees overhaul of AIDS vaccine effort (Reuters) 03/25/08
  • HIV travel ban repeal advances in Congress
    Measure attached to larger AIDS bill that enjoys wide support
    (The Washington Blade) 03/21/08
  • Public health system struggles to reach gay ‘hidden population’
    Experts say CDC must look for gay men outside of bars, bathhouses
    (The Washington Blade) 03/21/08
  • US Syphilis Up for Seventh Straight Year (The Associated Press) 03/12/08
  • Congress May Strike HIV Travel Limits (The Associated Press) 03/11/08
  • Mayor Uses Poetic License In Some Of His Hires (The Washington Post) 03/06/08
  • African AIDS Crisis Outlives $15 Billion Bush Initiative (The Washington Post) 02/20/08
  • South Africa Announces Increase in AIDS Funds (The Associated Press) 02/20/08
  • Bush Touts U.S. Role in Fighting Malaria (The Associated Press) 02/18/08
  • US Drops Ban on HIV-Positive Diplomats (The Associated Press) 02/15/08
  • Egypt Steps Up HIV Arrests (The Associated Press) 02/15/08
  • NYC Unveils Official New Condom (The Associated Press) 02/13/08
  • What's the Point?
    President Bush tries to revive a ban on needle-exchange programs in the District.
    (Editorial, The Washington Post) 02/08/08
  • SAfrica Questions Circumcision Advice (The Associated Press) 02/07/08
  • Mautner Project Appoints New E.D.
    Leslie J. Calman hopes to double budget of lesbian health organization
    (Metro Weekly) 01/17/08
  • Clinical Restructuring
    WWC's sweeping plans for 2008 including both hirings and firings, and a new, 'edgy' HIV/AIDS awareness campaign
    (Metro Weekly) 01/17/08
  • Gay Men More Likely to Contract 'Superbug' (HealthDay News) 01/15/08
  • Mautner names new leader
    Calman seeks to grow lesbian health organization
    (The Washington Blade) 01/14/08
  • More changes planned for Whitman-Walker
    Shift to primary care facility brings new medical director, some layoffs
    (The Washington Blade) 01/11/08
  • Town Hall Set for HIV/AIDS
    'This Is Not the Dream' meeting to be held at Unity Fellowship Church
    (Metro Weekly) 01/10/08
  • Lay-offs, Restructuring at Whitman-Walker
    Lay-offs, New Hires Both Part of the Clinic's 2008 Restructuring Plans
    (Metro Weekly) 01/10/08
  • District to Spend $650,000 on Needle Exchange Programs (The Washington Post) 01/02/08


  • HIV/AIDS Report Card
    DC Appleseed Center pleased by progress
    (Metro Weekly) 12/20/07
  • Schools Lag Amid Gains On D.C. HIV Report Card (The Washington Post) 12/12/07
  • HIV-AIDS Grades (The Washington Post) 12/12/07
  • One School Shows Prevention Requires More Than a Health Class (Courtland Milloy, The Washington Post) 12/12/07
  • Crime haunts ANC, hopes slim for change under Zuma (Reuters) 12/12/07
  • HIV Clueless
    What Mike Huckabee hasn't learned
    (Editorial, The Washington Post) 12/11/07
  • Lawmakers Protest HIV/AIDS Travel Rule (The Associated Press) 12/11/07
  • AIDS Comments Alarm Ryan White's Mother (The Associated Press) 12/11/07
  • Huckabee Stands by AIDS Statement (The Associated Press) 12/09/07
  • Huckabee Wanted to Isolate AIDS Patients (The Associated Press) 12/08/07
  • Newly HIV-Infected Gay Men Select Other Infected Partners (The Washington Post) 12/05/07
  • One-Third of HIV-Infected Gay Men Have Unsafe Sex: CDC (HealthDay Reporter) 12/03/07
  • When It Comes to AIDS, a Tale of Two Washingtons (The Washington Post) 12/02/07
  • In the Works
    The District is ready to hit the ground running on needle-exchange programs
    (Editorial, The Washington Post) 11/30/07
  • Protest, Forums To Mark AIDS Day
    Commemoration Comes After Sweeping Report On Infection Rate in D.C.
