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A hazardous challenge at the heart of eloquence
Republicans praise him even as they work relentlessly to dismantle the social safety net. Their Martin is just a source of noble sentiments, safely emasculated and safely dead. But he [...]
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A voice still with us
Happy 87th birthday, Dr. King. We still hear your challenging voice.
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What Pope Benedict Knew About Abuse in the Catholic Church
Photo by Vincenzo Pinto / AFP / Getty) As The New Yorker reports, the Church sexual abuse scandal got as close as to Benedict XVI’s brother Georg Ratzinger, who was [...]
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Anglican Church Suspends Its US Affiliate Over Same-Sex Marriage
The Archbishop of Canterbury, Justin Welby, delivers his Christmas Day sermon (Chris Ratcliffe / Getty Images) BuzzFeed reports: Leaders of the 80-million-member Anglican Communion decided Thursday to suspend its U.S. [...]
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