Chris Hughes puts The New Republic up for sale

It was just 13 months ago when I mentioned the TNR takeover by Chris Hughes in my 2014 year-in-review column:

Schadenfreude was rampant after Sean Eldridge failed in his bid to buy a congressional seat and husband Chris Hughes provoked a mass walkout at The New Republic by sacking top editors. Hughes was faulted for wrecking a century-old magazine in his effort to create a “vertically integrated digital media company,” that is, a word salad. Former TNR writer Jamie Kirchick at The Daily Beast dubbed them “America’s worst gay power couple,” but their youthful hubris and confusion of wealth for wisdom transcend sexual orientation.

The latest TNR-related schadenfreude notwithstanding, one of the bright lights at the reconstituted magazine is Senior Editor Jamil Smith. He has an excellent Twitter feed (@JamilSmith) on current affairs.


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