GLAA's D.C. Elections Project 2008

GLAA's D.C. Elections Project 2008

Note: To view candidate questionnaire responses and GLAA ratings from prior elections, see GLAA's Archive menu.

General Election - November 4, 2008


GLAA 2008 General Election Schedule

Wednesday, August 27Direct-access candidate filing deadline
Thursday, Sept. 4Primary ratings ad in Metro Weekly
Monday, Sept. 8Mail questionnaire packages to direct-access candidates
Tuesday, Sept. 9Primary Election Day
Tuesday, Oct. 7Questionnaire deadline
Tuesday, Oct. 14Rate candidates at regular meeting
Tuesday, Oct. 21Re-rate candidates (if necessary) at special meeting
Thursday, Oct. 30Ratings ad in Metro Weekly
Tuesday, Nov. 4General Election Day

Primary Election - September 9, 2008

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