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  • DC Human Rights Act
  • Human Rights Amendment Act of 2002" (Bill 14-0132, Act 14-399)
  • DC Office of Human Rights
  • GLAA policy on human rights

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  • GLAA urges passage of Death Certificate Gender Identity Recognition Amendment Act 12/09/15
  • GLAA joins NARAL, scores of others in letter to DOJ on clinic violence 11/25/15
  • New details surface in 1992 murder of gay sailor 11/10/15
  • November 13: Release of 2015 DCTC Trans Needs Assessment Report, Wilson 120, 1 pm 11/09/15
  • OHR sting reveals extensive anti-trans employment discrimination in D.C. 11/04/15


  • GLAA testifies for repeal of Prostitution Free Zones 07/09/14
  • GLAA opposes ENDA over sweeping religious exemptions 07/08/14


  • GLAA supports birth certificate bill with changes 05/16/13


  • GLAA supports Human Rights for Ex-Offenders Amendment Act 10/15/12
  • GLAA issues Manifesto Against Religious Bullies 05/25/12
  • GLAA endorses Budd, Beninda, other nominees to Human Rights Commission 05/23/12


  • Mayor Gray issues updated order on uniform language in D.C. govt. anti-discrimination issuances 09/18/11
  • GLAA to Safeway: Moving forward with D.C.'s LGBT community 06/20/11
  • Hughes calls for funds to end transgender employment discrimination 02/18/11


  • Woodhull issues report on state of sexual freedom 10/19/10
  • DADT ruled unconstitutional in Log Cabin case (GLAA Forum) 09/10/10
  • Federal court overturns ‘Don’t Ask, Don’t Tell’ (The Washington Blade) 09/09/10
  • Log Cabin statement on court victory against DADT 09/09/10
  • DADT overturned in U.S. District Court 09/09/10


  • DCTC slams Maryland MVA policy change 12/18/09
  • DCTC writes Lanier on status of police policies 12/18/09
  • D.C. Police discontinue checkpoint program 11/18/09
  • Street vs. Suite 10/13/09
  • GLAA to Council: Please allocate resources to fight transgender discrimination and unemployment 05/01/09
  • Graham raises questions on DOC trans policy 03/10/09
  • Transgender activists comment on proposed Corrections policy 01/15/09


  • GLAA Action Alert: Urge 'Yes' vote on Nickles disapproval 11/18 11/17/08
  • Judiciary Committee disapproves Nickles as Attorney General 11/17/08
  • GLAA makes case against Nickles as D.C. Attorney General 10/17/08
  • Dept. of Corrections denies complaint of anti-trans discrimination 10/03/08
  • Councilmembers’ Answers on Corrections Discrimination Against Transgenders 09/30/08
  • Washington Lawyers' Committee on transgender rulemaking 08/11/08
  • Cheh urges withdrawal of transgender rulemaking 08/07/08
  • PFLAG Metro DC opposes transgender rulemaking 08/07/08
  • Summersgill critiques transgender rulemaking 08/06/08
  • DC Trans Coalition strongly opposes proposed rulemaking 08/01/08
  • PFLAG National opposes proposed rulemaking 08/01/08
  • ACLU-NCA urges withdrawal of proposed rulemaking 08/01/08
  • Task Force refutes planned rollback of D.C. trans protections 07/31/08
  • Evans urges OHR to reconsider transgender rulemaking 07/29/08
  • HRC opposes rollback of D.C. transgender protections 07/28/08
  • Schwartz urges Fenty to withdraw transgender rulemaking 07/23/08
  • Hughes comments on proposed rulemaking on transgender protections 07/21/08
  • GLAA objects to proposed rollback of transgender protections 07/21/08
  • GLAA Co-Sponsors DC Workplace Equality Discussion on May 15 03/23/08
  • GLAA prepares extract of State Dept. Country Reports on Human Rights Practices 2007 03/16/08


  • GLAA Celebrates House Passage of ENDA 11/07/07
  • Carpenter: Bush to veto ENDA? 10/23/07
  • GLAA Supports ENDA (H.R. 3685) and Baldwin Amendment 10/21/07
  • GLAA aids effort to expand Nationals non-discrimination policy 10/21/07
  • Barney Frank: 'sensible and real progress' 10/09/07
  • GLAA Action Alert: support transgender-inclusive ENDA 09/30/07
  • National LGBT Organizations Stand for Inclusive ENDA 09/27/07
  • GLAA Urges District to Settle with EEO Expert Wronged by FEMS 05/22/07
  • GLAA to Mayor: Please settle Kenda Kirby case 05/22/07
  • Court ruling in Kenda Kirby case 04/03/07
  • Howell testifies on FY08 budget for Office of Human Rights 04/18/07
  • Velasquez testifies on FY08 budget for Office of Human Rights 04/18/07
  • OHR benchmark analysis on probable cause in discrimination allegations 04/18/07
  • GLAA testifies on Office of Human Rights 03/02/07
  • Velasquez testifies for Office of Human Rights 03/02/07
  • Dorsey testifies for Commission on Human Rights 03/02/07
  • GLAA testifies on Velasquez nomination for Office of Human Rights 02/09/07
  • Velasquez testifies on his nomination for Office of Human Rights 02/09/07


  • Office of Human Rights responds to GLAA on workplace posters 12/18/06
  • GLAA urges Office of Human Rights to update workplace posters 12/12/06
  • Regulations implementing transgender protections are final 11/13/06
  • GLAA raises First Amendment concerns on rulemaking for transgender protections 07/10/06
  • ACLU submits comments on rulemaking for transgender protections 07/10/06
  • ACLU writes to Attorney General Spagnoletti on rulemaking for transgender protections 07/10/06
  • GLAA raises transgender rights in testimony on Homeless Shelter bill 06/06/06
  • ACLU echoes GLAA's First Amendment concerns on draft rulemaking for transgender protections 05/11/06
  • GLAA raises First Amendment concerns on draft rulemaking for transgender protections 05/10/06
  • GLAA submits statement on OHR FY 2007 budget 04/10/06
  • Saunders testifies on OHR Budget 04/03/06
  • GLAA testifies on OHR, addresses transphobia at fire/police depts. 03/03/06


  • GLAA urges Council to oppose ill-advised Office of GLBT Affairs Act 10/31/05
  • GLAA endorses transgender protections in Human Rights Act 10/17/05
  • Office of Human Rights endorses transgender protections 10/17/05
  • GLAA co-sponsors "We Are Family - Unity Weekend"
    "Fighting Oppression and Homophobia in the Black Community, the Black Church and the Black March."
  • GLAA statement on Office of Human Rights budget 04/11/05
  • Saunders testifies on Office of Human Rights budget 04/06/05
  • GLAA submits testimony on Office of Human Rights 03/04/05
  • Saunders testifies for Office of Human Rights 02/25/05
  • GLAA Statement on Domestic Partnership Equality Act of 2005, Bill 16-52 01/31/05
  • Rosendall speaks at Council ceremony for Patterson Demonstration bill 01/10/05


  • GLAA supports Patterson Demonstration bill and ACLU-endorsed amendments 11/15/04
  • GLAA endorses Human Rights Marital Status Clarification Amendment Act 10/25/04
  • Saunders testifies on Human Rights Marital Status Clarification Amendment Act 10/20/04
  • GLAA testifies on genetic information bill 07/07/04
  • GLAA testifies on budget for Office of Human Rights 04/05/04
  • Saunders testifies on budget for Office of Human Rights 04/05/04
  • GLAA submits testimony on Office of Human Rights 02/23/04
  • Dorsey testifies for Commission on Human Rights 02/20/04
  • Saunders testifies for Office of Human Rights 02/20/04


  • Howell describes history of DC Human Rights Act and gay community 12/10/03
  • Saunders endorsed by GLAA, confirmed by Council as OHR Director 10/17/03
  • Saunders discusses reforms at Office of Human Rights 10/17/03
  • GLAA backs NEA against PFOX discrimination complaint 08/12/03
  • GLAA endorses Saunders as Director of Office of Human Rights 06/24/03
  • GLAA to Blade: Dispute with Office of the Corporation Counsel was resolved 06/20/03
  • GLAA to Current: Housing discrimination against students is illegal 06/11/03
  • GLAA testifies on Office of Human Rights budget 04/11/03
  • Wilburn testifies on OHR Budget 04/11/03
  • GLAA sees progress, challenges at Office of Human Rights 03/08/03
  • Wilburn testifies for Office of Human Rights 03/08/03


