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Chelsea Manning Returns as Herself
Bay Windows reports: Army Pvt. Chelsea Manning is revealing her new look as a woman, after being freed from a Kansas military prison and a 35-year sentence for leaking classified [...]
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Frank Kameny’s birthday
Happy birthday to the late Frank Kameny, who was an astronomer before he was a gay rights pioneer. He would have been 92 today. Many others followed the course he [...]
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The Ever-Growing List of Trump’s Anti-LGBTQ Appointees
We know your list of anti-LGBTQ Trump appointees is getting a little out of hand, but we’ve got one more for you; Charmaine Yoest, new Assistant Secretary for Public Affairs [...]
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People’s Climate March
The People’s Climate March as seen from atop the Newseum on Pennsylvania Avenue. Similar events were held around the world.
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New Data on DC LGBTQ Youth
David Mariner of The DC Center reports: Results from the 2015 District of Columbia Youth Risk Behavior Survey (YRBS) released today by the Office of the State Superintendent of Education [...]
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Earth Day March for Science
Live feed from today’s rally on the Mall.
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Cassini’s grand finale: Saturn, life, and a pale blue dot
(From Saturn, Earth appears as a pale blue dot. NASA photograph) Dennis Overbye reports at NYT: On Saturday morning, the spacecraft, which has been circling Saturn and its environs for [...]
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Earth from space – Live feed from ISS
From the International Space Station. Peace on earth. (Aspirational, not descriptive.)
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Why straight rural men have gay "bud-sex" with each other
Why straight rural men have gay "bud-sex" with each other — huffpostqueer (@huffpostqueer) December 19, 2016
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