Howell corrects errors in <i>Blade</i> article on Boy Scouts
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GLAA on Boy Scouts

Howell corrects errors in Blade article on Boy Scouts

[Note: This letter appeared, somewhat edited, in the November 29, 2002 edition of The Washington Blade. Former GLAA President Craig Howell was responding to a November 15 article by reporter Lou Chibbaro. In running the letter, the Blade editor used the heading, "GLAA limits lobbying against Boy Scouts," which is misleading because the only limit to which the letter refers is the fact that Maryland and Virginia matters are outside GLAA's turf as a local DC organization, and are therefore the proper spheres of our counterpart organizations in those states. This letter was submitted after the Blade editor refused to acknowledge or to run a correction of the errors in question.]

Readers Forum
The Washington Blade
November 29, 2002

To the Editor:

Contrary to the assertions in the Washington Blade, "Boy Scouts Win Suit Appeal" [November 15, 2002], the Gay and Lesbian Activists Alliance of Washington (GLAA) does not intend to lobby suburban jurisdictions about their support of the Boy Scouts. GLAA focuses on lobbying the District of Columbia government, which is headache enough without trying to impinge on the turf of our sister organizations in Maryland or Virginia.

Although we have pointed out that as many as one-quarter of all Boy Scout troops around the nation are sponsored by government agencies such as public schools, police and fire departments, military bases, and the like, we are unaware of any such sponsorship by the DC Police or Fire Departments, contrary to what was reported in the Blade. Those Departments in D.C. tend to put their efforts into the Boys and Girls Clubs, which operate without discrimination. We are aware of some Boy Scout activities that are sponsored by the D.C. Public Schools, and putting an end to this partnership in bigotry has been one of our goals for some time. We first wrote School Superintendent Paul Vance on this topic in September 2001, but we have yet to receive any reply.

Further details may be found on the GLAA web site, at:

Craig Howell

[The author is a former President of GLAA who now specializes in enforcement of the D.C. Human Rights Act.]

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