Fewer guns, more mental health care

Another deadly shooting in San Bernardino, this time in a school, where a woman’s estranged husband went to her workplace to kill her and then himself. He also shot two children, one of whom, an 8-year-old, has died. I don’t have the stomach to look for the NRA’s statement at the moment. But stopping these senseless shootings requires a collective will that we have yet to demonstrate. A few days ago, a man accidentally shot himself in NRA headquarters. (That’s not a nickname for a body part, I’m talking about the NRA building.)

Here in the District of Columbia we do have the will; we have been thwarted by a conservative Supreme Court which has essentially rewritten the Second Amendment to suit itself. And now we have a new right-wing associate justice in Neil Gorsuch, who doesn’t look crazy and is young enough to last thirty years on the court. Elections have consequences, even if they’re stolen.


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