  • Howell corrects errors in Blade article on Boy Scouts 11/29/02
  • GLAA Statement on DC Court of Appeals Decision in Boy Scouts Cases 11/08/02
  • Mayor issues new order on Human Rights Act 10/23/02
  • OHR testifies on compliance with Mayor's Order on Human Rights Act 10/21/02
  • GLAA follows up on compliance with Mayor's Order 2000-131 10/21/02
  • Graham opposes censorship at Metro 10/21/02
  • GLAA opposes censorship of PFOX Metro ads 10/18/02
  • Eastern High School Principal violates Human Rights Act and DCPS policies 10/16/02
  • GLAA celebrates as new anti-harassment law takes effect 10/01/02
  • OHR responds to Graham on executive order on human rights 09/25/02
  • OHR issues notice on Human Rights Act amendments 09/24/02
  • GLAA joins Howard students at protest rally 09/20/02
  • Human Rights Campaign to honor Carol Schwartz at national dinner 09/19/02
  • Howard students plan protest of University's response to anti-gay attack 09/18/02
  • GLAA responds to Blade on candidate ratings 09/13/02
  • GLAA to Council: Oppose creation of an Office of GLBT Affairs 09/10/02
  • Six Primary Candidates Excel in the Gay and Lesbian Activists Alliance Ratings 08/31/02
  • Points breakdown for GLAA 2002 primary candidate ratings 08/31/02
  • OCCR's Eure responds to City Paper on police complaints (Washington City Paper) 08/23/02
  • Howard University group seeks help to defend gay rights in Miami-Dade 08/23/02
  • Former OHR Director Holman responds to abrupt dismissal by Mayor Williams 07/26/02
  • Graham presses Metro on human rights policy 06/28/02
  • GLAA details government non-compliance with Mayor's Order on Human Rights Act 07/12/02
  • OHR testifies on compliance with Mayor's Order 2000-131 07/12/02
  • Acosta thanks GLAA for testimony 06/26/02
  • GLAA endorses Acosta for Human Rights Commission, opposes Mobley 06/26/02
  • GLAA demands that Metro abide by D.C. Human Rights Act 06/17/02
  • D.C. Housing Authority still misses mark on Human Rights Act 05/23/02
  • Howell testifies on Office of Human Rights FY 2003 Budget 04/19/02
  • GLAA to Washington Times: BSA policy reflects poorly on local United Way 03/21/02
  • GLAA adopts Intersex resolution 03/11/02
  • GLAA testifies on DC Office of Human Rights 03/01/02
  • GLAA testifies on proposed school harassment regulations 02/06/02
  • GLAA to Post: United Way doesn't follow its own rules 01/26/02


  • GLAA calls for School Board to learn DC Human Rights Act 12/17/01
  • GLAA calls for clarification of Human Rights Act to include harassment 12/03/01
  • ACLU/NCA testifies on anti-harassment bill 12/03/01
  • Text of GLAA/ACLU Proposed Substitute for Bill 14-132 11/27/01
  • RFA for STD Internet Surveillance Grant violates Mayor's Executive Order 11/30/01
  • GLAA renews endorsement of Ingebretsen for Commission on Human Rights 11/05/01
  • GLAA slams Thorpe, intolerant responses to terrorist attack 10/02/01
  • GLAA Testifies on Proposal for Elected Attorney General for DC 10/17/01
  • Summersgill asks local United Way CEO for answers on Boy Scouts eligibility 10/04/01
  • Summersgill asks Vance for action on DCPS policy regarding Boy Scouts 09/05/01
  • Summersgill speaks at Scouting for All rally 08/25/01
  • Summersgill in City Paper: Chief Few's safety problem 08/24/01
  • OHR on Anti-Discrimination Issuances & EEO Notices 08/22/01
  • Summersgill: Proposed Rules for the DC Housing Authority Ignore Mayor's Order 08/22/01
  • Catania admonishes Corp. Counsel for non-enforcement of Mayor's Executive Order on Human Rights 07/16/01
  • Superintendent Vance responds to Jack Evans on Boy Scouts 07/16/01
  • ACLU analyzes proposed anti-marriage amendment 07/11/01
  • Where D.C. Officials stand on equal marriage rights compiled 07/26/01
  • Summersgill writes Mayor on failures to obey executive order on non-discrimination statements 07/12/01
  • Norton statement on Salvation Army and discrimination 07/10/01
  • Evans questions Vance on school sponsorships of Boy Scouts 06/22/01
  • Summersgill: Boy Scouts violates United Way non-discrimination policy 06/22/01
  • Human Rights Commission rules against Boy Scouts
    Awards Pool and Geller $50,000 each in compensatory damages
  • GLAA testimony: Corporation Counsel has conflict of interest 06/14/01
  • GLAA writes Mayor on DC Fire/EMS Department Grooming Policy 06/06/01
  • School Board responds to GLAA on public charter school policies 05/18/01
  • Howell writes Mayor Williams on inappropriate ceremonial proclamations 05/11/01
  • GLAA responds to Corporation Counsel on Human Rights Act interpretation 05/04/01
  • Summersgill to Mayor: honoring Rev. Moon was ill-considered 04/27/01
  • GLAA Testimony on offensive email transmissions within the MPD 04/24/01
  • Graham writes Fire Chief on grooming standards, Human Rights Act 04/18/01
  • GLAA defends reprogramming of funds for OHR; Graham drops objection 04/12/01
  • Deputy CFO assures Graham that funds reprogramming for OHR will not affect Office of Latino Affairs 04/10/01
  • GLAA testifies on FY 2002 budget for Office of Human Rights 04/09/01
  • GLAA demands Fire Chief respect Human Rights Act 04/03/01
  • Mayor affirms non-discrimination policy for religious liaison 03/07/01
  • GLAA alerts Cafritz to omission in Public Charter School policies 03/07/01
  • Corporation Counsel won't budge on Human Rights Act interpretation 03/06/01
  • Howard University group responds to anti-gay threats 03/03/01
  • GLAA Testifies on Office of Human Rights 02/28/01
  • Where DC Councilmembers Stand on OHR Priority for Complaints from the Seriously Ill 02/28/01
  • GLAA testifies on Corporation Counsel 02/16/01
  • GLAA arranges briefing on Intersex Issues for Office of Human Rights 02/06/01
  • City breaks settlement record for discrimination victims in 2000 01/12/01


  • Payment received in Hunter settlement 11/17/00
  • Xavier completes Washington Transgender Needs Assessment Survey 11/12/00
  • Mayor Williams Announces Anti-Discrimination Executive Order 10/03/00
  • Text of executive order on non-discrimination 08/21/00
  • GLAA joins protest by Scouting for All 08/21/00
  • Patterson writes Mayor Williams on Human Rights budget concerns 08/14/00
  • GLAA to Corporation Counsel: Stop Undermining Human Rights Act 06/07/00
  • GLAA endorses Charles Holman as OHR Director 05/22/00
  • GLAA writes councilmembers on FY 2001 budget recommendations 05/18/00
  • Govt. Operations FY 2001 Committee Budget Report Excerpt: OHR 04/24/00
  • Patterson committee approves increase in OHR budget 04/20/00
  • GLAA urges increase in OHR budget 04/13/00
  • GLAA endorses Ingebretsen for Commission on Human Rights 04/10/00
  • Patterson Backs Executive Order on Anti-Discrimination Policies 04/05/00
  • GLAA decries ongoing backlog at Office of Human Rights 03/20/00
  • GLAA asks Mayor for Executive Order on commitment to Human Rights Law 03/17/00
  • Schwartz writes Speaker Hastert in defense of Domestic Partners 02/29/00
  • GLAA testifies on Office of Human Rights 02/25/00
  • Summersgill writes City Paper on sodomy laws 02/25/00
  • GLAA writes DOH on proposed substance abuse program regs 02/02/00
  • National Freedom to Marry Day set for February 12, 2000 01/26/00


  • Human Services Dept. Accepts GLAA Recommendation on Welfare-to-Work Rules 11/01/99
  • GLAA Urges Stronger Anti-Discrimination Language in Welfare-to-Work Rules 10/20/99
  • GLAA supports reconfirmation of Peter Schott for Commission on Human Rights 09/23/99
  • Insurance Department Accepts GLAA Amendment on HMO Regulations 08/17/99
  • Evans backs GLAA on HMO regulations 08/06/99
  • New Jersey Supreme Court Rules Boy Scouts Gay Ban Illegal 08/04/99
  • Ambrose backs GLAA on proposed HMO regulations 07/16/99
  • GLAA responds to proposed HMO regulations 07/14/99
  • GLAA calls for independent, cabinet-level Office of Human Rights 02/22/99
  • Government Operations Committee plans independent OHR 02/05/99
    Note: GLAA only obtained a copy of this letter after testifying on February 22.
  • D.C. Officials Support Independent Office of Human Rights 01/11/99
  • DC Human Rights Law does protect transgendered residents 01/04/99


