JR's owner disassociates himself from rhetoric of National Gay Lobby
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JR's owner disassociates himself from rhetoric of National Gay Lobby

October 24, 2000

To whom it may concern:

Most were shocked to learn of Nancy Fiedler's intolerant views, and I hope we all agree that bigotry and hatred ought to be challenged and exposed. The DCCA did the right thing by removing Ms. Fiedler from its board.

I am in no position, however, to control what Michael Romanello, the National Gay Lobby or any one else may say or do since they come to their own opinions. But because of the dispute over JR.'s lateral expansion application, I feel it is necessary to comment.

Without in any way condoning bigoted statements or tactics by members of the DCCA, I continue to disassociate JR.'s from the rhetoric of the National Gay Lobby. The NGL does not speak for me or for JR.'s.

I have always worked to very hard to run a welcoming and successful business, and to treat everyone with respect - including customers and neighbors, regardless of their opinion on the JR.'s expansion. That never changes, and that is all I ask of everyone else. It is my sincere wish that all concerned will help to clear the air and return to the civility that our wonderful community deserves.


Eric Little

[Note: Eric Little is the owner of JR's Bar and Grill on 17th Street, NW.]

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