Blade: In four cases, SCOTUS nominee Merrick Garland rebuffed gay plaintiffs

The story notes that Garland did not author any of the gay-related opinions, and includes this:

Despite these rulings, LGBT advocates who saw the rulings say they don’t think they indicate an anti-LGBT bias or predict Garland would rule against LGBT people in cases before the high court.

Paul Smith, a partner at the D.C.-based law firm Jenner & Block who successfully litigated against state sodomy bans before the Supreme Court in 2003, was unconcerned about the decisions.

“I know Judge Garland well and he doesn’t have the slightest anti-gay bias,” Smith said. “He is about as fair and unbiased a person as I know. Nothing in these cases causes me concerns about his ability to rule fairly and on the law in cases involving LGBT people or claims.” – See more at:

The article notes that gay rights groups including Lambda Legal and the Human Rights Campaign are reviewing Garland’s record.


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