  • Howell testifies on Office of Human Rights 03/04/98
  • GLAA describes efforts with Corporation Counsel 02/13/98
  • DC govt. withdraws First Amendment argument in Tyra Hunter case 02/06/98
  • Corp. Counsel withdraws assault on Human Rights Law 1/30/98


  • GLAA corrects the record on DC Human Rights Legislation
  • Schwartz educates Becton on DC Human Rights Act
  • Barry responds to Schwartz on OHR status 03/97


  • Coudriet details complaints against Office of Corporation Counsel 05/16/94


  • Mayor Barry's Order 85-59 on commitment to Human Rights Act 05/20/85


  • Mayor Barry's Order 80-74 on commitment to Human Rights Act 02/27/80

    News on Civil Rights


  • Working for Change
    Equality Matters aims to create stronger strategies for activists and advocates to achieve LGBT equality
    (Richard Socarides, Metro Weekly) 2/03/11
  • Appointments for Equality
    Obama nominees and appointees have a history in LGBT equality – from working to fight HIV/AIDS to securing equal housing to ending sodomy laws
    (Chris Geidner, Metro Weekly) 2/03/11
  • Sarah Palin fails to lead on gay equality (Jonathan Capehart, The Washington Post) 01/04/11
  • Scalia: Constitution does not protect women (The Washington Post) 01/04/11
  • Va. Dems eye ban on discrimination against gays (The Washington Post) 12/31/10
  • DADT repeal: 18 days in December (Jonathan Capehart, The Washington Post) 12/31/10
  • The military's next step after 'don't ask, don't tell': Equal rights for gay service members (The Washington Post) 12/30/10
  • Gay miner sues Massey subsidiary (The Associated Press) 12/27/10
  • The true villains in the 'Hide/Seek' story (Thomas Bower, The Washington Post) 12/27/10
  • Warhol Foundation to withhold Smithsonian money (The Washington Blade) 12/16/10
  • ENDA's Absence (Chris Geidner, Metro Weekly) 12/16/10
  • Artist asks to withdraw work from 'Hide/Seek' exhibit to protest video removal (Blake Gopnik, The Washington Post) 12/16/10
  • Hundreds attend counter protest at Elizabeth Edwards's funeral (The Washington Post) 12/13/10
  • Elizabeth Edwards funeral to be protested by Westboro church (The Washington Post) 12/09/10
  • Gay rights group donates legal documents to Yale (The Associated Press) 11/29/10
  • Eddie Long isn't practicing what he preaches (Eugene Robinson, The Washington Post) 09/28/10
  • Liberal groups plan One Nation rally in D.C. (The Washington Post) 09/28/10
  • GOP's dilemma on gay rights: Win over advocates, or risk losing its base? (The Washington Post) 09/27/10
  • DC area pastors react to Eddie Long sex abuse allegations (The Washington Post) 09/27/10
  • Eddie Long: I'll fight like David battled Goliath (The Associated Press) 09/26/10
  • Sex allegations against Bishop Eddie Long roil black church community (The Washington Post) 09/26/10
  • 'I'm under attack,' Georgia bishop accused of sexual misconduct tells church (The Washington Post) 09/26/10
  • Evolving sense of direction for GOProud, GetEQUAL -- gay groups on right and left (The Washington Post) 09/24/10
  • Libertarians courting gays after 'don't ask' remains (The Washington Post) 09/24/10
  • Russian gay activist says he was seized by agents (The Associated Press) 09/18/10
  • Montana GOP Policy: Make Homosexuality Illegal (The Huffington Post) 09/18/10
  • UN chief Ban Ki-moon urges repeal of anti-gay laws (The Associated Press) 09/17/10
  • Reid to schedule ‘Don’t Ask’ vote next week (The Washington Blade) 09/13/10
  • DADT facing a Senate vote next week (The Washington Post) 09/13/10
  • Former colleagues testify for lesbian flight nurse (The Associated Press) 09/13/10
  • Lesbian seeks reinstatement to Air Force in trial (The Associated Press) 09/12/10
  • Lady Gaga at VMAs calls for repeal of DADT (The Washington Post) 09/12/10
  • Report: Saudi diplomats seeks asylum in US (The Associated Press) 09/11/10
  • Pentagon faces new questions after judge's ruling on openly gay troops (The Washington Post) 09/10/10
  • Senate urged to repeal 'don't ask, don't tell' (The Associated Press) 09/10/10
  • Judge in California rules on military's ban on openly gay service members (The Washington Post) 09/10/10
  • DADT ruled unconstitutional in Log Cabin case (GLAA ForumFederal court overturns ‘Don’t Ask, Don’t Tell’ (The Washington Blade) 09/09/10
  • Log Cabin statement on court victory against DADT 09/09/10
  • Professor claims NY college favored gays over him (The Associated Press) 08/12/10
  • Two cases pit gay rights against religious values (The Washington Post) 07/28/10
  • The Promised Land
    Kushaba Moses Mworeko left Uganda to seek asylum in America, but now he's living in limbo
    (Metro Weekly) 07/28/10
  • Target defends donation to anti-gay candidate (The Associated Press) 07/27/10
  • New Zealand school sanctioned for firing gay sports coach (The Associated Press) 07/22/10
  • Shirley Sherrod: Racism, politics and media (Mark Potok of SPLC, The Washington Post) 07/22/10
  • Possible probation for Scott Bloch draws criticism (The Washington Post) 07/21/10
  • Lesbian gets $35K settlement over canceled prom (The Associated Press) 07/20/10
  • US gay rights group gets UN accreditation (The Associated Press) 07/19/10
  • Gays march in Poland to demand equal rights (The Associated Press) 07/17/10
  • US pushing UN status for gay rights group (The Associated Press) 07/16/10
  • McDonnell's former relative speaks out for gay rights (The Washington Post) 07/16/10
  • Philadelphia: Scouts should confront anti-gay rule (The Associated Press) 06/15/10
  • Boy Scout battle over gays, rent goes to Pa. court (The Associated Press) 06/14/10
  • From Stonewall to the Workplace
    Now is the time for Congress to act on ENDA
    (Rea Carey, Metro Weekly) 06/10/10
  • FRC lobbied against resolution condemning Uganda bill (The Washington Post) 06/04/10
  • 48 states: Funeral protests shouldn't be protected (The Associated Press) 06/01/10
  • Top backers of gay/transgender nondiscrimination bill push for a vote (The Washington Post) 05/15/10
  • Transgender, gay workers' civil rights promoted in Employment Non-Discrimination Act bill (The Washington Post) 05/13/10
  • Academy will adapt to policy on gays (The Washington Post) 05/12/10
  • Lithuanian court reverses ban on gay pride parade (The Associated Press) 05/07/10
  • Court won't hear appeal on Boy Scouts land rental (The Associated Press) 05/03/10
  • Obama extends hospital visitation rights to same-sex partners of gays (The Washington Post) 04/16/10
  • Miss. student to be NYC pride parade grand marshal (The Associated Press) 04/14/10
  • Sparring over SCOTUS (The Washington Post) 04/14/10
  • Interviews, documents show Massa's predatory behavior (The Washington Post) 04/13/10
  • Free-speech group flags First Amendment violations (The Associated Press) 04/13/10
  • Even after death, abuse against gays continues (The Associated Press) 04/12/10
  • Pope's No. 2: Pedophilia linked to homosexuality (The Associated Press) 04/12/10
  • Lance Bass, others sponsor gay-friendly prom (The Associated Press) 04/09/10
  • Teen suicide puts spotlight on high-tech bullying (Reuters) 04/09/10
  • HUD to study housing discrimination toward gays (The Washington Post) 03/18/10
  • Ken Cuccinelli fails on gay-bias opinion (Abby Raphael, The Washington Post) 03/16/10
  • NY women's 'summit' unites activists worldwide (The Associated Press) 03/14/10
  • In Africa, a step backward on human rights (The Washington Post) 03/12/10
  • Lesbian teen in prom flap sues, returns to school (The Associated Press) 03/12/10
  • Va. gov counters state atty. gen.'s advice on gays (The Associated Press) 03/12/10
  • What Virginia's opinion on gay protections means (Letters, The Washington Post) 03/10/10
  • What secular progressives should know about evangelicals (The Washington Post) 03/10/10
  • Virginia House votes against consideration of gay protections bill (The Washington Post) 03/09/10
  • Do religious convictions trump government rules? (On Faith blog, The Washington Post) 03/09/10
  • Va. college students lash back at Cuccinelli position on gay rights (The Washington Post) 03/08/10
  • Court to rule in military funeral protest case (The Associated Press) 03/08/10
  • Denny's Bad Data
    Local lesbian activist's call for change to discriminatory Wi-Fi restrictions prompts change in policy by Denny's restaurant chain
    (Metro Weekly) 03/04/10
  • Church’s rental of E Street Cinema prompts boycott talk (DC Agenda) 03/02/10
  • Frank: House on track for ENDA passage, ‘less sure’ about Senate (DC Agenda) 02/17/10
  • 1959 conviction still haunts gay man seeking work (The Associated Press) 02/16/10
  • Push for Parity
    Congressional caucus calls for inclusive immigration reform
    (Metro Weekly) 02/11/10
  • Tension fills Oregon campus over extremists (Associated Press) 02/11/10
  • Virginia governor's anti-bias order removes language regarding sexual orientation (The Washington Post) 02/10/10
  • U.S. Congress moves against anti-gay Uganda bill (DC Agenda) 02/09/10
  • Va. Senate passes anti-discrimination bill for state workers (The Washington Post) 02/09/10
  • Obama's faith-based inertia (David Waters, The Washington Post) 02/09/10
  • Up to Montgomery County principals to challenge fliers (Valerie Strauss, The Washington Post) 02/08/10
  • Potomac students get fliers saying therapy turns gays straight (The Washington Post) 02/05/10
  • Tax court allows deduction for woman's sex change (The Associated Press) 02/02/10
  • HBO eyes biopic about anti-gay activist Bryant (Reuters) 02/01/10
  • Chances are dim, but advocates will still push for immigration reform (The Washington Post) 02/01/10
  • McDonnell has not issued order banning state workforce bias (The Washington Post) 01/29/10
  • McDonnell has not explicitly banned bias in Va. workforce (The Washington Post) 01/29/10
  • Gay and lesbian leaders cautiously optimistic after SOTU (Metro Weekly) 01/27/10
  • eHarmony settles lawsuit over same-sex matching (Reuters) 01/26/10
  • Walling off the Witnesses (Joel P. Engardio, The Washington Post) 01/26/10
  • Loudoun Supervisor Delgaudio rebuked for anti-gay remarks (The Washington Post) 01/24/10
  • Welcome back to medieval times (The Washington Post) 01/11/10
  • Hurray for the First Amendment (The Washington Post) 01/11/10
  • D.C. Jail guards accused of beating gay inmate (DC Agenda) 01/06/10
  • Loudoun County's nondiscrimination policy expanded to protect gays (The Washington Post) 01/06/10
  • New scanners break child porn laws in the UK 01/05/10
  • Capehart: Death sentences for gays? Uganda be kidding me 01/05/10


