Rhapsody in Black and Blue

I have not yet found a version of this appalling video set to the famous United Airlines Gershwin theme, but it seems inevitable. United is apologizing for their treatment of a ticketed passenger whom they ordered dragged off a flight to make room for United employees.

Oddly, though, some folks on Facebook yesterday were blaming the passenger, saying overbooking is routine and when the airline staff tell you to give up your seat, you have to do so. The tone-deafness of this attitude is amazing. Whether something is right or wrong is not just about legalistics. It is not just a question of what you can get away with. But then they haven’t exactly gotten away with it, have they? The brutality of the Chicago police, responding to a call by the airline staff, has gone viral. Aside from the damage to United’s brand, some people could use conflict resolution training.

Meanwhile, U.S. Attorney General Jefferson Beauregard Sessions III has ordered a sweeping review of consent decrees with troubled police departments. He doesn’t want a bunch of lily-livered liberals interfering with cops’ right to crack citizens over the head. If this bothers you and you didn’t bother voting last November, look around at the Brave New America you helped give us.


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