Howard students plan protest of University's response to anti-gay attack
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Howard students plan protest of University's response
to anti-gay attack

From: Blagosah
Sent: Wednesday, September 18, 2002
Subject: Incident at Howard and Demonstration This Friday

I am writing to inform you of an incident that occurred on Howard University's campus on September 3rd. Darryl Peyton, a gay student, and Luqman Selim, his professor (who is also gay), were attacked on campus by the trumpet section of the school's Marching Band. While the two were being assaulted, band members shouted anti-gay epithets, like "faggot." Predictably, the trumpet section is sticking together and denying that they were the instigators; in fact, they are blaming Darryl for the incident because he broke their formation. BLAGOSAH has met with the administration and is trying to improve the situation for GLBT students on campus. However, the University's response has been slow. For example, the issue of student safety has not been satisfactorily addressed by University officials. Those players who attacked Darryl and Professor Selim are still walking around campus, playing at University football games, and poorly representing the Howard University student body. They could conceivably do the same to someone else. The Campus Police did not even interview Darryl until the article in The Washington Post appeared on Friday, September 6th (see below). This is not a singular blunder by the Campus Police. Rather, several students (gay and straight) have reported mishandling of their cases by the Campus Police and the University. Hence, the broad-based support we are seeking and receiving from alumni and current students.

In response to this attack and the feelings of unsafety generated by it, BLAGOSAH, along with several other student groups and organizations from around the city, will have a demonstration on campus this Friday. The purpose is to address the issue of safety for all students and the need for a real zero tolerance policy toward violence on campus, with special emphasis given to this case. As is so often the case with colleges, Howard University is slow to act unless it receives negative press and this demonstration is expected to bring a lot of press coverage.

We would appreciate any support you could provide on this issue. If you are able to attend, your presence at the demonstartion will mean a great deal. It will begin at 12:00 noon on Friday (9/20) in front of Lulu Vere Childers Hall on campus. It will proceed around The Yard a couple of times and then move to the corner of Georgia Avenue and Fairmont Street around 12:15 (near the Business School). The press, which is not allowed on campus, will begin their coverage at Georgia and Fairmont. Two maps of campus are provided below to assist you in locating Childers Hall.

Thank you in advance for your support.

Sterling Washington,
President of BLAGOSAH

2397 6th Street, N.W.
Suite 117, Box 134
Washington, DC 20059

(202) 806-7000

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