Mo Brooks is cool with dictators, moralizes on bad sick people

Freedom Caucus member Rep. Mo Brooks (R-AL) tells Jake Tapper he’s fine with the president meeting with murderous dictators, but he’s eager to apply a moral test for healthcare that offers lower premiums to “people who live good lives.” This takes us right back to the height of the AIDS crisis, when we incessantly heard pols draw a dichotomy between innocent victims and those who got what they deserved (as one of Prior Walter’s ancestral ghosts so elegantly put it in Angels in America, “the lamentable consequence of venery”).

What panel of clergymen do you suppose the Trumpcare legislation would set up to make these judgments? It wouldn’t, of course. It just passes the buck to the states. Good luck getting compassionate care in a state that already thinks you deserve to die or denies your existence altogether. But hey, congrats: this still leaves us better off than our counterparts in Chechnya.

Happily, it appears that Speaker Ryan (R-Inferno) still can’t scrape together the votes for his healthcare sabotage, and it’s even worse off in the Senate.



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