    (The Washington Post) 11/30/07
  • Fenty vows renewed HIV fight
    New report shows D.C. has highest AIDS rate in the country
    (The Washington Blade) 11/30/07
  • Clinton, AIDS and evangelicals make unusual trio (Reuters) 11/29/07
  • For the Children
    Khadijah Tribble looks at - and after - the District's children of HIV/AIDS (plus World AIDS Day events)
    (Metro Weekly) 11/29/07
  • China AIDS rate slows, main transmission now sex (Reuters) 11/29/07
  • More Testing Pledged On HIV
    Increasing Giveaway Of Condoms Also Part of D.C. Strategy
    (The Washington Post) 11/27/07
  • Study Calls HIV in D.C. A 'Modern Epidemic'
    More Than 80 Percent Of Recent Cases Were Among Black Residents
    (The Washington Post) 11/26/07
  • Information Is the Cure (Helen Epstein, The Washington Post) 11/25/07
  • U.N. to Cut Estimate Of AIDS Epidemic
    Population With Virus Overstated by Millions
    (The Washington Post) 11/20/07
  • AIDS Vaccine Doesn't Guard Against Virus (The Associated Press) 11/07/07
  • Shocked, Shocked: Abstinence Not Curbing Teen Sex (The Associated Press) 11/07/07
  • Scientists Track Time and Place of HIV's Arrival (The Washington Post) 11/05/07
  • HAA calling for HIV/AIDS listings
    DC's Department of Health updating Directory of Services
    (Metro Weekly) 10/11/07
  • AIDS Vaccine Fails, So Merck Is Ending Study (The Associated Press) 09/22/07
  • Number of Partners Doesn't Explain Gay HIV Rate (HealthDay Reporter) 09/13/07
  • U.S. gov’t official to head D.C. AIDS office: sources (The Washington Blade) 08/10/07
  • Trans drop-in center ‘swamped’ by youth
    Funding for D.C. facility expires in September
    (The Washington Blade) 08/03/07
  • Sex ed plan draws few public comments
    D.C. schools chancellor says further review needed before approval
    (The Washington Blade) 08/03/07
  • DCPS Draft Health Learning Standards 07/02/07
  • In Botswana, Step to Cut AIDS Proves a Formula for Disaster (The Washington Post) 07/23/07
  • Words Worth
    Engraving at Dupont Metro dedicated to HIV/AIDS caregivers
    (Metro Weekly) 07/19/07
  • Dr. Dodgy
    A surgeon general nominee does little to quell concern about a paper on gay men.
    (Editorial, The Washington Post) 07/19/07
  • Readers Speak Out About New Sex-Education Curriculum (The Washington Post) 07/19/07
  • Fenty announces HIV initiative for youth
    Activists seek boost in prevention programs at city schools
    (The Washington Blade) 07/13/07
  • Surgeon General Nominee Dismisses Homosexuality Paper (The Washington Post) 07/13/07
  • Exposing Phony ‘Experts’ (Rosendall, Bay Windows) 07/12/07
  • Surgeon General Nominee Faces Questions (The Washington Post) 07/12/07
  • Critics Accuse Bush Administration of Trumping Science With Politics (HealthDay Reporter) 07/11/07
  • Permanent Tribute
    Engravings to honor HIV/AIDS caregivers
    (Metro Weekly) 07/12/07
  • Congress closer to allowing D.C. needle exchange
    House maintains ban on federal funds for DP program
    (The Washington Blade) 07/06/07
  • Needle-Exchange Victory
    The District is a step closer to getting a tool it needs to fight HIV/AIDS.
