OCCR Fact Sheet
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OCCR Fact Sheet

730 11th Street, N.W., Suite 600, Washington D.C. 20001 * 202-727-3838


What is the purpose of the Office of Citizen Complaint Review?
The OCCR was established by the District of Columbia Government to provide the public with an independent and impartial forum for the review and resolution of citizen complaints of misconduct by Metropolitan Police Department officers.

The OCCR's purpose is to promote the highest attainable standard of integrity, professionalism and accountability in the District's police department. Public confidence is strengthened by ensuring that citizen complaints about police conduct are taken seriously, carefully investigated and reviewed by an experienced staff that is overseen by a Board appointed by the Mayor and confirmed by the District Council.

What does the Office of Citizen Complain Review do?
The OCCR has the authority to receive and dismiss, conciliate, mediate or adjudicate a citizen complaint against a member or members of the Metropolitan Police Department.

What is a complaint?
A complaint can be filed with the OCCR when a police officer abuses or misuses police powers. The complaint can be based on any of the following:

The MPD will continue to handle other types of citizen complaints.

How do you make a complaint?
The most effective way to file a complaint is to come into the OCCR office. This will allow staff to interview you personally and to help you fill out the complaint form thoroughly. The OCCR is located downtown near the Metro Center subway station, at 730 11th Street, N.W., 6th Floor, Washington, D.C. 20001. Our telephone number is (202) 727-3838.

Other ways that you may make a complaint:

Things to remember when making a complaint.
The following information is very important when describing the event.

What is the process once a complaint is made?
Once a complaint is made, you will be contacted by us and informed about the next step. We can attempt to settle your complaint against the officer or the complaint can be referred to an outside mediator for resolution. Alternatively, we may decide to investigate your complaint. If settlement attempts are not successful, your complaint can be referred for investigation. After reviewing the investigative report about your complaint, we can refer your matter to a complaint examiner who can conduct an evidentiary hearing, if necessary. If the complaint examiner sustains one or more of the allegations in your complaint, the matter is then referred to the Police Chief for appropriate action. The officer charged with misconduct may be subject to discipline if the Metropolitan Police Department agrees with the complaint examiner's decision. Although the OCCR has the authority to dismiss a complaint at any stage, we are committed to a fair and thorough review of each complaint.