  • Gays, lesbians should be able to serve openly in the military (Editorial, The Washington Post) 12/28/09
  • Warden at troubled Va. women's prison to step down (The Associated Press) 12/28/09
  • Ugandan government backs anti-gay legislation (Financial Times) 12/19/09
  • Court to rule on Christian group's policy (The Washington Post) 12/08/09
  • Uganda's anti-gay law riles U.S. (The Washington Post) 12/07/09
  • Gay House members say gay-friendly bills are near (The Associated Press) 12/06/09
  • D.C. gov’t official linked to trans bias complaint (DC Agenda) 11/24/09
  • Local activists protest Ugandan embassy (DC Agenda) 11/24/09
  • Courting Inequality
    Marriage opposition takes the fight to D.C. Superior Court
    (Metro Weekly) 11/19/09
  • Promised Fireworks at Hearing Fizzle
    Feldblum confirmation hearing for EEOC post is a strangely quiet affair
    (Metro Weekly) 11/19/09
  • Anti-Gay Effort Rejected
    BOEE rejects marriage initiative, Jackson files complaint
    (Metro Weekly) 11/19/09
  • Senate panel hears ENDA testimony
    GOP senators, trans witnesses absent from hearing
    (The Washington Blade) 11/13/09
  • Housing regs to add protections for gays (The Associated Press) 10/21/09
  • Standing Up for Gay Rights (Letters, The Washington Post) 10/16/09
  • Lesbian student in Miss. fights for tuxedo photo (The Associated Press) 10/15/09
  • Incoming Ally
    NBJC announces new executive director, Sharon Lettman
    (Metro Weekly) 10/15/09
  • Weekend Warriors
    A community converges on D.C. for massive visibility and a push for GLBT equality
    (Metro Weekly) 10/15/09
  • Leadership on Gay Rights
    President Obama isn't the only one falling short.
    (Editorial, The Washington Post) 10/13/09
  • Gay rights marchers in DC: 'We won't back down' (The Associated Press) 10/12/09
  • Making a Federal Case for Gay Rights
    March Pushes Marital, Military Equality
    (The Washington Post) 10/12/09
  • For Gay Activists, The Lady Is a Champ
    Fans Go Gaga As Singer Joins the March
    (The Washington Post) 10/12/09
  • Tens of Thousands Rally for Gay Rights in D.C. (The Washington Post) 10/11/09
  • The Road to Washington
    National Equality March 2009
    (Metro Weekly) 10/08/09
  • Utah Gov. Herbert meets with gay rights groups (The Associated Press) 10/06/09
  • 30 years after gay march, activists head to DC (The Associated Press) 10/06/09
  • Obama to speak to gay audience (The Associated Press) 10/05/09
  • Organizers reveal final plans for Equality March
    Politicians, activists to speak; route permit approved for Oct. 11 event
    (The Washington Blade) 10/02/09
  • Play's sequel gives voice to Matt Shepard's killer (The Associated Press) 09/29/09
  • Gay rights measures on the ballot in three states (The Associated Press) 09/26/09
  • House hears ENDA testimony
    Frank, Baldwin push for trans-inclusive bill at hearing
    (The Washington Blade) 09/23/09
  • Organizers cancel Serbia's gay pride march (The Associated Press) 09/19/09
  • Fighting Bias in Virginia
    On gay rights, both candidates' views have evolved -- Mr. Deeds's more convincingly than Mr. McDonnell's.
    (Editorial, The Washington Post) 09/18/09
  • ENDA to get House hearing on Sept. 23
    Frank believes measure will pass the House this fall
    (The Washington Blade) 09/18/09
  • Bastian gives $100,000 for Equality March
    Budget for Oct. 11 event in D.C. suggests 100,000 are expected
    (The Washington Blade) 09/18/09
  • Virginia court rules in favor of dismissed HIV-positive worker
    Judge says TGI Friday’s violated local Human Rights Code
    (The Washington Blade) 09/18/09
  • Marching On
    As clock ticks down, local and national advocates work on planning, fundraising for Equality March
    (Metro Weekly) 09/17/09
  • Gay Chinese stand up to police sweep of hangout (The Associated Press) 09/14/09
  • Disability, Gay Rights Expert Picked for EEOC (The Washington Post) 09/14/09
  • Gay man alleges U.S. Park Police harassment at Iwo Jima Memorial
    Arlington resident and friend detained by police
    (The Washington Blade) 09/11/09
  • More delays in Congress?
    Health care debate seen as latest obstacle to advancing LGBT bills
    (The Washington Blade) 09/04/09
  • Big names back National Equality March
    140 endorse D.C. event set for October
    (The Washington Blade) 09/04/09
  • Texas liquor board fires 3 over raid on gay bar (The Associated Press) 08/28/09
  • Media outlets criticized after outing arrested men (The Washington Blade) 08/28/09
  • Kennedy remembered as champion of gay rights (The Associated Press) 08/27/09
  • Utah governor: No protected class for gay people (The Associated Press) 08/27/09
  • New impetus for bill banning anti-gay bias at work (The Associated Press) 08/27/09
  • Judge: Ex-gays protected by D.C. law (Washington Examiner) 08/26/09
  • Obama Says Marriage Law Should Be Repealed
    Justice Dept. Filing Distances Administration From Arguments That Angered Gays
    (The Washington Post) 08/18/09
  • DOJ reply brief in Smelt v. USA 08/17/09
  • Human Rights Watch report on murder of gays in Iraq 08/17/09
  • Gay Men Targeted In Iraq, Report Says
    Militias Blamed for Scores of Killings
    (The Washington Post) 08/17/09
  • Human Rights Watch: Iraqi gays tortured and killed (The Associated Press) 08/17/09
  • Obama disses marriage law as Justice defends it (The Associated Press) 08/17/09
  • Obama Makes Explicit His Objection to DOMA (The Washington Post) 08/17/09
  • Gay marriage fight, `kiss-ins' smack Mormon image (The Associated Press) 08/16/09
  • Attitude Adjustment (Rosendall, Metro Weekly) 08/13/09
  • Utah paper rejects same-sex wedding announcement (The Associated Press) 08/13/09
  • 16 Honored With Medal Of Freedom (The Washington Post) 08/13/09
  • Top California gay group delays marriage fight to 2012 (Reuters) 08/12/09
  • CA gay rights group: Wait for 2012 to attack ban (The Associated Press) 08/12/09
  • Ward 5 Commissioner Pushes for Gay Marriage Ballot Initiative (The Washington Post) 08/12/09
  • Activists, actors, athletics honored by Obama (The Associated Press) 08/12/09
  • White House comments on Medal of Freedom winners (The Associated Press) 08/12/09
  • My 'Crime' on U Street? Offending the Police (The Washington Post) 08/09/09
  • Organizers solidify plans for march on Washington
    Some local, state activists criticize ‘self-indulgent’ event
    (The Washington Blade) 08/07/09
  • ‘It’s just about having the same rights’
    21 same-sex couples part of new D.C. marriage campaign
    (The Washington Blade) 08/07/09
  • Merkley introduces trans-inclusive ENDA in Senate
    Activity on DOMA, DP bills expected after August recess
    (The Washington Blade) 08/07/09
  • Milk honored with Medal of Freedom
    Harvey Milk among 16 recipients of honor
    (The Washington Blade) 08/07/09
  • Report cites violations in raid of Texas gay bar (The Associated Press) 08/06/09
  • Poll: For many, Golden State no longer shines (The Associated Press) 08/05/09
  • WAC Reprimands Hawaii Coach for Using Slur (The Associated Press) 08/03/09
  • Struggles hamper Southern-based civil rights group (The Associated Press) 07/31/09
  • Gay activists: Marriage secondary to basic rights (The Associated Press) 07/30/09
  • Obama to award Presidential Medal of Freedom to 16 (The Associated Press) 07/30/09
  • Gay Iraqis raise grave allegations (The Washington Blade) 07/30/09
  • Lesbians in China petition to donate blood (The Associated Press) 07/28/09
  • How Do You Turn Walter Cronkite Into a Friend of Gay Rights? Zap Him. (The Washington Post) 07/26/09
  • Pulling Together (Rosendall, Metro Weekly) 07/23/09
  • DC Coalition Stirring
    Decades-old black GLBT group hoping to harness momentum
    (Metro Weekly) 07/23/09
  • National Black Church Initiative Decries Violence Against Gays 07/22/09
  • Cambridge arrest: would a white guy have been treated this way? 07/21/09
  • Cruel Countdown
    Bi-national D.C. couple weighs options after residency jeopardized
    (Metro Weekly) 07/16/09
  • Bias Ball (Will O'Bryan, Metro Weekly) 07/16/09
  • Senate takes up hate crimes bill covering gays (The Associated Press) 07/15/09
  • Gay clergy eligible for all Episcopal ministry (The Associated Press) 07/14/09
  • Lithuania OKs law to keep gay info away from kids (The Associated Press) 07/14/09
  • Fort Worth mayor apologizes for raid on gay bar (The Associated Press) 07/14/09
  • Allies' stance cited in US gays-in-military debate (The Associated Press) 07/13/09
  • For one UK officer, a time to stand and be counted (The Associated Press) 07/13/09
  • NY to use hate crime law in transgender case (The Associated Press) 07/13/09
  • At 54, Cleve Jones is ready for his comeback (The Associated Press) 07/12/09
  • Gay couple detained near Mormon plaza after kiss (The Associated Press) 07/10/09
  • College campuses seek balance when views collide (The Associated Press) 07/10/09
  • Stalemate In N.Y. Appears Resolved
    Democratic Senator Rejoins His Caucus
    (The Washington Post) 07/10/09
  • India Supreme Court steps into gay sex law dispute (The Associated Press) 07/09/09
  • Gay legal groups want in on Calif court case (The Associated Press) 07/09/09
  • O'Malley Says Md. Should Recognize Rights of Gay Couples Married Elsewhere (The Washington Post) 07/09/09
  • Mass. files lawsuit against federal marriage law (The Associated Press) 07/09/09
  • OPM 'Wholeheartedly' Endorses Benefits for Same-Sex Partners (The Washington Post) 07/09/09
  • Faith Complex: Donna Payne on gay rights (Video, The Washington Post) 07/08/09
  • Gay marriage foes reach signature goal in Maine (The Associated Press) 07/08/09