    (Editorial, The Washington Post) 07/02/07
  • Needle Exchange Funding
    Big Break Is Possible for Small Crusade
    (The Washington Post) 07/01/07
  • House Repeals Needle Ban
    Decision on Funding Thrills D.C. Officials Fighting the HIV/AIDS Epidemic
    (The Washington Post) 06/29/07
  • Gay issues in D.C. budget bill trigger veto threat (The Washington Blade Online) 06/27/07
  • Congress poised to end needle exchange ban
    Effort to curb HIV, drug use could regain public funds
    (The Washington Blade) 06/22/07
  • A Questionable Nominee
    A prospective surgeon general's 1991 paper on gay men haunts him in 2007, and deservedly so.
    (Editorial, The Washington Post) 06/14/07
  • A More Candid Approach To Sex-Ed
    Montgomery Board Approves Lessons On Homosexuality
    (The Washington Post) 06/13/07
  • Blood Brothers
    The FDA should treat high-risk blood donors, gay or straight, equally.
    (Editorial, The Washington Post) 06/12/07
  • Gay Groups Decry Surgeon General Nominee (The Associated Press) 06/06/07
  • Needle Exchanges
    The District should be allowed to use its funds to finance them.
    (Editorial, The Washington Post) 06/06/07
  • Needle Funding Ban May Soon End
    Shift in Congress Stirs Hope Among D.C. AIDS Officials
    (The Washington Post) 06/05/07
  • AIDS is not over
    Serosorting and combating ‘protease paunch’ among issues that merit more attention.
    (Michael Petrelis, The Washington Blade) 06/01/07
  • Bush to Seek Extension of AIDS Effort
    President to Ask for $30 Billion to Double U.S. Contribution
    (The Washington Post) 05/30/07
  • Alone in a City’s AIDS Battle, Hoping for Backup (The New York Times) 05/29/07
  • Power in numbers
    'D.C. Fights Back' aims to find solutions to AIDS in Washington
    (Metro Weekly) 05/24/07
  • Condom Information in Abstinence Programs Called Inaccurate (The Washington Post) 04/28/07
  • Drugs Losing Efficacy Against Gonorrhea
    CDC Tells Doctors to Change Antibiotics
    (The Washington Post) 04/13/07
  • Teacher Takes a Long View of Sex-Ed
    Montgomery Pilot Program Part of Movement Toward Greater Openness
    (The Washington Post) 04/10/07
  • NYC Eyes Circumcision Push to Fight AIDS (The Associated Press) 04/05/07
  • Departing Mautner
    DeBold resigns from the Mautner Project
    (Metro Weekly) 04/05/07
  • Positive Changes at Whitman-Walker Clinic
    Three distinguished physicians added to staff of DC's HIV/AIDS Clinic
    (Metro Weekly) 03/22/07
  • Fenty ‘abstinence’ proclamation criticized
    Postponing sex until marriage not an option for gays: activists
    (The Washington Blade) 03/16/07
  • Healthy Choice
    Whitman-Walker Clinic to hold 'Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual and Transgender Health Week' open house
    (Metro Weekly) 03/15/07
  • AIDS hits U.S. blacks harder than other groups (Reuters) 03/08/07
  • Speeding HIV's Deadly Spread
    Multiple, Concurrent Partners Drive Disease in Southern Africa
    (The Washington Post) 03/02/07
  • Defining a Foe
    Town-hall meeting grapples with meth 'epidemic' in DC's gay community
    (Metro Weekly) 03/01/07
  • Changes Ahead
    Whitman-Walker joins Washington Free Clinic, ends AIDS Marathon fundraiser
    (Metro Weekly) 01/18/07
  • After 39 Years, End Of a Health Institution
    Washington Free Clinic Bids City Farewell
    (The Washington Post) 01/14/07
  • Health chief assumes control of AIDS office
    Fenty says ‘new eyes’ needed for troubled agency
    (The Washington Blade) 01/12/07
  • Black men in focus in U.S. HIV drug trial (Reuters) 01/09/07
  • Fenty Declines to Reappoint HIV-AIDS Agency Director (The Washington Post) 01/04/07
  • Hopes for an AIDS Cure Remain Alive (HealthDay Reporter) 01/04/07
  • District Continues to Fail the Public on HIV-AIDS (Raymond S. Blanks, The Washington Post) 01/04/07


