Evans chief of staff explains error
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Evans chief of staff explains error

January 11, 2001

John Ralls, Chief of Staff to Ward 2 Councilmember Jack Evans, called GLAA today to explain and apologize for an article that he hastily and mistakenly sent to the Logan Circle Community Association on behalf of Councilmember Evans. The article (intended for LCCA's newsletter) indicated that, in response to a recent media frenzy stirred up by The Washington Post and The Washington Times, Evans was supporting efforts to resume the moratorium on liquor licenses for nude dancing establishments that was lifted by the ABC bill enacted by the DC Council in December 2000. GLAA Political Vice President Rick Rosendall obtained a copy of the article after it was read aloud at the January 10 LCCA meeting by LCCA President Wayne Dickson.

Ralls, himself a longtime GLAA member and a 1995 winner of GLAA's Distinguished Service Award, explained that he had hurriedly written the message in an effort to quell the growing furor over reported plans for a mob-connected club to open in the District. Councilmember Evans did not see the article before it was sent, and was upset when he learned about it. Ralls called the editor of the LCCA newsletter to withdraw the article, and the editor has agreed not to run it.

After discussing the matter with Evans, Ralls assured GLAA that Evans is committed to working with Councilmember Sharon Ambrose to resolve the controversy in a manner that responds to GLAA's concerns. He also agreed that the proper response to the media-generated hysteria is to counter the misinformation with the facts about the bill. Given GLAA's long and fruitful relationship with both John Ralls and Jack Evans, we have accepted the apology and deleted the article from our website. We look forward to continuing our efforts with Evans, Ambrose, and our other Council allies to ensure that the bill becomes law. We appreciate John's effort to clear up this matter.

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