  • Mass. Is 1st State to Sue Feds Over Marriage Law (The Associated Press) 07/08/09
  • Pope Criticizes World Economic System, Urges Social Responsibility (The Washington Post) 07/08/09
  • Gay marriage bill takes effect in nation's capital (The Associated Press) 07/07/09
  • British PM's wife joins 1000s at gay pride parade (The Associated Press) 07/04/09
  • Obama's Reality on Gay Rights, Civil Rights (Jason W. Bartlett, National Black Justice Coalition) 07/03/09
  • New Delhi Lifts Colonial-Era Ban on Gay Sex (The Washington Post) 07/03/09
  • Homosexuals in Nepal hail Delhi High Court verdict (DNA India) 07/02/09
  • Mennonites protest church exclusion of gays (The Associated Press) 07/02/09
  • DC School District Restores Gay-Themed Titles to Summer Reading Lists (School Library Journal) 07/02/09
  • Principles and Pragmatism
    The Dallas Principles offer a "No Delay, No Excuses" roadmap to GLBT equality
    (Metro Weekly) 07/02/09
  • Servicemembers' Milestone
    Largest organization of gay veterans opens D.C. headquarters
    (Metro Weekly) 07/02/09
  • Indian court decriminalizes consensual gay sex (The Associated Press) 07/02/09
  • Obama White House not appealing transgender ruling (The Associated Press) 07/01/09
  • Texas agency investigating its raid on gay bar (The Associated Press) 07/01/09
  • Civil Gang Injunctions Again Foiled by D.C. Council (Washington City Paper) 06/30/09
  • Gates says he wants to soften gay expulsion rules (The Associated Press) 06/30/09
  • At White House, Obama Aims to Reassure Gays (The Washington Post) 06/30/09
  • Power struggle impedes New York gay marriage vote (Reuters) 06/29/09
  • Obama reaffirms support for gay-rights activism (The Associated Press) 06/29/09
  • Russian gays ready to protest during Obama visit (Reuters) 06/29/09
  • Gay Pride at the White House: The Guest List (The Washington Post) 06/29/09
  • In a Presidential First, Obama Marks Gay Pride at the White House (The Washington Post) 06/29/09
  • Gay Rights Groups Praise Pending End to HIV Travel Ban (The Washington Post) 06/29/09
  • Pride at the White House (The Washington Post) 06/29/09
  • Remarks by the President at LGBT Pride Month Reception (The White House) 06/29/09
  • Gay Pride Parade marks 40 years after NYC uprising (The Associated Press) 06/28/09
  • Indian gay rights march calls to legalize gay sex (The Associated Press) 06/28/09
  • Stonewall Baby, All Grown Up (The Washington Post) 06/27/09
  • Stonewall rebel reflects 40 years after NYC riots (The Associated Press) 06/27/09
  • PROMISES, PROMISES: Gays bemoan go-slow approach (The Associated Press) 06/26/09
  • Gay groups back federal challenge to marriage ban (The Associated Press) 06/26/09
  • Ireland grants rights to same-sex partnerships (Reuters) 06/26/09
  • Another shot for ENDA
    Frank says trans-inclusive bill ‘on track’ to pass this year
    (The Washington Blade) 06/26/09
  • Gays boycott DNC fundraiser
    Dems lose donations over anger at Obama administration
    (The Washington Blade) 06/26/09
  • D.C. marriage law poised to take effect
    Anti-gay minister seeks reprieve on July 6 referendum deadline
    (The Washington Blade) 06/26/09
  • 2 local activists want Jackson investigated
    Election board asked to open probe of minister’s residency claims
    (The Washington Blade) 06/26/09
  • Employing Anger (Rosendall, Metro Weekly) 06/25/09
  • Pro-Gay, Pro-Choice (Rosendall, Metro Weekly) 06/11/09
  • Okay, Obama. Now Let's Have a Speech on Gay Rights (Jonathan Capehart, The Washington Post) 06/04/09
  • Analysis: Obama, brass buy time on military gays (Associated Press) 05/22/09
  • Woman on the Verge
    Aisha Mills sets her sights on her company and new community involvement
    (Metro Weekly) 05/21/09
  • Pentagon: No plans to end don't ask-don't tell (Associated Press) 05/19/09
  • Eurovision contest becomes stage for gay protests (Associated Press) 05/17/09
  • Moscow police detain scores at gay pride rally (Associated Press) 05/16/09
  • Singapore's gay community holds first-ever rally (Associated Press) 05/16/09
  • Moscow police violently break up gay pride rally (Associated Press) 05/16/09
  • Calif. Senate advances Harvey Milk honor (Associated Press) 05/14/09
  • Out In Congress
    Rep. Jared Polis, the first out gay man to win a freshman seat in Congress, is our latest GLBT political ally
    (Metro Weekly) 05/14/09
  • 'Outrage' Drags Politics' Conservative Wingtips Out of the Closet (The Washington Post) 05/08/09
  • ‘You have to be careful’
    With military monitoring e-mails, gay troops get creative in writing home
    (The Washington Blade) 05/08/09
  • Could a lesbian succeed Souter at the Supreme Court?
    Law professor among ‘many qualified LGBT people’ to be discussed
    (The Washington Blade) 05/08/09
  • HRC lays off 13 staffers
    Cites ‘economic conditions’ as reason for cuts
    (The Washington Blade) 05/07/09
  • Local Leader
    Gaithersburg's Sodexo earns kudos for GLBT equality
    (Metro Weekly) 05/07/09
  • The Homophobic Lifestyle (Will O'Bryan, Metro Weekly) 05/07/09
  • Joe the Plumber calls gays 'queer' (Associated Press) 05/06/09
  • Documentary's Camera Aims To Shed Light On D.C.'s Closet (The Washington Post) 05/06/09
  • Hundreds march in Philly national gay rights rally (Associated Press) 05/03/09
  • A Message From Morehouse (Colbert I. King, The Washington Post) 05/02/09
    "As an all-male institution with the explicit mission of educating men with disciplined minds, the great challenge of this moment in history is our diversity of sexual orientation."
  • Philadelphia to host national gay rights rally (Associated Press) 05/01/09
  • High marks for Obama's first 100 days
    With few exceptions, leaders praise new president’s handling of LGBT issues
    (The Washington Blade) 05/01/09
  • Trans woman wins Library of Congress lawsuit
    Former Army Special Forces commander to receive nearly $500,000
    (The Washington Blade) 05/01/09
  • Procter & Gamble bars trans discrimination
    Amends anti-discrimination policy to include gender identity and expression
    (The Washington Blade) 05/01/09
  • A sense of closure as gay man takes OPM helm
    Berry heads agency that once denied jobs to gays
    (The Washington Blade) 05/01/09
  • Poll: Rising U.S. Support for Social Issues, Such as Gay Marriage (The Washington Post) 04/30/09
  • National poll: mixed views on gay-rights issues (Associated Press) 04/30/09
  • 9 Md. Dems hindering progress on gay rights
    Legislative session for ‘blue’ state ends with few LGBT advances
    (The Washington Blade) 04/24/09
  • Gay rights groups in NY suburbs honor Harvey Milk (Associated Press) 04/17/09
  • Trans protections fail in Md. session’s final hours
    But gay activists don’t leave empty handed
    (The Washington Blade) 04/17/09
  • Tackling Transphobia
    Student effort underway for trans inclusion in nightlife
    (Metro Weekly) 04/16/09
  • The Free World Bars Free Speech (The Washington Post) 04/12/09
  • Shelters slowly adapt to help transgender homeless (Associated Press) 04/03/09
  • Harassment, accusation leads woman to file Metro complaint (The Washington Blade) 04/03/09
  • Gay donors propose omnibus rights bill
    Organizers of ‘new approach’ say activists too timid with Congress
    (The Washington Blade) 03/27/09
  • Gainesville, Fla., anti-discrimination laws kept (Associated Press) 03/24/09
  • Trans, marriage bills stalled in Md. legislature
    Sen. Frosh faulted as key deadline looms
    (The Washington Blade) 03/20/09
  • Mountain State Milestone
    West Virginia gets first statewide GLBT-advocacy organization
    (Metro Weekly) 03/19/09
  • US endorses UN gay rights text (Associated Press) 03/18/09
  • Sources: US to sign UN gay rights declaration (Associated Press) 03/18/09
  • Hello, Cruel World (Metro Weekly) 03/05/09
  • NY gay groups to honor slain activist Harvey Milk (Associated Press) 03/04/09
  • Obama consults advisers on military gay ban (Associated Press) 03/03/09
  • Utah Dems call for sanctions over anti-gay remarks (Associated Press) 02/24/09
  • Utah Senate stops work to discuss anti-gay remarks (Associated Press) 02/23/09
  • Anti-gay forces work to regain national influence
    Religious conservatives fear Congress will advance gay rights legislation
    (The Washington Blade) 02/20/09
  • Marriage bills encounter road blocks, delays
    Hopes fade in N.Y., but DP and civil unions advance in N.M., Hawaii
    (The Washington Blade) 02/20/09
  • U.S. balks at asylum request of gay man
    Attorney says client faces ‘death sentence’ if forced to return to Sierra Leone
    (The Washington Blade) 02/20/09
  • Maryland lawmakers to consider trans bias bill
    Equality Maryland, Trans United to testify in support of measure
    (The Washington Blade) 02/20/09
  • Plan would recognize same-sex couples in Wisconsin
    Partners would have right to hospital visits, property
    (Associated Press) 02/19/09
  • Jury: SD firefighters were harassed in gay parade (Associated Press) 02/17/09
  • Clinton reiterates vow to review policies on gays
    Some changes at State may require congressional action
    (The Washington Blade) 02/13/09
  • Obama treads fine line on church, state (Associated Press) 02/11/09
  • Equality Maryland preps for lobby day; 2 key staffers resign (The Washington Blade) 01/30/09
  • Maryland gay group once deemed a ‘security threat’ (The Washington Blade) 01/30/09
  • Task Masters
    D.C.'s own Rea Carey and Darlene Nipper ready The Task Force for a new beginning
    (Metro Weekly) 01/29/09
  • The Waiting Game
    DOC proposes transgender committee, activists remain skeptical
    (Metro Weekly) 01/29/09


