President Trump’s Mexican summit

Here is my quick, five-point summary of President Trump’s first foreign trip:

  1. If anyone else made that short a trip to Mexico, their plane would be searched for contraband the moment they landed back in the U.S.
  2. The backdrop at the news conference looked like the one used by heads of state at the United Nations. Granted, there was no American flag. But this was not a problem. Not having an American flag is only a problem if you’re black.
  3. Trump loves Mexicans and Mexican Americans. They are above reproach, except when they’re drug dealers and rapists, or if they’re a judge hearing the case on his fake university.
  4. Trump had a long meeting with the Mexican president. It was actually just an hour, but it felt longer because Trump had to pretend he was paying attention.
  5. Trump did not talk about Mexico paying for the wall. That’s just what he says to rile up the numbskulls at his rallies. But since he wimped out, the wall just got ten feet lower.


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