Graham opposes censorship at Metro
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Councilmember Jim Graham

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Graham opposes censorship at Metro

[Note: DC Councilmember and WMATA Board Vice Chairman Jim Graham sent the following message in response to a citizen who wrote urging Metro General Manager Richard White to withdraw the PFOX public service ads from Metro stations.]

From: Councilmember Jim Graham (
To: [name withheld];
Sent: Monday, October 21, 2002 8:31 AM
Subject: Re:

Thank you for your email. While I agree that these ads are deplorable, I am committed to an open and robust Metro advertising policy. I worked hard on the Metro Board for such a policy to be instituted, replacing a prior highly subjective approach. The new policy has permitted a very robust debate which previously would have been censored, e.g., the ads on the Catholic bishops and condoms and the legalization of marijuana. It would be two faced for me to now call for censorship of these ads under that very same policy. I would be glad to discuss this with you further.

Councilmember Jim Graham
Vice Chairman, Metro/WMATA Board.

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