  • HRC gives Obama timetable for pro-gay initiatives
    Hate crimes law expected within six months
    (The Washington Blade) 12/19/08
  • Calling in 'gay' to work is latest form of protest (Associated Press) 12/09/08
  • Protest near Vatican denounces policy on gays (Associated Press) 12/06/08
  • Hate crimes, ENDA seen as top legislative priorities
    Activists hopeful that Democrats will push gay bills next year
    (The Washington Blade) 12/05/08
  • Vatican attacked for opposing gay decriminalization (Reuters) 12/02/08
  • HUD Secretary: 'No Tolerance for Discrimination' (The Washington Post) 11/26/08
  • New Blood
    Equality Maryland hires new Executive Director
    (Metro Weekly) 11/20/08
  • Terry's Turn
    New E.D. in at PreventionWorks
    (Metro Weekly) 11/20/08
  • In a Close Vote, D.C. Council Confirms Nickles as Attorney General (The Washington Post) 11/19/08
  • Acting Attorney General Up for D.C. Council Vote
    Judicial Panel Rejects Nickles 3 to 2
    (The Washington Post) 11/18/08
  • Peter Nickles: Counting the Votes (Washington City Paper) 11/17/08
  • Setback for Equality
    Voters in three states approve bans on same-sex marriage.
    (Editorial, The Washington Post) 11/08/08
  • Obama's Election a Step Toward Getting Back the Nation's Soul (The Washington Post) 11/08/08
  • Faith-Based Groups Seek Clues To Obama Administration Plan
    President-Elect Says Organizations Shouldn't Discriminate in Hiring
    (The Washington Post) 11/08/08
  • GLAA testifies against D.C. attorney general (The Washington Blade) 10/31/08
  • National ‘ex-gay’ group appeals D.C. human rights office decision (The Washington Blade) 10/24/08
  • MD: Alliance Defense Fund challenges transgender law
    Lawsuit comes after Md. high court upheld measure
    (The Washington Blade) 10/10/08
  • Transgender Ga. official wins legal battle (The Associated Press) 10/06/08
  • MD: ACLU Seeks Data on Spying for 32 Groups (The Washington Post) 10/01/08
  • ‘A great sense of security’
    Trans residents of Montgomery County praise new bias law
    (The Washington Blade) 09/26/08
  • De Facto Discrimination
    Foreigners who are HIV-positive still can't enter the United States.
    (Editorial, The Washington Post) 09/26/08
  • Nipper Nabs National Job
    Mayor Williams' GLBT liaison finds new home with Task Force
    09/25/08 (Metro Weekly)
  • At U.N., Protesters Target Iran On Rights
    Jailed Doctors' Case Is a Major Concern
    (The Washington Post) 09/24/08
  • A new twist for 'America's Next Top Model' (The Associated Press) 09/23/08
  • Officials soften objections to DP bill, trans prisoner rule
    Activists ‘assured’ proposal rolling back protections for inmates will die
    (The Washington Blade) 09/19/08
  • MD: Ruling Inspires New Hope For Transgender People (The Washington Post) 09/15/08
  • Court upholds Mont. Co. trans bias law
    Measure goes into effect as referendum is blocked
    (The Washington Blade) 09/12/08
  • Free State Victory
    High court rejects petition effort to block Mont. Co.'s trans-inclusive protections
    (Metro Weekly) 09/11/08
  • MD: Transgender Law Ruling Is Expected This Week (The Washington Post) 09/09/08
  • Library of Congress trans bias trial begins
    ACLU is representing Diane Schroer
    (The Washington Blade) 08/22/08
  • Leo Abse, 91; Led British Campaign For Gay Rights (The Associated Press) 08/22/08
  • Calif. Court Puts Gays' Care Over Doctors' Faith (The Washington Post) 08/19/08
  • Calif top court: Docs can't withhold care to gays (The Associated Press) 08/18/08
  • Group Asks Fenty to Abandon Mission Deal
    Watchdog Says Swap Violates Law
    (The Washington Post) 08/13/08
  • Activists fault Fenty staff in flap over gay bills
    Appointees object to parenting bill, propose curtailing protections for trans prisoners
    (The Washington Blade) 08/08/08
  • Gay, Global and Growing
    Local man ushers foreign-policy effort to its next stage of gay advocacy
    (Metro Weekly) 08/07/08
  • Graham Joins Trans Activists
    Councilmember takes up the cause for Transgender rights
    (Metro Weekly) 08/07/08
  • Riled Over Rules
    GLBT activists, Schwartz, critical of proposed Human Rights Act changes
    (Metro Weekly) 07/31/08
  • Guarding Our Gains (Rosendall, Metro Weekly) 07/31/08
  • Workers' Religious Freedom vs. Patients' Rights
    Proposal Would Deny Federal Money if Employees Must Provide Care to Which They Object
    (The Washington Post) 07/31/08
  • Trans Formed: To Be Homeless & Transgender (The Washington Post) 07/28/08
  • Ruling Clears Way for November Vote on Transgender Measure (The Washington Post) 07/25/08
  • Trans rule change raises concerns
    Local activists say new jail proposal weakens rights act
    (The Washington Blade) 07/25/08
  • Transgender Ga. woman claims she was wrongly fired (The Associated Press) 07/22/08
  • MD: Judge ponders fate of trans rights law
    Equality Maryland prepares for November battle at ballot box
    (The Washington Blade) 07/18/08
  • Maryland Prepared for the Worst
    Activists in Maryland await judge's ruling on Montgomery Co.'s transgender anti-discrimination law
    (Metro Weekly) 07/17/08
  • OHR proposes rollback of transgender protections 07/11/08
  • Transforming Corrections
    D.C. Trans Coalition continues effort to amend DOC guidelines on transgender inmates
    (Metro Weekly) 07/10/08
  • MD: Petition Challenge Focuses on Count Of Inactive Voters (The Washington Post) 07/10/08
  • Gay group calls for legalizing prostitution in D.C.
    GLAA says ‘prohibition’ creates more problems than it solves
    (The Washington Blade) 06/27/08
  • New transgender policy at New York juvenile jails (The Associated Press) 06/20/08
  • Maine group drops push to repeal gay rights law (The Associated Press) 06/19/08
  • Transgender rights laws spread, not always calmly (The Associated Press) 06/12/08
  • Judge Sides With Foes Of Transgender Measure
    Montgomery Voters Might Yet Decide Whether to Accept Law's Protections
    (The Washington Post) 06/12/08
  • Dems reluctant to take on 'don't ask, don't tell' (The Associated Press) 06/11/08
  • Don't Ask Nunn (Jonathan Capehart, The Washington Post) 06/11/08
  • Mexico police botched journalist murder case: watchdog (Reuters) 06/10/08
  • ACLU unveils big expansion plans for US heartland (The Associated Press) 06/09/08
  • Lesbian kiss at Seattle ballpark stirs debate (The Associated Press) 06/05/08
  • Outgoing U.N. rights chief slams treatment of women and gays (Reuters) 06/02/08
  • MD: Transgender Law Case Heats Up in MoCo (The Washington Post) 06/02/08
  • Furmansky Announces Departure
    Executive Director of Equality Maryland leaving at year's end
    (Metro Weekly) 05/29/08
  • California court to hear lesbian insemination case (The Associated Press) 05/28/08
  • Boy Scouts sue Philadelphia over rent, policy barring gays (The Associated Press) 05/27/08
  • Federal court rules against military gays policy (The Associated Press) 05/22/08
  • Sex Worker Survey
    DC Survey turns up victims of violations by police
    (Metro Weekly) 05/08/08
  • Free the Sex Trade (Rosendall, Metro Weekly) 05/08/08
  • Levin seeks to expand hate crimes bill, end Iraq war (The Associated Press) 04/22/08
  • 200 trans rights advocates lobby Congress
    Visitors from 29 states ask lawmakers to oppose gay-only ENDA
    (The Washington Blade) 04/18/08
  • MD: Lawyers Maneuver Against Transgender Referendum (The Washington Post) 04/17/08
  • Court Tosses Suit Over School Speech (The Associated Press) 04/09/08
  • Peter Tatchell protests China during London torch relay (AP Photo) 04/06/08
  • The Real China and the Olympics (Hu Jia and Teng Biao, The Washington Post) 04/05/08
  • Straight or gay? U.S. court says Web site can't ask (Reuters) 04/03/08
  • Uncommon decency
    Transgender women prepare to file lawsuit in response to treatment in D.C. jails
    (Metro Weekly) 04/03/08
  • Kennedy Targets Job Bias Against Gays (The Associated Press) 04/02/08
  • State Department urged to address ‘shocking’ violations
    120 countries cited for abuse, harassment of gay citizens
    (The Washington Blade) 03/21/08
  • State Dept Human Rights Report Expands Gay/HIV Citations (Petrelis Files) 03/18/08
  • Gay group aims to halt referendum on trans law
    Equality Maryland questions validity of petition’s signatures
    (The Washington Blade) 03/14/08
  • D.C. Gun Case Draws Crowd of High Court 'Friends' (The Washington Post) 03/09/08
  • Montgomery County: Transgender Law Opponents Put Measure on Ballot (The Washington Post) 03/09/08
  • Transgender movement at a crossroads (Rosendall, Bay Windows) 01/17/08


