January 13, 2017

Norton slams anti-democratic congressional effort to block D.C. Death with Dignity Act

Contact: Benjamin Fritsch – o: 202-225-8050, c: 202-225-8143 January 12, 2017 Norton Blasts Lankford and Wenstrup for Introducing Bills to Block D.C.’s ‘Death with Dignity Act,’ Violating Local Control Principles…

C-SPAN broadcast interrupted by state-owned Russian TV

C-Span's online broadcast was interrupted by RT, a state-run Russian TV network https://t.co/jiVOmS9eTU pic.twitter.com/DerxxgtrRL — The New York Times (@nytimes) January 13, 2017 Move along, folks. Nothing to see here.

Obama surprised Biden with Presidential Medal of Freedom

What a lovely thing for the president to do, and well deserved.

Bowser and Mendelson slam undemocratic congressional effort to block Death with Dignity Act

DC Mayor Bowser & Council Chairman Phil Mendelson release statement's opposing congressmen's efforts to void local right-to-die legislation: pic.twitter.com/2ZAOcfrVPY — Andrew Giambrone (@AndrewGiambrone) January 13, 2017 Thanks to Mayor Bowser…

Keisling: "A Fight for #Obamacare Is a Fight for #LGBT Lives"

"A Fight for #Obamacare Is a Fight for #LGBT Lives" https://t.co/5sE2iXejkQ By @TransEquality's @MaraKeisling pic.twitter.com/jZalQ4amuX — The Advocate (@TheAdvocateMag) January 13, 2017 Thanks, Mara!