GLAA joins Howard students at protest rally
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GLAA joins Howard students at protest rally

students at rally Darryl Payton and Sterling Washington Chris Newsome leads chant Sheila Reid of Women In the Life
Howard University students at rally; Darryl Payton and BLAGOSAH President Sterling Washington;
BLAGOSAH Vice President Chris Newsome leads chant; Sheila Alexander-Reid of Women In the Life.
Photos by Richard J. Rosendall

[Note: More than 50 people participated in a march and rally at Howard University on Friday, September 20, 2002 at noon, to protest the university's slowness in responding to a recent anti-gay attack on campus. The march began in front of Childers Hall, the Fine Arts building, and proceeded to the corner of Georgia and Fairmont, NW, on the edge of campus, because University policy bars members of the press from campus. Other speakers included Sterling Washington, President of the Bisexual, Lesbian, and Gay Organization of Students at Howard; BLAGOSAH Vice President Chris Newsome; and Mayor Williams' GLBT liaison, Wanda Alston.]

Remarks by Richard J. Rosendall
GLAA Vice President for Political Affairs
BLAGOSAH protest rally
Howard University
Friday, September 20, 2002

Good afternoon, and thank you for having me.

We should not have to be holding this rally in 2002. Students at a renowned university should not have to wonder every day whether they will make it back to their dorm in one piece.

To tell members of an unpopular minority that they should be silent about the attacks and threats against them — and to suggest that they are bringing the hostility upon themselves — would be shameful enough coming from any school administration. But coming from officials of Howard University, it is not just a disgrace — it betrays and defiles a distinguished tradition.

The trumpet section accused Darryl Payton of breaking their formation. I think breaking their formation sounds like an excellent idea. President Swygert should tell them to stop their stonewalling or get out of the band. He is reluctant to do that, but he cannot have it both ways: If he refuses to act, his zero tolerance policy will be exposed as a sham. This university has an obligation to protect all of its students.

In his Charter Day address two years ago, President Swygert said that for 133 years, Howard University has stood as a beacon. Today, you, the members of BLAGOSAH, are raising that beacon as you defend equal rights on this campus. The sooner the administration realizes that and backs you up, the better off the entire community will be. Keep up the fight.

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