  • State Department urged to address ‘shocking’ violations
    120 countries cited for abuse, harassment of gay citizens
    (The Washington Blade) 03/21/08
  • Neil Alexander obituary (scroll down) (The Washington Post) 12/02/07
  • In Pa., Scouts Refuse to Lift Ban
    Chapter to Ignore City's Order to Alter Policy Excluding Gays
    (The Washington Post) 12/03/07
  • Local Loss
    Local judge, activist, leather leader Neil Alexander dies
    (Metro Weekly) 11/29/07
  • Montgomery County, MD: Leggett Signs Transgender Protection Bill (The Washington Post) 11/22/07
  • Philadelphia Gives Boy Scouts Ultimatum
    City Solicitor Tells Branch to Renounce Its Ban on Gays or Lose Rent Subsidy
    (The Washington Post) 11/19/07
  • ENDA: a step forward (Rosendall, Bay Windows) 11/15/07
  • Montgomery County, MD: Transgender Bill Passes Easily Despite Protests (The Washington Post) 11/14/07
  • Montgomery County, MD: Transgender Bill May Be Close to Passing
    Legislation to Protect Against Gender Identity Bias Drops Bathroom Stipulations
    (The Washington Post) 11/11/07
  • MD: Montgomery Wisely Keeps Anti-Discrimination Law For Transgender People Out of Public Restrooms (Marc Fisher, The Washington Post) 11/11/07
  • Montgomery County, MD: Protest Continues Against Transgender Bias Bill (The Washington Post) 11/08/07
  • Hard Lessons: Simon Nkoli and the Gay Rights Fight in South Africa (Rosendall, Bay Windows) 11/08/07
  • Rep. John Lewis speaks on ENDA 11/07/07
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  • How They Voted: Gay Rights (The Associated Press) 11/07/07
  • House Passes Job Bias Ban (The Associated Press) 11/07/07
  • Lawmakers vote to protect gay, lesbian workers (Reuters) 11/07/07
  • Roll Call vote on ENDA (Clerk of U.S. House) 11/07/07
  • House passes historic ENDA vote
    Baldwin withdraws trans amendment
    (The Washington Blade) 11/07/07
  • Gay Rights Group Supports Job Bias Ban (The Associated Press) 11/06/07
  • Poll: 70% of LGBT Respondents Support Noninclusive ENDA ( 11/06/07
  • Solidarity On ENDA Trans Inclusion Unravels ( 11/06/07
  • ENDA Heading to Floor This Week (Gay City News) 11/5/07
  • A Civil Rights Watershed
    The House votes to outlaw job discrimination based on sexual orientation.
    (Editorial, The Washington Post) 11/03/07
  • Basile: The long road to equality (Basile, The Washington Blade) 11/02/07
  • United ENDA’s exaggerations
    There is no evidence for claim that gays oppose incremental approach to rights.
    (Carpenter, The Washington Blade) 10/26/07
  • Animus in the Aisles
    Gay couple claims to have been kicked out of U Street Rite Aid for ''hugging''
    (Metro Weekly) 10/25/07
  • Discriminating Tastes
    Gay lobby gets riled by Nats employment policy.
    (Washington City Paper) 10/24/07
  • Red October (Rosendall, Bay Windows) 10/25/07
  • Carpenter: Bush to veto ENDA? 10/23/07
  • D.C. gay groups buck trend on ENDA
    Some state activists will urge ‘no’ vote on gay-only bill
    (The Washington Blade) 10/19/07
  • Bill to Protect Gay Workers Advances (The Associated Press) 10/18/07
  • Quandary Over Gay Rights Bill: Is It Better to Protect Some or None? (The Washington Post) 10/18/07
  • House to move ahead with gay-only ENDA
    Trans activists lack votes for inclusive bill
    (The Washington Blade Online) 10/12/07
  • Pelosi warns against ‘all or nothing’ ENDA
    House Speaker says early lobbying campaign fell short
    (The Washington Blade) 10/12/07
  • Gay Rights Backers Split on Bias Bill (The Associated Press) 10/11/07
  • Barney Frank press conference highlights 10/11/07
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  • Lambda Legal Responds to Representative Barney Frank 10/04/07
  • Barney Frank on Lambda Legal's analysis 10/03/07
  • HRC trans board member resigns
    Rose decries group's position on ENDA
    (The Washington Blade Online) 10/03/07
  • Bill Stalls Over Transgender Protections (The Associated Press) 10/02/07
  • Lambda Legal's Analysis of Stripped Down Version of ENDA: Gender Identity Protections Gone and Inadequate Protections for Lesbians, Gay Men and Bisexuals 10/01/07
  • GLAA joins over 100 LGBT organizations opposing sexual-orientation-only nondiscrimination legislation 10/01/07
  • Rep. Barney Frank on ENDA (The Bilerico Project) 09/28/07
  • ENDA hits a snag over trans inclusion
    House Democrats poised to drop gender identity provision in bill
    (The Washington Blade) 09/28/07
  • A Civil Rights Law
    Employment discrimination against gays and lesbians should be outlawed.
    (Editorial, The Washington Post) 09/28/07
  • Federal Bill Would Ban Bias on Sexual Orientation (The Washington Post) 09/19/07
  • Gay Activists Hopeful on Job Bias Ban (The Associated Press) 09/17/07
  • Simon Says
    Simon Aronoff just wants equality -- for everyone
    (Metro Weekly) 07/26/07
  • Judge Hits D.C. Fire & Emergency Medical Services Agency
    District urged to settle with diversity trainer
    (Metro Weekly) 05/24/07
  • The Right to Work
    Congress must protect gay men and lesbians from workplace discrimination.
    (Editorial, The Washington Post) 04/28/07
  • Conservative Black Pastors Fight Bill on Hate Crimes
    At Issue Are Sermons Against Homosexuality
    (The Washington Post) 04/28/07
  • Defeated Bill
    Transgender discrimination bill defeated in Maryland
    (Metro Weekly) 03/29/07
  • Gay man among pro-gun plaintiffs
    (The Washington Post) 03/11/07
  • D.C. welcomes its new mayor
    Fenty delays decision on retaining gay liaison; AIDS director departs
    (The Washington Blade) 01/05/07


