GLAA Supports Bill 22-0594 – Student Fair Access to School Act of 2017

BEFORE THE COUNCIL OF THE DISTRICT OF COLUMBIA COMMITTEE ON EDUCATION¬† Testimony of GLAA on B22-0594 – Student Fair Access to School Act of 2017 GLAA is pleased to submit…

The FBI’s lie about ‘black identity extremism’

To the FBI with its despicable fabrication of “Black identity extremism” as a terrorist threat, I offer this song that debuted seventeen years ago. The white singer, responding to the…


Charles Bethea of The New Yorker writes “Witness to Terrorism in Charlottesville,” in which he quotes an eyewitness account by counter-protester Kristin Adolfson: I was ten feet away, so I…

8 months later, Tess Rafferty’s scathing election response is still spot-on

I only just discovered this fine rant by Tess Rafferty this morning, July 5. It feels as timely as when she wrote it after the election. (Hat tip: Morgan McDonald)

He’s just my Bill

P.G. Wodehouse and Jerome Kern may roll in their graves, but I love this parody by Randy Rainbow.