  • An Overwhelmed D.C. Agency Loses Count of AIDS Cases (The Washington Post) 12/30/06
  • Always Welcome
    For 20 years, the HIV+ Coffeehouse has offered a warm respite
    (Metro Weekly) 12/21/06
  • District's HIV Testing Found to Be Falling Short
    Report Cites Poor Program Execution
    (The Washington Post) 12/16/06
  • Unfettered Access
    Students make the case to bring condoms from behind the locks at CVS
    (Metro Weekly) 12/14/06
  • A Lifelong Crusade for AIDS Education (The Washington Post) 12/03/06
  • U.S. Blacks Seek Answers to AIDS Epidemic (The Washington Post) 12/01/06
  • The Condoms? Please, Take One
    A Grass-Roots Alliance Is Making 30,000 Packets Available in Stores In D.C. Areas Hit Hardest by AIDS
    (The Washington Post) 12/01/06
  • Warnings, Worship Mark World AIDS Day (The Associated Press) 12/01/06
  • Experts Plan Strategies to Prevent HIV (The Associated Press) 11/30/06
  • Saudi Arabia More Open About AIDS (The Associated Press) 11/27/06
  • AIDS Activist Is Detained On Eve of Meeting in China (The Washington Post) 11/26/06
  • Programs Help Reduce HIV Rates in Parts of Africa, Report Says
    Virus Resurges in Uganda, Thailand
    (The Washington Post) 11/22/06
  • Catania calls for firings at AIDS office
    Audit finds $5.6 million in unspent funds, 14 vendors operating illegally
    (The Washington Blade) 10/27/06
  • In South Africa, a Dramatic Shift on AIDS
    Treatment, Prevention Get New Emphasis as Deputy President Takes Key Role
    (The Washington Post) 10/27/06
  • AIDS Activist Jeff Getty Dies at 49 (The Associated Press) 10/15/06
  • U.S. Recommends Routine Testing For the AIDS Virus (The Washington Post) 09/22/06
  • AIDS Bill Advances Despite Complaints (The Associated Press) 09/20/06
  • City Tests Reveal Infection Rate Double the U.S. Average (The Washington Post) 09/20/06
  • Sen. Clinton Delays AIDS Law's Renewal, Citing Cut in N.Y. Funds (The Washington Post) 08/23/06
  • Black America Must Confront AIDS (Julian Bond, The Washington Post) 08/14/06
  • D.C. Gay Group Battles 'AIDS Fatigue'
    At 25, the Epidemic Presents a New Set of Complications
    (The Washington Post) 08/13/06
  • HIV Prevention Pill Shows Early Promise (The Associated Press) 08/12/06
  • DC HIV Testing Initiative
    Participating Health Providers Voice Support, Concerns About Campaign
    (East of the River) August 2006
  • Aging Face of HIV Poses New Challenges (The Associated Press) 08/04/06
  • Area Women With HIV Profiled in Documentary
    Film Addresses Crisis in Black Community
    (The Washington Post) 07/17/06
  • A Medical Crisis of Conscience
    Faith Drives Some To Refuse Patients Medication or Care
    (The Washington Post) 07/16/06
  • U.S. Details Dangers of Secondhand Smoking
    'Serious Health Hazard' Is Cited
    (The Washington Post) 06/28/06
  • D.C. Wants HIV Testing for All Residents 14 to 84 (The Washington Post) 06/24/06
  • 25 Years of Deadly Lessons (George F. Will, The Washington Post) 06/06/06
  • AIDS at 25
    The lessons of the past help drive the goals of the future
    (Metro Weekly) 06/01/06
  • Where AIDS Funding Should Go (Dean Jamison and Nancy Padian, The Washington Post) 05/20/06
  • AIDS
    For 20 Years, HIV Was My Livelihood. Now, It's My Life
    (John-Manuel Andriote, The Washington Post) 05/14/06
  • District Gets Mixed AIDS Report Card (The Washington Post) 03/23/06
  • FDA to Review Ban on Gay Men Donating Blood (The Washington Post) 03/18/06
  • PSA tackles ''PNP''
    TV ad warns against crystal meth usage in the gay male community
    (Metro Weekly) 03/16/06
  • D.C., Md. Face Cut In AIDS Funding
    Grants to Be Linked To Use of Patients' Names to Track HIV
    (The Washington Post) 03/13/06
  • Searching for STDs
    Hunting for a new strain of chlamydia among gay men in D.C.