  • Colo. Worker Wins Transgender Bias Case (The Associated Press) 09/15/06
  • D.C. police captain charged with anti-gay bias, harassment
    Barney Frank intervenes on behalf of gay seargent
    (The Washington Blade) 09/08/06
  • When Students Speak
    Does the First Amendment protect public school students who want to bait gays?
    (Editorial, The Washington Post) 08/07/06
  • Mayor Says Pastor Should Apologize for Words on Gays (The Washington Post) 05/18/06
  • Trans Regs Advance
    District Commission on Human Rights moves to strengthen regulations against gender discrimination
    (Metro Weekly) 05/18/06
  • District Weighing Boosts in Gay Rights
    Bills Reflect Wariness Of Congressional Veto

    (The Washington Post) 01/02/06


  • Gays Protest Rejection Of Speaker at Gathering (The Washington Post) 10/16/05
  • Keith Boykin: The Speech That Didn't Happen 10/15/05
  • Wilson blocks Boykin from today's Millions More stage
    Anti-gay D.C. minister reneges on Farrakhan's pledge
    (The Washington Blade) 10/15/05
  • Keith Boykin to speak at Millions More Movement rally
    Decision comes after months of lobbying by black gay rights activists
    (The Washington Blade) 10/14/05
  • Vatican Document Stops Short of Gay Ban (The Washington Post) 10/07/05
  • Farrakhan said to approve gay speaker for march
    Millions More leaders may prefer ‘separatist’ representative
    (The Washington Blade) 10/06/05
  • Gay Community Still Divided Over 'Outing' (The Washington Post) 10/04/05
  • Reggae Star Faces Assault Charges (The Washington Post) 10/01/05
  • Schwarzenegger Vetoes Gay Marriage Bill (The Washington Post) 09/30/05
  • Inside Iran
    A gay man speaks: torture of gays is routine
    (Bay Windows) 09/29/05
  • Mich. Judge: Gay Couples Can Get Benefits (The Washington Post) 09/28/05
  • Minister’s fiery anti-gay sermon riles activists
    Influential Rev. Wilson leads Millions More Movement
    (The Washington Blade) 07/15/05
  • Mayor opposes bill to make gay affairs office permanent D.C. Council considers series of pro-gay measures (The Washington Blade) 07/15/05
  • Human Rights Revisited
    DC City Council supports move to protect transgenders
    (Metro Weekly) 07/14/05
  • The Right Person for the Job
    Library of Congress Accused of Withdrawing Job Offer After Applicant Reveals Gender Change
    (The Washington Post) 06/02/05
  • Patterson First Amendment bill becomes law 04/15/05
  • D.C. bill would expand rights for gay couples (The Washington Blade) 02/04/05
  • Chief Ramsey on Pershing Park arrests:
    "I am sorry. We will do better."
    (The Washington Post) 01/30/05
  • A Test for Tolerance (Colbert I. King, The Washington Post) 01/01/05


  • Howard student reports anti-gay attack (The Washington Blade) 09/13/02
  • Anti-Gay Attack Is Alleged at Howard U. (The Washington Post) 09/06/02
  • D.C. Suspends 24 Over Police E-Mail
    Prosecutions Considered in Bias Probe
    (The Washington Post) 08/26/02
  • OCCR's Eure responds to City Paper on police complaints (Washington City Paper) 08/23/02


  • The Faith-Based Problem (editorial, The Washington Post) 07/14/01
  • Story of Charity Plea Changes Again (The Washington Post) 07/13/01
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