Nude Dancing: where D.C. officials stand
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Where D.C. Officials stand on nude dancing

GLAA 1998 Questionnaire for Mayoral Candidates

16. Will you support legislation to reauthorize and regulate the issuance of liquor licenses to establishments (in designated nonresidential commercial districts) that want to offer nude dancing as entertainment?


Anthony Williams (Democrat, elected Mayor):

"I believe that community groups have a right to voice their opinion as to these types of establishments. I believe that we should look at what regulations could be developed for these establishments in designated non-residential commercial districts and would be willing to look into this issue in more depth."

Carol Schwartz (Republican, At-Large Councilmember):

"Yes. Prior to my current term on the City Council, the moratoria on new establishments was instituted. I support these establishments as long as they are in designated nonresidential commercial zones."

Jack Evans (Democrat, Ward 2 Councilmember):

"As we all know, it was my efforts that led to the current moratorium on the issuance of any new licenses to establishments. As I have said many times in the past, I know this was not an ideal solution to the problem which the residents of Logan Circle/Blagden Alley and the merchants of Franklin Square were trying to solve. And, since it was not my intention to rescind any licenses, I ensured the current applicants were grandfathered in the legislation. The key question in the effort to issue new licenses for establishments featuring nude dancing is the definition of designated nonresidential commercial districts. What would be required to reopen this issue would be an open dialogue between all interested parties to determine which districts would be suitable for such use. While I will not make any pretenses that this step will ensure a complete overturn of the current moratorium, it could lead to a solution acceptable to all parties. My track record shows that I will not shy away from engaging in lengthy involvement in issues where there is little common agreement."

Kevin P. Chavous (Democrat, Ward 7 Councilmember):


Harold Brazil (Democrat, At-Large Councilmember):

[The answer to this question was missing from Mr. Brazil's questionnaire response.]

GLAA 1998 Questionnaire for Council Candidates

6. Will you support legislation to authorize and regulate the issuance of liquor licenses to establishments (in designated nonresidential commercial districts) that want to offer nude dancing as entertainment?


Linda Cropp (Democrat, Council Chair):

"I will remain open to explore the possibility. However, all business establishments, regardless of type, need to be located in appropriate areas that balance the interests of residents and businesses."

David Catania (Republican, At-Large Councilmember):

"Yes. I would support legislation permitting the authorization and regulation of liquor licenses to establishments offering nude dancing in designated non-residential commercial districts. My basic philosophical framework requires the government to have a compelling interest in a matter as a prerequisite for prohibiting conduct of consensual adults. In this instance, I fail to see the government's interest in banning this activity. Nude dancing by itself does not endanger the health, safety, or welfare of the community."

Phil Mendelson (Democrat, At-Large Councilmember):

"Yes, so long as such establishments are in nonresidential commercial districts such as are found downtown. Incidentally, I have never joined with residents near my ANC district who have sought to close Good Guys on Wisconsin Avenue."

Jim Graham (Democrat, Ward 1 DC Councilmember):

"Yes. As long as such establishments are designated solely in nonresidential commercial areas."

Kathy Patterson (Democrat, Ward 3 DC Councilmember):

"I would not oppose legislation that would permit issuance of liquor licenses to new establishments based on the fact that they offered adult entertainment in non-residential commercial areas."

Vincent Orange (Democrat, Ward 5 DC Councilmember):

[Did not respond to GLAA questionnaire.]

Sharon Ambrose (Democrat, Ward 6 DC Councilmember):

"We already have locations where nude dancing is allowed. I am willing to discuss with the community whether we need to make any adjustments in the Comprehensive Plan to expand those locations."

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