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State Dept. Urges Russia to stop Chechen murders and torture
Joe My God reports: Yesterday the State Department called on Russia to investigate reports that Chechen police are rounding up and murdering gay men. Tonight the State Department has issued [...]
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Lambda Legal responds to confirmation of Gorsuch to SCOTUS
David Badash of The New Civil Rights Movement reports this statement by Lambda Legal Director of Strategy Sharon McGowan: The arc of the moral universe may bend towards justice, but [...]
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Haley on Syrian chemical attack: US may act if UN does not
UN Ambassador Nikki Haley spoke eloquently at an emergency meeting at the UN on the horrific chemical attack in Syria that killed dozens of children among others. It is not [...]
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Neil Gorsuch, plagiarist?
(Photo of Neil Gorsuch by Drew Angerer/Getty Images) David Badash writes at The New Civil Rights Movement: Judge Neil Gorsuch appears to have copied portions of another author’s work in [...]
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Seventh Circuit: Civil Rights Act Protects Gay Workers
Matthew Haag and Niraj Chokshi report in NYT: In a significant victory for gay rights, a federal appeals court in Chicago ruled Tuesday that the 1964 Civil Rights Act protects [...]
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Former D.C. Council member Sharon Ambrose dies
(Photo by James A. Parcell/The Washington Post) Martin Weil reports at The Washington Post: Sharon Ambrose, who served on the D.C. Council for 10 years, died Saturday night at George [...]
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Peaceful inaugural protests are turned violent by anarchists
Anarchists intermixed with peaceful protesters on Inauguration Day, effectively sabotaging those protests and giving #NotMyPresident apparent visual proof to claim his absurd and bigoted claims about “inner cities” (a racist [...]
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Trump meets with SCOTUS candidate who likened gay sex to pedophilia
Trump Meets With One of His Top SCOTUS Candidates, a Federal Judge Who Likened Same-Sex Sex to Pedophilia #noh8 #p2 — New Civil Rights (@newcivilrights) January 19, 2017 [...]
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Mnuchin failed to disclose $100 million in assets
Steven Mnuchin, Donald Trump’s pick for Treasury secretary, failed to disclose nearly $100 million in assets — The New York Times (@nytimes) January 19, 2017 I cannot say it [...]
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Trump team prepares dramatic cuts
Trump plans to eliminate the National Endowment for the Arts: — The Hill (@thehill) January 19, 2017 A sample: At the Department of Justice, the blueprint calls for [...]
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