Talking Points in Defense of a Clean D.C. Appropriations Bill
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Talking Points in Defense of a Clean D.C. Appropriations Bill

[Note: These talking points were developed early in 1999 as a resource for congressional lobbying efforts, and were first used during the Equality Begins at Home lobbying days during the last week of March 1999. They were drafted by the D.C. Appropriations Working Group, an ad hoc coalition that works to keep the D.C. Appropriations bill free of various (mostly anti-gay) social riders. The Working Group is composed of representatives of the Human Rights Campaign, the National Gay and Lesbian Task Force, GLAA, Whitman Walker Clinic, ACT UP Washington, staffers for Congresswoman Eleanor Holmes Norton and several other congressional allies, and others. The group has coordinated its efforts with the office of Mayor Anthony Williams and D.C. Councilmembers.]

Adoption - Domestic Partners - Needle Exchange - Medical Marijuana

Congress: Respect D.C. citizensí democratic rights!

This year, we urge the Congress to expeditiously pass the District of Columbia FY 2000 Appropriations bill free of these anti-democracy riders.


Congress: Consider the Best Interest of Children!

Congress: Allow for implementation of the Districtís Domestic partnership law!

Congress: Allow funding of the Districtís needle exchange Program!

Congress: Allow for a vote count and certification of the Districtís Medical Marijuana Initiative!

This year, we call on Congress to expeditiously pass the FY 2000 Appropriations bill free of these negative riders.

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