    (Metro Weekly) 02/16/06
  • Whitman-Walker unveils strategy for turnaround
    Clinic to cut board, become primary health care facility
    (The Washington Blade) 01/13/06
  • Strategic Planning
    After a long year of financial instability and uncertainty, Whitman-Walker Clinic announces plans to reconfigure its board and services
    (Metro Weekly) 01/12/06
  • D.C. Smoking Ban Approved
    Mayor Weighs Veto Despite 11-1 Council Vote
    (The Washington Post) 01/05/06
  • Bashing the Ban
    Nightlife and restaurant supporters rally against legislation to prevent smoking in DC workplaces
    (Metro Weekly) 01/05/06


  • Council welcomes, warns new AIDS chief
    Martin faces ‘real challenge’ in fixing HAA’s problems
    (The Washington Blade) 10/14/05
  • AIDS office director meets with activists
    Appleseed promises updated report card on HIV in D.C.
    (The Washington Blade) 10/07/05
  • D.C. hires national figure to lead AIDS office
    Marsha Martin leaves AIDS Action, vows to fix troubled District agency
    (The Washington Blade) 08/26/05
  • Where Camaraderie Replaces Stigma
    Frederick Camp Provides Positive Setting for Youths Who Know Pain of AIDS
    (The Washington Post) 08/20/05
  • 1 in 20 (Editorial, The Washington Post) 08/17/05
  • District Fires Top AIDS Program Administrator
    Agency's Management, Staffing Faulted in Recent Report
    (The Washington Post) 08/17/05
  • Vowing to Set the World Straight
    Proponents of Reparative Therapy Say They Can Help Gay Patients Become Heterosexual. Experts Call That a Prescription for Harm
    (The Washington Post) 08/16/05
  • HIV/AIDS in Washington, D.C.
    Interview with medical director of Whitman-Walker Clinic (The Washington Post) 08/10/05
  • D.C. Criticized for Not Treating AIDS as a Citywide Health Crisis
    Report Describes Problem as Epidemic, Response as Anemic
    (The Washington Post) 08/10/05
  • Calif. Group in Talks With Whitman-Walker (The Washington Post) 07/23/05
  • Botswana's Gains Against AIDS Put U.S. Claims to Test (The Washington Post) 07/01/05
  • HAA’s very visible flaws (Rosendall, independent commentary, The Washington Blade) 07/01/05
  • Mayor pledges $2.2 million for Whitman-Walker
    Catania withdraws emergency aid bill
    (The Washington Blade) 06/24/05
  • Oversight Of HIV Services Faulted
    D.C. Audit Cites Lack of Controls
    (The Washington Post) 06/24/05
  • Efforts Underway to Boost Whitman-Walker Finances (The Washington Post) 06/21/05
  • Catania proposes emergency bill for clinic
    Whitman-Walker would receive $2.5 million from District
    (The Washington Blade) 06/17/05
  • Catania, Graham join call for D.C. smoking ban
    Gay bar owners say move will hurt business
    (The Washington Blade) 06/17/05
  • Smoking Ban Gaining In D.C.
