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You haven’t got it
My message for overconfident liberals, from Ben Bradlee by way of Jason Robards, Jr. (who won an Oscar for this role): You haven’t got it. You can pop the champagne [...]
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America’s enduring vitality
Within the past year, the West Point commencement featured openly gay class president and First Captain E.J. Coleman. The amazing National Museum of African American History and Culture opened on [...]
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Stephen’s monologue is declassified
This farce needs to end. But most Republicans in Congress are still hiding under their desks.
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European anthem: Ode to Joy
A 2012 flash mob performance of Ode an die Freude from Beethoven’s Symphony No. 9 is a perfect expression of the European idea that remains vital this morning. It was [...]
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Moonlight actors win MTV award for Best Kiss
Actors Ashton Sanders and Jharrel Jerome have won the MTV Movie & TV award for Best Kiss for the beach scene from the Oscar winning movie Moonlight. The Fader reports: [...]
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Trump: who knew?
Seth Meyers reviews the latest embarrassments of the Slacker-in-Chief. One thing seems certain: this is one president whose face will not end up on American currency. Maybe the wall of [...]
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Jiminy Glick interviews Trump on his first 100 days
In which Jiminy asks Donald important questions like, “What does Putin taste like?”
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White House Correspondents Dinner on an off night
Now we know who got stuck with the headliner duties in the conspicuous absence of 45: Daily Show correspondent Hasan Minhaj. Not bad. DeRay Mckesson sighting at 18:17.
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ICYMI: Bette’s opening night
From a week or so ago, Bette Midler’s curtain call on opening night of the Broadway revival of Hello, Dolly! Since I flee from the television when a certain boorish [...]
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