Points Breakdown for GLAA 2022 Primary Election Ratings

Points Breakdown for GLAA 2022 Primary Election Ratings

Candidate Ratings as of May 10, 2022 

 Questionnaire Key available ratings points: Yes/No: + 2 points: Questionnaire: substantive grasp of issues + 4 points Record: + 4 points Total available: + 10 points

GLAA believes that elected officials are stewards of the public trust and therefore must hold themselves accountable to the highest ethical standards. GLAA, therefore, will not issue any rating for candidates who, in their capacity as elected officials, were expelled from any elected post, or resigned, for ethics violations that include, but are not limited to, conflicts of interest, self-dealing, and malfeasance.

Click to Read GLAA’s 2022 questionnaire and GLAA’s Leave No One Behind: 2022 Election Guide.

Questionnaire Files:

GLAA firmly believes all people, regardless of sexual orientation or gender identity, can be stewards of LGBTQ+ activism. It is our hope that readers find these ratings not as endorsements, but as jumping off points to imagine what is possible if local officials are guided by DC residents to use their elected power to create new possibilities for all. 



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