    Bills Would Cover Restaurants, Bars
    (The Washington Post) 06/15/05
  • For Region's Gay Community, A Day of Pride With a Purpose
    Annual Street Festival Turns Fundraiser for Whitman-Walker
    (The Washington Post) 06/13/05
  • Whitman-Walker's Woes (The Washington Post) 06/11/05
  • Whitman-Walker in Line for $500,000
    Head of CareFirst Proposes Gift to Cash-Strapped AIDS Clinic
    (The Washington Post) 06/10/05
  • Officials Look for Ways to Maintain AIDS Care (The Washington Post) 06/08/05
  • Clinic's Troubles Years in Making
    Whitman-Walker Slow to React
    (The Washington Post) 06/06/05
  • Whitman-Walker to End AIDS Service in Suburbs
    D.C. Clinic's Cash-Flow Squeeze Forces Layoffs, Renewed Focus on Core Programs
    (The Washington Post) 06/02/05
  • Catania Reroutes Health Funding
    No-Bid Contracts Raise Questions
    (The Washington Post) 05/22/05
  • AIDS Agency Gets Break on Disbursements
    D.C. Office Tardy Paying Nonprofits
    (The Washington Post) 05/21/05
  • D.C. Agency Is Ordered To Speed AIDS Bills
    Nonprofit Clinics Are Owed Millions
    (The Washington Post) 05/19/05
  • AIDS Clinic Caught in Cash Crisis
    Whitman-Walker Delays Paychecks, Plans Cuts
    (The Washington Post) 05/18/05
  • The Pessivist
    Larry Kramer takes his doomsaying on the road, runs into Frank Kameny
    (The Washington Post) 05/09/05
  • Gay Groups Assail Sperm Bank Rule (The Washington Post) 05/07/05
  • AIDS Activists Walk, But the Shoes Talk
    8,000 Pairs Represent Daily Deaths
    (The Washington Post) 05/06/05
  • Whitman-Walker Joins Efforts to Prohibit Smoking (Metro Weekly) 03/31/05
  • HAA funded ‘phantom’ AIDS groups
    D.C. inspector general reveals improper handling of AIDS grant
    (The Washington Blade) 03/25/05
  • $3 million left unspent at HAA amid service cuts (The Washington Blade) 03/11/05
  • Deadly Ignorance (Editorial, The Washington Post) 02/27/05
  • Request to Edit Title of Talk On Gays, Suicide Stirs Ire
    HHS Is Being Accused of Marginalization
    (The Washington Post) 02/16/05
  • Study: Many Blacks Cite AIDS Conspiracy
    Prevention Efforts Hurt, Activists Say
    (The Washington Post) 01/25/05
  • D.C. cuts HIV prevention funds targeting gays (The Washington Blade) 01/21/05


  • Some Abstinence Programs Mislead Teens, Report Says (The Washington Post) 12/02/04
  • HAA money problems halt CDC-funded study (The Washington Blade) 08/13/04
  • New HAA boss fought needles (The Washington Blade) 08/06/04


  • Catania warns HAA's Lewis against retaliation (The Washington Blade) 06/20/03
  • HIV/AIDS Director Defends Leadership Before D.C. Council (The Washington Post) 05/16/03
  • US Attorney for the District of Columbia:
    Criminal Complaint against Michael Wayne Martin in the Washington Teachers Union case
  • UHU's Ron Simmons renews his smears against GLAA, ACT UP (Interview, Metro Weekly) 02/06/03
  • DC Inspector General to audit HIV/AIDS Administration (The Washington Post) 01/24/03


  • Simmons: Political agenda blocks HIV name reporting (The Washington Blade) 10/26/01
  • GLAA refutes the so-called racial divide on HIV privacy concerns (letter in Washington City Paper) 09/06/01
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