Howell writes Mayor Williams on inappropriate ceremonial proclamations
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Howell writes Mayor Williams on inappropriate ceremonial proclamations

Friday, May 11, 2001

[Via email to]

Mayor Williams --

We are hearing a lot today (Friday) about Virginia Governor Jim Gilmore's decision to revoke a Ceremonial Proclamation he had issued earlier declaring May as "European-American Heritage and History Month." The Governor rescinded his proclamation after belatedly learning that the sponsoring group is a white supremacist organization headed by notorious hatemonger David Duke.

The Governor apologized and promised to tighten up his office's procedures for issuing ceremonial proclamations.

This case precisely parallels your own recent proclamation saluting the Unification Church, headed by another notorious hatemonger, Rev. Moon.

In a letter sent to you on April 27, the President of the Gay & Lesbian Activists Alliance, Bob Summersgill, extensively documented Rev. Moon's grotesque prejudice against lesbians and gay men. You can find this letter at:

Mr. Summersgill asked you to rescind your proclamation and to review your office's procedures for issuing ceremonial proclamations.

I would hate to think that the Governor of Virginia is more sensitive to diversity, in any way whatsoever, than the Mayor of the District of Columbia. Please take action as quickly as possible to remedy this unfortunate situation. Thank you.

--Craig Howell

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