GLAA to Mayor Williams: Please sign Bill 13-449
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GLAA to Mayor Williams: Please sign Bill 13-449

Gay and Lesbian Activists Alliance of Washington, DC
P.O. Box 75265
Washington, D.C. 20013-5265

January 25, 2001

Mayor Anthony Williams
441 4th Street, NW
Washington, DC 20001

Dear Mayor Williams:

We urge you to sign Bill 13-449, "Title 25, D.C. Code Enactment and Related Amendments Act of 2000," as quickly as possible. In view of all the deliberate misinformation that has been spread in the press about this bill, a strong public statement of support at the time of signing will also be useful.

As you are aware, the bill is large and complex but strengthens community and neighborhood protections and is a significant improvement over the current law.

GLAA has been involved over the past two years in hearings and community meetings designed to produce a strong bill with maximum community input. Our involvement centered on one small provision of the much larger bill, repeal of the moratorium on new nude dancing licenses. We felt that the bill passed in December was very good, although we accepted a number of compromises.

The demagogic actions by a member of the Council and the blatant misrepresentations of the bill by the press to stir up controversy where there was none, should not have been the basis for reconsidering the bill. Nonetheless, the amendments to the bill passed by the Council on January 23, 2001 are ones that we can accept, although we remain committed to a repeal of the moratorium.

The amendments clarify the existing moratorium so that grandfathered clubs may move or transfer their licenses. This was Councilmember Evan's intention when he pushed through the moratorium in 1994. These amendments passed 11-2 and the bill itself was passed unanimously.

Your signature and public statement of support should assist the defense of home rule by minimizing chances of an overturn of this well-considered legislation by either the Control Board or Congress.

Thank you,

Bob Summersgill

CC: Members of the DC Council
Dr. Abdusalam Omer, Chief of Staff
Mr. Eric Price, Deputy Mayor
Ms. Darlene Taylor, Office of Intergovernmental Affairs
Mr. Phil Pannell, Office of the Public Advocate

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