Govt. Operations Committee plans independent OHR
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Govt. Operations Committee plans independent OHR

February 5, 1999

Mayor Tony Williams
441 4th Street, N.W.
Suite 1100
Washington, D.C. 20001

Dear Mayor Williams:

The Council's Committee on Economic Development is currently reviewing your nomination of Jacquelyn Flowers to be Director of Human Rights and Local Business Development. As members of the Committee on Government Operations, which oversees the human rights portion of the agency, we would also like to express some views concerning Ms. Flowers' nomination and the future of the Office of Human Rights.

The pairing of these two important functions — human rights and local business development — in one agency is not optimal, in our view. We understand that you share this view. The Office of Human Rights is largely an investigative and enforcement agency, whereas the Office of Local Business Development is an economic development agency. Ms. Flowers has extensive experience in banking and finance — strong qualifications for the Director of Local Business Development — but does not have a background in human rights.

Therefore, our intent is to include in the Fiscal Year 2000 Budget Support Act a provision that would create separate offices for human rights and local business development. The restructuring plan would take effect on October 1, 1999, when the new fiscal year begins. We would like to work with your office in developing this plan and look forward to doing so.


Kathy Patterson

David Catania

Carol Schwartz

Sharon Ambrose

Charlene Drew Jarvis

cc: Councilmembers
Warren Graves, OIR

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