7 questions as Trump unravels

Donald Trump

Elizabeth Drew’s excellent piece on Trump in The New York Review of Books begins:

If Donald Trump leaves office before four years are up, history will likely show the middle weeks of May 2017 as the turning point. Chief among his mounting problems are new revelations surrounding the question of whether Trump and his campaign colluded with Russia in its effort to tip the 2016 election. If Trump has nothing to hide, he is certainly jumpy whenever the subject comes up and his evident worry about it has caused him to make some big mistakes. The president’s troubles will continue to grow as the investigators keep on investigating and the increasingly appalled leakers keep on leaking.

My own summary of 45’s current situation is summed up in seven questions:

#IfYouWerePOTUS Would you be eager to remove healthcare from 23 million people out of resentment toward your predecessor?

#IfYouWerePOTUS Would you nominate several cabinet secretaries based on their commitment to sabotaging the agencies they were hired to run?

#IfYouWerePOTUS Would you give comfort to our enemies while insulting our allies and busting up an international order we helped set up?

#IfYouWerePOTUS would you be so unwilling ever to admit error that you’d instruct your staff to insist that your typos were intentional?

#IfYouWerePOTUS Would you rush to exploit suspected terrorist incidents to sow fear and chaos while making false attacks on the responders?

#IfYouWerePOTUS Would you undercut the attorneys defending your executive orders in court by contradicting them via Twitter?

#IfYouWerePOTUS Would you act compulsively on national security matters based on InfoWars and Drudge w/o consulting intelligence chiefs?

I didn’t think so.



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