Racial bias and the murder of Philando Castile

O.U.T.R.A.G.E. Without the assumption of black criminality, Philando Castile, a school worker beloved by students, would still be alive. Without dozens of pretextual police stops, the risk of tragedy would have been far less. Without his girlfriend’s brave and composed video, this police dashcam footage might never have seen the light of day. A four-year-old child was in the car (and can be seen leaving it). If Castile had intended to use his gun, which he was lawfully carrying, he wouldn’t have told the officer he had it. The officer has been acquitted, and his only punishment is loss of his job. There was no due process for Castile.

We have to change this police mindset. Over and over again this keeps happening. Power concedes nothing without a demand. Hell must be raised. Resistance must be organized and sustained. This terror must stop.



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